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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 27

27th Quarter : He's a veteran.

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 28, 2009 11:45 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 27

If Kuroko lasts for 300+ chapters, like ES21, won't Fujimaki run out of titles for his chapters? >.>


Kuroko chapter 27

Page 01

Right : If it's taken, take it back!! The Generation of Miracles is unyielding!!
27th Quarter : He's a veteran.

Kasamatsu : …......

Kasuga : What the hell... Was that Ichirou's laser beam!? It's basketball, right!?
(Translation note : for Suzuki Ichirou, most famous Japanese baseball player ever)

Ootsubo : What in the world...

Takao : he had a pass like that too!?

Hyuuga :It's the first time I see it too...
Hyuuga : but thanks to this, the flow of the game hasn't changed yet...
Hyuuga : We can still go...

Page 02

Kuroko : The match
Kagami : only starts from now!

Midorima : … Ffn.

Someone : Midorima has the ball!!
Someone : Will he shoot again his super-high three pointer!!?

Page 03

Kise : …!?
Kise : It doesn't happen often...
Kise : Midorimacchi not shooting because he has a probability of missing...
Kise : But wasn't it a nice occasion there...!?

Nakatani : I see...
Nakatani : Hmmmm... Hm... Ffn...

Nakatani : Eeeeeh...
Nakatani : It was already surprising that his lack of presence could make you lose sight of him,
Nakatani : but he even has that kind of pass...
Shuutoku High School Coach
Nakatani Masaaki

Nakatani : But it's a problem, really...
Nakatani : To think there was that way to seal Midorima... Hmm...
Nakatani : Hm, what should we do...

Kise : Midorimacchi
Kise : is sealed?

Page 04

Kasamatsu : Yeah.
Kasamatsu : Because of the super long range pass
Kasamatsu : of the transparent guy.

Kasamatsu : Midorima uses the long time his shot spends flying to go back in defense.
Kasamatsu : It has the merit of defending against counterattacks.
Kasamatsu : But it's not like all the team is falling back.
Kasamatsu : They're all staying behind, just in case it misses and they need to get the rebound.

Kasamatsu : The time it spends flying backfires in that case.
Kasamatsu : Because if Midorima has the time to get back, Kagami has the time to run too.

Kasamatsu : With the speed of that attack, the counterattack will just get through Midorima.
Kasamatsu : That why he didn't shoot.

Kasamatsu : But still, thinking of that pass and finding the proper timing...
Kasamatsu : And the nerves to make it succeed on the first try...
Kasamatsu : It made me realize it again.

Page 05

Kasamatsu : That guy may look like that, but he was still in Teikou with you.
Kasamatsu : He's a veteran.

Takao : My, my...
Takao : It'd be a problem if you thought you could stop us with something like that.

Page 06

Izuki : !!
Izuki : Fast!!

Page 07

Someone : Ooooh!
Someone : Nice shot!
Someone : Awesome pass!!
Board : Seirin – Shuutoku

Izuki : It can't be... This guy has it too!?

Page 08

Someone : Oooh, they scored back immediately!!
Someone : I don't get Seirin's passes at all!! But they're awesome!!

Nakatani : Yeah...
Nakatani : Hmm...
Nakatani : We should do this after all.

Page 09

Nakatani : … All right.
Nakatani : hey, Takao, Kimura!
Nakatani : Switch marks.

Nakatani : Takao,
Nakatani : Take care of the number 11.

Hyuuga : Marking Kuroko...?

Guy : It's the same thing no matter who, right?
Guy : Since his presence is so faint you can lose sight of him.

Riko : What are they planning...?
Riko : Going for such a direct way...
Riko : They've got the same roles in Seirin and Shuutoku...
Riko : The key to the match lies in this fight.
Riko : … That means...

Takao : Like expected, I thought it'd end like this.
Takao : Well, like Shin-chan would put it,
Takao : It was fate.

Page 10

Takao : That I faced you
Takao : And that Shin-chan would face Kagami.

