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Eyeshield 21 333

Touch Down : Ready Set Hut

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 12, 2009 22:54 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 333

Well, here we are. We all knew this day would come, and it did. With this chapter, seven years of awesomeness and what will probably stay one of the best mangas ever has ended. And it ended in a simple, great way, totally fitting the spirit of the manga so far.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this manga changed my life, since I learned Japanese with it, for it, i joined MH's staff because of it, and these three years and 120 ES21 translations I've made there will stay forever in my memories, in my heart. That's why, more than anything, I want to thank Inagaki-sensei and Murata-sensei for all those good times. I'd like also to thank some people from MH...

So my thanks to abcdefghijkL0L, Acalia, Alexandrius, alexlw92, Altrian, Aly, andy3004, Anon_Spore, baboysai, bax, cHaotix8, cor, Crayola, Dark-Kaomi, Daryl, ddadain, DeepEyes, Dofla, DoublexEdge, Dragonzair, Drakno, Egaki 21, faizuddin, Fenrir, fluke32, hatsuharupeace, heavens_dragon, Heiji-sama, Hermie, Ichimaru Gin n Tonic, igotthegoods, Imperium, JC123, jenn9376, KaNx, kaylee, Khaludh, Kheops, kiniro, kirimi, koenosaki, kokotas, kunno, Kuuki, kylara, LadyHatake, Legacy, Luckas, manu, Meromorphe, Mirror, Mr. Prince, Musashi Gen, Nekoi Echizen, neozero, njt, Obxist, One Eyed Sharingan, PaperYomiko, Predator, Romio_Kasuga, Rsatori, RyuSensei, s4d, Sai_the_Shaman, sakura_hime04, sao, sephysarkon, sergi89, Sherlock Holmes, Slashout, Snaker, Sorata, takadama, Tanequil, TechnoMagus, Thallc, TranquilMelancholy, ttxdragon, VASSiLi, Velvet_Rain_Dropz, Vicissitude, WinterLion, xi0, yoniekai, zky2007 and all the others I forget, who have been part to some extent of this big adventure.

The three persons I want to thank the most, though, are The_Worm, who gave me the opportunity to become ES21's translator in the first place, Gold Knight, who offered to me the wonderful job of MH moderator of the ES21 section, and OS.Hoshi, who with her energy and limitless enthusiasm is pretty much the best fan ES21 ever had.

And of course, I'd like to thank you, anonymous readers, because I wouldn't be here if not for you. Even if all you left of your passage is a small increase of the number of views in these threads, that still mattered. Thank you for sticking to this wonderful manga until the end \o/

Well then, it's the last time I'm saying it for ES21, but... Enjoy~

Eyeshield 21 chapter 333

Page 01

Top left : Two years later, and...!? Climax and color pages!!

Yellow text (top right pic) : Celebration – Chuubou joins the Deimon Devilbats!!

Blue note : We played overtime in the World Cup without permission!! The result...?

Yellow note : Hiruma, Kurita, Musashi, Yukimitsu-senpai - Tearful retirement ceremony
Cake : Thank you for everything

White box : Sena is Deimon's new captain!

Pinkish box : Aiming for a second Christmas Bowl! Summer training camp!

Bottom : The tracks they ran on...!!

Page 02-03 (spread)

Right : With your golden legs, run to the future!!
Touch Down : Ready Set Hut

Bottom left : Each one his goal! Each one his path! The stage is an infinite field, the future!! Climax and color pages!!

Page 04

Book : Deimon Devilbats

Narration : Two years later...
Middle : Narita Airport

Sena : Hiiiiii, I'm late!!

Page 05

Sign : Year 20XX – Students accepted in Enma University
Front sign : Enma University – Results of the entrance tests for regular students
(Translation note : Enma is the name of the ruler of the underworld in Buddhist mythology)

Monta : Hey...
Monta : Kh... He's fast as usual!
Sign : Enma University – Results of the entrance tests for regular students

Suzuna : Yaaa! Over here!
Suzuna : Everyone got accepted in Enma University!!

Suzuna : Well, actually they didn't have enough students
Suzuna : So it seems that all the students passed.
Monta : Is it Deimon!?
Monta : Ooooooh, what did I study desperately MAX for, then...

Monta : Hm??
Suzuna : It feels like someone suspicious
Suzuna : is looking at us from back there...

Page 06

Kurima : Found a successful candidate...
Someone : there's some weird guy over there!!

