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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Eyeshield 21 331

331st Down : My dream

+ posted by Xophien as translation on May 29, 2009 13:10 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 331

Yeah, I messed up the order this time, the Kuroko translation of last week should have been released before this, but I just couldn't find a moment to take care of it this week >.>; Don't worry, my dear Kuroko fans though, I'll catch up with Kuroko probably this week-end (knowing myself, I won't make any promises, but still).

In the meantime, enjoy this ES21 translation~

Eyeshield 21 chapter 331

Page 01

Announcer : That's... With his head!
Announcer : Sena-kun
Announcer : desperately blocked the fast man of the world, Panther-kun!!

Suzuna : Yaa! Don't cross
Suzuna : the goal line...!

Left : Clash!!

Someone : Was he stopped!?
Someone : Or is it
Someone : A touchdown...!?

Page 02

Bud : It hasn't reached
Bud : the goal line.
Bud : But the referee can't see it yet from where he is.

Bud : Now, Panther! Sneak the ball inside the end zone!
Bud : Only 10cm left!
Bud : Go on!

Referee : Tou...

Panther : Nishishishi, just kidding!
Panther : I didn't reach the goal line.
Panther : This one is Sena's win!

Homer : I~diot!
Homer : Aah...
Homer : Well.
Homer : It's just like you, though.

Don : Yeah.
Don : It's better that way.
Don : This is how
Don : a king should be.

Page 03

Monta : Alright, Sena!
Ikkyuu : He stopped
Ikkyuu : Panther's run!!

Sena : F... Finally...
Sena : I stopped Panther-kun once...
Sena : Wait, can I really say that? Such a reckless way...
Sena : Ahahahaha...

Announcer : America is forced
Announcer : To go for a field goal here and gets 3 points!
Announcer : Japan managed to prevent a touchdown, but
Announcer : the gap is increasing nonetheless!!

Page 04-05 (spread)

Banba : Raaaaa!!
Middle : Roar, warriors!!
331st Down : My dream

Mamori : There's less than 5 minutes left...!!
Riku : We can do it!
Riku : We can still catch up 11 points!!

Don : No one in this country could have imagined
Don : such a close battle...!

Kurita : it's useless...
Kurita : We can't go forward at all...
Yamato : Even the guys from the American defense
Yamato : are becoming desperate...!

Tatanka : We won't let you
Tatanka : score a single more touchdown!
Bud : Never...!!

Page 06

Akaba : Fuu... They've just said that they wouldn't let us score a touchdown.
Akaba : Does that mean
Akaba : we're free to take all the kicks we want?

Koutarou : So it's finally my turn.
Koutarou : I'm not the kind of man that won't score here.
Koutarou : If I miss, feel free to shave all my hair.
Monta : We're counting on you, kick team!
Monta : Akaba-senpai! Koutarou-senpai...!

Announcer : Ooooh, Japan scored
Announcer : a field goal!

Koutarou : If you take 3 points from us, we'll take 3 points from you!
Koutarou : that's smart!!

Page 07

Guys : Japan!!
Guys : Japan!!

Guys : USA!!
Guys : USA!!

Clifford : Ooooooh!!

Someone : Clifford carried the ball himself
Someone : and broke through the center at the speed of light!
Someone : That's unstoppable!!

Clifford : Yo, brat.
Clifford : I'll stop the crap about how to handle cards.

Clifford : I'll take you down head-on
Clifford : With just the strength of the cards...!

Page 08

Announcer : America is fiercely attacking!
Announcer : It's truly
Announcer : a global war between the two teams...!!

Sena : Habashira-san...!!

Shin : You did well
Shin : holding the match so far.

Shin : There are
Shin : 2 minutes left...!!

Ootawara : Roaaaar!
Riku : Shin-san!
Mizumachi : Shin is back!!

Page 09

Announcer : Shin VS Clifford!
Announcer : It's a head-on showdown in the center!!

Sena : … No!
Sena : It can't be
Sena : that's...

Sena : While breaking through the center
Sena : a long pass...!?

Hiruma : Kekeke, this fucking pointy nose.
Hiruma : What was with that “I'll take you down head-on”
Hiruma : You were just planning to go through
Hiruma : with a trick card someone without your physical abilities couldn't do...!