Page 11

Kagami : What's the point?
Kagami : No matter how fast Takao is,
Kagami : it doesn't matter for Kuroko.

Midorima : I'm fully aware of Kuroko's strength.
Midorima : … You'll understand immediately.

Takao : I didn't expect to settle it with you this quickly, though.
Takao : I've been thinking ever since I met you,

Takao : You and I are from the same species.

Takao : We're both freshmen, right?
Takao : Passing the ball is our style, or should I say, our role as players.
Takao : That's why... What was it called again? That... Hatred for the same kind?

Page 12

Takao : I don't want to lose against you!
Takao : Kinda.

Takao : Well, it's the first time I ever feel something like that, though.
Takao : Maybe because... you're probably different from the others?

Kuroko : Sorry, it is the first time I have been told that.
Kuroko : I am at a loss about what to say...
Takao : Eeeeh...

Kuroko : … But
Kuroko : I might feel a similar thing
Kuroko : as well.

Takao : Nice, seems like you're well motivated.

Page 13

Takao : … wait.
Takao : Nghaaa!!?

Takao : Wait a second!!
Takao : Disappearing all of a sudden like that, don't you have any manners!!

Someone : Hyuuga is free!! Go!!

Midorima : Too bad, Kuroko.

Takao : Just kidding ♥

Page 14-15 (spread)

Kagami : … What the hell!!?

Hyuuga : Kuroko's pass...!?

Riko : It failed!?

Hyuuga : It's the first time I see this guy make a mistake...
Izuki : No, it probably wasn't a mistake...
Izuki : That guy has it too.

Page 16

Izuki : The same as my Eagle's Eye... No.
Izuki : His field of vision must be even wider.
Izuki : It's the Hawk's Eye.
Note under the panel : the ability to switch perspective in your mind in order to see the whole court.

Hyuuga : Wha...!!

Izuki : Kuroko uses the misdirection
Izuki : to divert your eyes when you're looking at him.

Izuki : but with an ability to see everything like the Hawk's Eye,
Izuki : you never look only at Kuroko.

Izuki : In other words, against Takao,
Izuki : Kuroko's misdirection won't work.

Page 17

Someone : Seirin
Someone : Timeout!
Board : Seirin – Shuutoku

Hyuuga : To think Kuroko could be stopped...

Riko : I never thought he could have a natural enemy like that...
Riko : We're definitely... in a pinch.

Takao : My, my, the guys from Seirin seem embarrassed...
Midorima : Don't lose your focus.
Midorima : That guy won't be taken down with just that.

Takao : It's alright, really! If you take away his invisibility, he's just a small fry, right?
Midorima : … Do you know why I can't stand Kuroko?
Takao : ?

Page 18

Midorima : That's because
Midorima : … I acknowledge him.

Midorima : He doesn't have a single great physical ability,
Midorima : and he can't do a single thing on his own.
Midorima : Despite that, he still wore the uniform of Teikou like me,
Midorima : And helped leading the team to victory.

Midorima : This guy's strength is completely different from the rest of us.
Midorima : It belongs in a different world.

Midorima : That's why I can't stand it.
Midorima : I can't stand that a man I acknowledged went to bury himself in a team that can't make use of his strength.
Bottom : Next issue, Kagami reveals his super play!! And Midorima's true power...!?

Midorima : That's why there is no way I can lose.
Midorima : I'll start playing seriously after this timeout.

Page 19

Kagami : Coach.
Kagami : Let's keep up just like this... please.

Kagami : Hey, it can't be
Kagami : that you're going to let him stop you like that, right?

Kuroko : Well... I guess I would not like that.

Kagami : … Ha!
Kagami : Then I'm leaving Takao to you.

Kagami : Maybe I should give them my regards too.
Kagami : I've got some new stuff to present to them, after all.

Left : A clash of techniques and fighting spirit!!
Midorima : I'll have them come to their senses
Midorima : With this new strength of mine, that even Kuroko doesn't know about.

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