Unsui : Is this really a good way? (small text : Of inviting new club members.)
Kurita : I-I-I learned it from Hiruma!
Kurita : When we were at Deimon...

Kurita : You passed, congranuraba!!
Suzuna : Gyaaaa!!

Monta : But... Awesome, Kurita-senpai!
Monta : In this year spent in the College league
Monta : he got even more muscles MAX...!

Page 07

Kurita : Err... What was it after that...
Kurita : Ah, right!
Kurita : Feel free to use this phone to call your parents and tell them of your success!
Unsui : Hm?

Riku : So this is your plan to get the phone number
Riku : and invite the person to the American football club, huh?

Riku : Your trick is three years old, you know.
Riku : All the university students have their own cellphones now,
Riku : Kurita-san.

Unsui : Kaitani...
Kurita : Riku-kun!!

Kurita : Uwaaaa, Monta-kun and Suzuna-chan too!
Kurita : You came to our university!!
Unsui : Awesome... With both of you in our team,
Unsui : Winning against Saikyoudai isn't a dream anymore!
Suzuna : But right now, those two will die before even joining.
(Translation note : the name of this one is a pun, Saikyou meaning the strongest, Kyoudai being Kyoto University)

Page 08

Monta : And Sena!
Monta : He's joining Enma too!!
Monta : he promised to come and see the results together with us, but...

Kurita : Eeeh, Sena-kun too!?
Kurita : Wait, he's back from America??
Suzuna : He said he would be late because
Suzuna : he forgot something important in the plane.
Suzuna : Typical Sena, I guess.

Kurita : … But
Kurita : Even though Hiruma was the one who started the whole thing,
Hiruma : he's the strongest runner from Notre Dame,
Hiruma : Eyeshield 21!!

Kurita : To think
Kurita : Sena-kun was actually invited to play American football for Notre Dame...
Kurita : It was only for the last half of his third high school year, but...

Kurita : When I heard Clifford-kun sent a mail to invite him
Kurita : I was really surprised...
Sena : Sena himself was the most scared, though...

Page 09

Suzuna : With his own strength
Suzuna : he turned the lie into a reality...
Suzuna : Sena...

Monta : yeah! That's why we can't lose either!
Riku : now that we joined Enma
Riku : I'm looking forward to our first match.

Suzuna : Yaa! I'll come cheering!
Suzuna : When is your first match?

Kurita : Right now.
Monta : Whaaaaat!!?

Page 10

Board : Koigahama University – Enma University

Mizumachi : nhaa! They just kissed!
Mizumachi : those guys are all lovey-dovey!
Koutarou : What's with you guys, you're not ready yet?
Koutarou : It ain't smart!

Monta : Oooh, Mizumachi, you're here too!!
Mizumachi : Because I heard that you could join without even studying.
Suzuna : Such an impure reason...

Page 11

Unsui : But wait, Koutarou, was that you!?
Unsui : Who planned a match without permission...
Unsui : Our senpais didn't hear a thing about it, you know?

Someone : ... Someone hacked our homepage
Someone : and added a match in the schedule.
Someone : And the only smart one of us, Unsui, wasn't contacted at all.
Someone : it was way too well planned.

Kurita : Planning another team's match
Kurita : without permission, just for scouting them...
Monta : Such an absurd thing...
Monta : There's only one person in the world who could do that...!!

Hiruma : YA
Hiruma : HA!!

Page 12

Hiruma : Kekeke, open a path!
Hiruma : It's the custom made tower car by Takekura Engineering, designed for scouting!

Mamori : Wait!
Mamori : Drive carefully!
Mamori : Don't forget about me up there, jeez!

Banba : Did the club have the money to pay for that?
Ikkyuu : I think he said he blackmailed the principal...
Juumonji : I guess he's already controlling Saikyoudai from the shadows...

Guy : Woooh, Hiruma, Ikkyuu...
Guy : Saikyoudai came to watch.
Guy : The rumored number one team of the College league...

Guy : Agon, Akaba, Yamato, Taka!
Guy : Awesome, just the freshmen and sophomores of Saikyoudai
Guy : look already like a College all-star...!!

Page 13

Mizumachi : And, on the other side,
Mizumachi : Oujou University also appears!?

Unsui : Why did you start a live broadcast...

Mizumachi : Also Takami and Yukimitsu from the Shuuei medical college!

Mizumachi : And Habashira Rui, who improved all of a sudden when he joined Zokuto University!