Page 10

Chuubou : This pass
Chuubou : is huge!!
Banba : Damn!
Banba : It's completely empty over there...

Page 11

Monta : Taka!!
Clifford : Wha...
Clifford : Why...

Taka : It's a simple story...
Taka : I've learned from my experience against Hiruma in the Christmas bowl.
Taka : Clifford, whenever you seem to go for one kind of play
Taka : I will always defend as if it's the opposite.
Taka : That's why I was covering for a long pass right now.

Taka : And where I snapped the ball to
Taka : there is the resurrected
Taka : Shin...!

Announcer : Japan
Announcer : ball!!

Page 12-13 (spread)

Announcer : 2 minutes left in this match!
Announcer : Japan only 8 points behind!!
Announcer : The all-stars of Japan and America aren't yielding
Announcer : It's impossible to predict how this match will end!!

Sena : Yeah, it's really
Sena : fun...
Sena : If I could play forever
Sena : Together with these great persons,
Sena : at the top of the American football world,
Sena : how fun it'd be...

Announcer : Ooooh, and here he comes!
Announcer : The long-awaited trick star
Announcer : Hiruma Youichi is entering the field!!

Hiruma : kekeke, it's the first card we sacrificed.
Hiruma : You'd better settle it this time, guys.
Hiruma : Strategy code
Hiruma : the “Gatling”...!!

Page 14

Bud : Here it comes again.
Bud : Monta, Tetsuma, Sakuraba, Taka.
Bud : Four receivers...!!

Don : Ooh... I remember it.
Don : It was the first play of the match
Don : that I crushed
Don : before we even saw it.

Hiruma : you four follow your routes!
Hiruma : Run like your life is on the line!
Hiruma : If your pass routes
Hiruma : are even 1mm off, I'll kill you...!!

Page 15

Tatanka : Running is such a narrow area...
Tatanka : how will they split...!?

Page 16

Tatanka : Whaaaat!!?

Someone : Touch
Someone : Down!!

Mamori : Hiruma-kun
Mamori : went and jumped with the ball himself...
Suzuna : Yaaaa!
Suzuna : Petit Devilbat Dive!!

Bud : Four receivers...
Bud : The four of them had nothing to do with that!

Agon : Kukuku, this kind of play
Agon : is the specialty of that trash.

Don : So the failure in the first play
Don : was preparation
Don : just for this sake...!!

Hiruma : Kekeke, you're sure sharp, but
Hiruma : you're a bit off, president Mr don.
Hiruma : This play just now was preparation
Hiruma : For the last play.

Page 17

Riku : 2 points
Riku : and 30 seconds left...
Monta : With the try-for-point
Monta : we can get 2 points for a touchdown!!

Hiruma : Before the last play
Hiruma : I'd like to ask you something,
Hiruma : Fucking shrimp...

Hiruma : Do you think
Hiruma : about joining the world of pros?

Sena : No, well
Sena : I mean, of course it'd be nice, if I could, I guess, maybe
Sena : how should I say, it's my dream, it's impossible, it's...
Hiruma : I want
Hiruma : a YES or a NO.

Hiruma : in the past, there hasn't been
Hiruma : a single Japanese player who joined the NFL.
Hiruma : Because of the limits of innate physical abilities
Hiruma : even if they got a contract, they were cut before the beginning of the season.

Hiruma : You probably understand that.
Hiruma : So I'm asking you if you're an idiot who still has the guts to have the impossible dream of joining the pros.

Page 18

Sena : Yes...!

Paper : Tea ceremony club – Music club – Art club

Hiruma : Kekeke, then after all
Hiruma : The last play is for you.
Hiruma : Because it has the number one
Hiruma : chance to succeed.

Announcer : The last play of the Japanese all-star...
Announcer : Th... This formation
Announcer : It's the legendary formation with three quarterbacks...

Page 19

Left : Settle everything! The strongest triple play!!
Someone : Hiruma, Kid, Agon.
Someone : The strongest trio of quarterbacks for
Someone : the Golden Dragon Fly...!!

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#1. by macros ()
Posted on May 29, 2009
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Kurokooooooooooooooooo!!! I want it! I'm so sad right now. :D I'll wait :D
Thanks anyway for ES ;)
#2. by Egaki 21 ()
Posted on May 29, 2009
thanks Xophien !!!

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