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Dogashi Kaden! 12

Dogashikaden! 12th Period

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Aug 28, 2008 14:00 | Go to Dogashi Kaden!

-> RTS Page for Dogashi Kaden! 12

Sorry for the delay, I'm having big troubles recovering from a sinusitis and I had to translate this chapter while having a permanent fog in front of my eyes. Not that it'd have prevented me to translate it if it was an ES21 chapter, but I could be in my grave and still translating ES21, so... Not to mention I'm a bit unmotivated by the news Dogashi will get the ax after the next chapter -_-;

Oh well, try to enjoy this translation anyway~

Dogashi chapter 12

Page 01

12th period : key
Background text : Dogashikaden!
Left and right : Paint brightly!

Page 02

Right : Finally, one point difference!!

Someone : Rebound!!

Page 03

Haruyoshi : .... I...

Shiba : Ookado!
Shiba : Let’s go carefully for this one!! Give it back!

Haruyoshi : Shiba-kun...
Haruyoshi : Sudou-kun...

Haruyoshi : I’m glad
Haruyoshi : I came to Touryou...

Haruyoshi : We’ll win...!!!!

Page 04


Page 05

Someone : ... So high!!

Hirose : No...

Someone : Watch out!!!
Nerima : Gwoh...!!

Page 06

Shiba : Ookado!!

Gunji : You can’t do it
Gunji : Without courage.

Page 07

Haruyoshi : ... I understand now, that’s why I aimed for the goal...

Haruyoshi : Gunji-san...
Haruyoshi : I won’t cry anymore...

Haruyoshi : Because I always thought above me was this radiant light
Haruyoshi : I just couldn’t look at it.

Haruyoshi : Shiba-kun said we were gathered for the sake of conquering
Haruyoshi : the national level.

Haruyoshi : This radiance... is still unbearable for me, but
Haruyoshi : I won’t avert my eyes anymore.

Page 08

Haruyoshi : Because I met Minagawa-san,

Haruyoshi : I met Shiba-kun,

Haruyoshi : I met Sudou-kun,

Haruyoshi : I’m not scared of standing on the court anymore.

Haruyoshi : It’s the first time I’ve made it.

Haruyoshi : It’s the first time I’ve made friends
Haruyoshi : and we’re looking at the top together.

Page 09


Page 10


Page 11

Someone : Woooh!!!
Someone : It’s in!!!
Someone : They turned the tables!!!

Someone : The remaining time is 32 seconds and they’re leading!!!
Hazuki : ... Haruyoshi-kun

Nerima : Ookado!!!

Page 12
Haruyoshi : If I don’t stand up...

Haruyoshi : I wonder if someone scored that one just now?
Haruyoshi : Maybe Shiba-kun...

Haruyoshi : Nah, probably
Haruyoshi : Sudou-kun.

Haruyoshi : My right arm...
Haruyoshi : Huh?
Haruyoshi : It’s cold...

Haruyoshi : but I could finally properly dribble with my right hand...
Haruyoshi : I could finally get hold of it quite nicely, but...

Haruyoshi : My right and...

Page 13

Hazuki : Is something wrong with your right hand?

Hazuki : It hurts, right?

Hazuki : Then
Hazuki : I’ll make it easier

Haruyoshi : I think I’ve seen this pattern

Haruyoshi : before...

Hazuki : Woryaaaaa!!

Page 14


Haruyoshi : Oh...
Haruyoshi : Ooh...

Haruyoshi : ... Oh?

Page 15

Sudou : So your head was damaged after all, huh?

Haruyoshi : Ah...
Haruyoshi : Huh?

Shiba : Seriously, going on and scaring us like that.
Shiba : Are there really guys that make that kind of reckless plays?
Forgot-his-name : By the way, you committed an offense foul while you fainted.
Yoshino : No forgiveness, huh...

Haruyoshi : I...
Nerima : Yeah... Basically, you’ve died.

Nerima : It’s only because I managed to catch your head like this!! If I hadn’t, right now...
Hirose : Yeah... But it doesn’t matter anymore, now that you’ve come back to your senses.
Hirose : You only hit your head lightly, so get some rest for the time being.

Page 16

Haruyoshi : Ouch!!

Haruyoshi : ... My right hand...

Hazuki : Either way, I’ve put some icing on it, so try not to move.

Hazuki : We’ll go to our hospital now.

Haruyoshi : ... Eh?

Haruyoshi : ... The match?

Haruyoshi : Did we win? Did we lose?

Page 17

Sayama : It was stopped!
Sayama : Since you got injured, it should be obvious, right?

Haruyoshi : ... No way...

Sayama : Haruyoshi!!
Sayama : Hurry up and go see a doctor.

Haruyoshi : ... But
Haruyoshi : But!! If we didn’t win the match...

Sayama : Hey, you might have broken your hand
Sayama : Is it the time to say that?
Haruyoshi : But!

Hirose : When you come back from the hospital, come to my room in the dorm immediately.

Page 18

Hirose : Sudou and Ookado
Hirose : I’ll give you bastards your key to the dorm.

Haruyoshi : ... Eh?
Hazuki : Fff

Hirose : Listen, living in the dorm is really strict.
Hirose : Waking time is 5am. Don’t forget to clean the restroom before morning practice.

Hirose : Sleeping in is inexcusable and will get you fired from the club, so get ready.

Yoshino : ... that guy
Forgot-his-name : As grumpy as ever
Hazuki : A man that’ll never become docile...
Nerima : I’m sure he turned around because he was blushing just now.
Sayama : No doubt about it.

Page 19

Haruyoshi : Yes!!!
Shiba : Thanks to whose special training, you bastard!!
Haruyoshi : Thanks to Shiba-kun!!
Shiba : Of course, you idiot!!!

Hazuki : Hey, hey
Hazuki : Is this really the time to rejoice like that?
Hazuki : Getting an injury at that time, you might not even be able to take part in matches, you know?

Left : They can finally join the club!! It’s a new beginning for Haruyoshi!!

Hazuki : I’ll call a helicopter right now so hurry up to the rook!!

Haruyoshi : ... helicopter!?
Haruyoshi : Wouldn’t a taxi be enough...?
Hazuki : Stop complaining and shut up!!
Hazuki : We’re going to America, so it’s natural!!
Haruyoshi : America!?

Hazuki : I’ll get you the best medical treatment there is!!
Haruyoshi : But it may be just a sprain...
Hazuki : Even if it’s just a sprain!

Hazuki : Summer is gonna start soon after all!!
Yoshino : Big troubles, huh? Ookado...
Sayama : Get me a souvenir!

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by macros ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2008
thanks a lot for the translation but i am so sad for the news...Dogashi doesn't deserve that
#3. by Phat ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks :D
#4. by daisukereds ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Thanks a lot!

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