Mizumachi : And then the worst team of the semi-pro!? From the X-league
Mizumachi : The Takekura Construction Babels!!
Someone : Musashi, Kid, and Gaou!?
Someone : These guys are strong too!!

Page 14

Hiruma : Kekeke, from now on
Hiruma : The three of us will go in different teams.

Musashi : … yeah.
Musashi : Hiruma, Kurita and me.
Musashi : Our second act will be as opponents
Musashi : just like the Three Kingdoms

Kurita : We really all wanted to join the same team
Kurita : But this time, Musashi
Kurita : had to continue his father's work.

Kurita : And going to join the same university as Hiruma? While leaving Musashi on the side??
Kurita : Impossible.
Kurita : It was better to go our separate ways.

Hiruma : I'll kill you if you lose against the guys from the semi-pro league, fucking old man.
Hiruma : No matter what,
Hiruma : you have to make it to the Rice Bowl...!!

Page 15

Kurita : The Rice Bowl
Kurita : is the champion of the College league against the champion of the semi-pro league!
Kurita : It's a battle with the place of real number one of Japan at stake.
Kurita : Even more important than the Christmas Bowl!
Kurita : It's the hardest and biggest event in American football...!!

Kurita : Definitely to the Rice Bowl!!
Monta : Yeaaaaah!!

Page 16

Riku : Let's go at full power from the beginning.
Riku : We can't show a pitiful match with Saikyoudai watching.

Unsui : … Riku.
Unsui : Why didn't you join Saikyoudai?
Unsui : With your grades, it would have been easy for you.

Riku : you know
Riku : Sena told me...

Sena : I've been thinking, but... After I'll graduate
Sena : it seems like I'll be going against Hiruma-san.
Sena : I'd like to win against Hiruma-san someday...
Sena : I've just noticed what a scary thing I'm saying, but...

Riku : I guess he's just like you
Riku : who joined a different team in order to
Riku : defeat Kongou Agon, not as his brother,
Riku : but as a real American football player.
Riku : Unsui-san.

Page 17

Riku : I decided when I heard that!
Riku : I just can't fight against the ambition
Riku : of defeating the strongest...!!

Girl : Karin... Why did we suddenly come to watch an American football match?
Girl : What does it have to do with you becoming a mangaka??

Karin : The editor person...
Saitou : We'll make use of your experience!
Karin : You'll draw a manga about American football
Karin : with “Eyeshield 21”-kun as the main character, he said...
(Trivia note : That's Saitou, the first editor of Eyeshield 21, and main character of Murata's short manga Hetappi Manga Kenkyuujo R)

Karin : … just now
Karin : Could it have been...

Page 18

Someone : Sena!
Sena : I'm back...!!

Page 19

Guy : It's Sena!
Guy : It's... Kobayakawa Sena!!

Monta : Woooooh!
Mizumachi : What the hell, you're late!!
Sena : No well, I forgot my bag with something important inside
Sena : So I had to get it back no matter what.

Sena : The eyeshield
Sena : I was always using
Sena : during my three years at Deimon...

Suzuna : …
Suzuna : Sena... It seems
Suzuna : you have more the face
Suzuna : of an adult now...

Hiruma : Kekeke!
Hiruma : is it alright if you don't run to protect Sena from bullies?
Hiruma : “Mamori-nee-chan”.

Mamori : Of course!
Mamori : He's the opponent now.
Mamori : We have to win
Mamori : even against Sena...!

Page 20

Hiruma : … And he's not a half-baked opponent.
Hiruma : I'll come at him with all my trick plays
Hiruma : and crush him...!!

Guy : Sena VS Hiruma!
Guy : Damn, this looks fun...!!

Sena : hiiii, i'm playing already!?
Sena : But I've just run with all my power...
Sena : It seems my life is only about running now...

Sena : I'll definitely catch up with you
Sena : Panther-kun.
Sena : One day, I'll definitely
Sena : fight in the world of pros, just like you are.

Sena : For that sake
Sena : I'll conquer the Rice Bowl!
Sena : And become the true number one of Japan...!!

Page 21

Guy : Lucky! It's just a substitute.
Guy : Watch how cool I am when I take him down, Emi-chan <3

Hatsujou : Wait!
Hatsujou : This guy is...

Agon : kukuku, none of you trashes
Agon : is able to touch that speed.

Hiruma : Kekeke, the name of this guy...

Shin : The title of the best runner of this era....

Devilbat : bye bye!
Devilbat : YA-HA!!

Someone : Eyeshield
Someone : 21!!!

Page 22-23 (spread)

Left : there is no end to the field of dreams!!
Left : thanks to all of you who kept reading, cheering for us for these seven years! Please look forward to the next works of Inagaki and Murata-sensei!! volume 36 will be released in August, and volume 37, the last one, in October!!!

Xophien's afterwords :
I managed to hold back the tears so far, but I can't say it'll last for long so let's keep it short. It's been great being part of this adventure. And as the last page says, there is no end to our dreams, so let's meet again, fucking readers! \o/

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#1. by mugen ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
thanks so much for translating eyeshield 21. it will forever be special . :)
#2. by arslan ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
A touching ending. Your translations were greatly appreciated Xophien. Thanks for the last chapter's translation as well. :)
#3. by sergi_89 ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Thanks to you Xophien for giving me (and lots of people around the world) the opportunity to read this manga. Eyeshield was the reason why I started translating and I will always remember it as one of the best mangas I've ever had the pleasure to read.
I hope Murata-Sama and Inagaki-sama will delight us soon with another history about superation, friendship and fucking awesomeness.

For the last time, awesome chapter and translation.
See you soon with Kuroko 25.
#4. by mc_fusion ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
You have been awsome, plus you one very cool person. Wonder what you going to do now. Keep up the good work
#5. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
@mc_fusion: I'll still be translating Kuroko no Basket, and stay as a mod on MH (lurking in the new Negima section, for example). If Inagaki and/or Murata release a new manga at some point, I'll definitely translate it^^
#6. by Halcyon Dreamz ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Damn, I can't believe my fav manga ever is ending......

This calls for a coloring of one of these pages from me :(
#7. by dbssdb ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks a lot Xophien for your translations! Excuse me for my english cause I´m spanish but I wanted to thank you for your awesome job translating Eyeshield21.
Thank you and good luck with your future projects! :)
#8. by hhv94 ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks alot for the past translations you have put up for this great manga! It is a bit sad to see this manga end. I hope that one day they will do a monthly thing on ES21 but probably unlikely.
#9. by roney81 ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you for all your hard work
#10. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
I fainted so much while reading this chapter, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh~~~~~~~~~~~!! +D

Oh, man, the geniuses all ended up in the same university! It really seems impossible for Sena to win against them! XD

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your wonderful & superbly timely translations, your entertaining & informative comments, & all the fun pictures Xophien! Thanks to you, we managed to enjoy this manga too! Cheers for more manga to come! \(^v^)/

#11. by kaylee (mousou mashiin)
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
xophyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! T____T

i can't contain my tears, that was beauuuutiful!

aaahh. *sobs*

Thank you for all your hard work over the years, enabling me to read the only manga I've followed weekly and never had cause to complain about. *bows* It wasn't only your translations, but also your never-ceasing enthusiasm for the manga that made it a constant joy to read and discuss. I'll miss discussing it (and spazzing and flailing over it) with you as much as I'll miss reading it. Probably more.


hirumaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *sniffles*
#12. by manu ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Xophien you are my favorite Frenchie and this journey with you following Eyeyshield 21 has been amazing.
#13. by guegoblok ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009

I can die in peace now. Thx a lot xophie, reading this manga has been my reason for being on every Saturday. LOL
You are a part of this, becoz I've been reading all of your translation over the years.

#14. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks Xophy as always and... here's a drawing for you!


If that doesn't work >.>

#15. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you so much Xophie-danchou, it really was a great journey and you did a fucking magnificient job all along!
Your words are touching and really express the way I feel at this point...

This manga was awesome and just sooo much fun and you somehow became a part of it - be proud of that, man!!
(Plus, you're one of those translators here on MH where I felt like "Damn, I wanna do tls like he can"...)

So, once again: thank you!
And let's keep some really precious memories...YA-HA!!
#16. by creuss ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
thx for ur effort in translating es21 for us... this manga has been a part of me, and so are u...
long live Eyeshield 21!!! YA-HA!!!
#17. by ranx ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks for all the memories Xophien

#18. by waterbaby12us ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you for translating this wonderful manga for so long!!!!
#19. by Kuuki ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
I can't believe it ended just like that ;__;

I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to you Xophien for giving us AWESOME translations for this AWESOME series. And also THANK YOU Inagaki-sensei and Murata-sensei for giving us this epic series, Eyeshield 21!

But I'm gonna miss all the YAHA-ness *sniffs*
#20. by ¬Bol ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you very much for the last time, for everything you have done for Eyeshield21.
#21. by igotthegoods (The Giggs)
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
*wipes away real tears*

I still can't believe it's over! It was a beautiful ending, though. Gah, I'm so emotional! Your heartfelt comments introducing this final translation didn't help much either. ;____;

Ok, ok. Gotta get myself together here. Thanks so much, Xophy, for all your hard work translating this amazing manga! Your almost encyclopedic knowledge of it never ceases to impress me. You rock! I'm very proud to call myself one of your fucking readers and, as always, a loyal member of your brigade. <3333
#22. by alazim ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
thanks a lot...one of the best manga have eve read..so tearfull in the end to think it will end with this chapter..it was really a great manga about dream n sport..hope eyeshield can go on with more adulthood chapter as cont for the rice bowl..
#23. by Meromorphe ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
That was a good ride, Thanks a lot Xophien.

PS: I just wanted to say the previous sentence, but I feel obliged to say that Karin mimicking Ranka is a win.
#24. by coolkid ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you very much fucking translator for all you've done for us reader. You're the best, I will always support your other translations too^^.
#25. by Ichimaru Gin n Tonic ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you for all of the hard work you've poured into translating this awesome manga, Fucking Afro. *Kicks Xoph*
#26. by suloku ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009

BTW, the rice bowl? lol
#27. by Hyde ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks Xophien, we would have been lost without you ;)
#28. by Alexandrius ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
It's been a great run.
#29. by Acalia ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009

Xophien-sama! That was beautiful TT______TT
Thank you so much for your translations - you're the best! ES21 wouldn't be the same without you... You're indeed at the top of the MH pr0's!!

I'm crying right now so I can't even write proper thanks - sorry... :(

But, well - for the last time - can I use your translation fo my IT polish trans?

#30. by Shake ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Tnx for all your translations with ES21, I really enjoyed this manga!!!!
#31. by winnkey ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
WA~AH!!!! ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man i seriously loved this manga, it got me into sport mangas and anime, without this i would of missed out on so many good manga that i would of just skipped because i saw sport as a genre.

long live the best
#32. by Snaker ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks Xophy.
It was a great ride.
#33. by yAkiMuRA ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thanks man !
#34. by krovavik ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you very much for translating my favorite manga!
#35. by Thallc ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Great ending! This manga will stay with me forever
#36. by takadanama ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
\o/ All hail Xophien ~~~ T_T_T_T
So funny, no one has released the scanlation yet >_<
#37. by Pippoffside ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
thank you very much Xophien , your hard work has introduced a lot of reader like
my self to this great fuking manga , too bad she didn't got the cover magazine for
this week , but still , the end was great as expected .
thank you Murata-sensei and Inagaki-sensei ~~~~
farewell eyeshield 21 ~~~~~~

#38. by Daryl ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
I haven't been on this website for probably a few years now, but I just had to login again for this post. I also would like to thank you for the wonderful translations and all your effort! It was a pleasure to work on Eyeshield 21 with you! The few chapters I scanlated back in the day were a big part of me and I still have them to this day on my hard drive since they show my progress in scanlating and all my little secret know-hows were used to provide fast quality work. I begin to have tears in my eyes as Eyeshield 21 is probably the manga that I enjoyed the most during my manga reading time. Thank you!
#39. by Horsee ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Thank you! It was a pleasure to read your translations. I hope they'll continue monthly in SQ (just like PoT).
#40. by KeIRo ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Waaahhh~~~~ thank you so much!!!! ES21 forever!!! :'(
#41. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
Wah! I can't believe it's over! ES21 will always remain as one of my all time favourite series!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work, Xophien! Without you, Eyeshield 21 would not have been as successful as it would be!

Thanks to all the raw providers, translators, scanlators that have taken part in this wonderful ES21 journey! Without you guys, us fans would be dead in a gutter LOL
#42. by dens-09 ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2009
#43. by dens-09 ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2009
#44. by zidane ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2009
Thank you very much, Xophien...
#45. by ryzanet ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
Thanks so much xoph........
#46. by Mirror ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
Thank you so much Xophien!
The hours you spent waiting up all night for the raws to come out, for your hard and dedicated work each week. Thank u for learning japanese, for the little comments inbetween translations... I just cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for the ES21 community! :')

I can't believe it's over... I feel so emotional about it... Eyeshield had me starting to draw towards a dream, the past year I have been kept away by RL and I find myself studying arts at an animation school now. Murata's art and Inagaki's crazy story style, I'll never forget!

YA-HA! =3

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