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Vagabond 180

[Seinen] Vagabond 180 by Siedhr

+ posted by Yumi-Chan as translation on Jul 20, 2006 16:13 | Go to Vagabond

-> RTS Page for Vagabond 180

This is the draft translation from French for the first chapter of the 21st volume. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated as my French is a bit rusty.

I had a bit of trouble with the sounds, some I've left untranslated, others I had no idea what they meant. My notes will be in blue.

This is a translation for KO-Scans and therefore it is not free for use.

Vagabond v21 Chapter 180

Page 001 Cover - I think it's the text on page 000c of the Japanese raw

1605, fin de l'an 9 de l'ere de Keicho. Arrive a Kyoto un Musashi metamorphose par rapport a l'annee precedente. Commence alors son combat mortel contre Seijuro Yoshioka, son ennemi juree.
1605, the end of the 9th year of Keicho. Musashi arrives at Kyoto a changed man compared to the year before. And so begins his deadly fight with Yoshioka Seijuro, his sworn enemy.

Page 002

Some stuff that needn't be translated since it's in English in the Japanese raw.

Page 003 for the French scan/ 003 for the Japanese raw

Il neige...
Does it snow…

Tant que cela, a la capitale, chaque annee?
…That much in the capital each year?

Page 004 / 004

Je suis Denshichiro...
I am Denshichiro…

Le fils de Kempo Yoshioka.
The son of Yoshioka Kempo.

Naguere, je me presentais ainsi, pour renforcer ma propre image.
Not long ago, I used to use my father's name to make myself seem stronger. - Not the best phrasing.

Page 004-1 / 005

Aujourd'hui, je me bats pour proteger son nom.
But today I'm fighting to protect his legacy.

Page 005 / 006-007

No text

Page 006 / 008-009

Tous a la capitale
All Roads Lead to Kyoto - The literal translation is "everybody in the capital", which sounds like crap. My translation is a play on words and it reffers to the saying "All roads lead to Rome" - Rome used to be considered the center of the civilised world in ancient times, in the days the great Roman Empire.

Page 007 / 010

Remontons d'une dizaine de jours
Let's go back around ten days ago.

Kyoto, automne de l'an 9 de l'ere de Keicho (1605)
Kyoto, the autumn of the 9th year of Keicho (1605).

Page 007-1 / 011

It's done!!


Plus de temps a perdre!
No time to waste!

Avertissement - duel prevu entre Denshichiro Yoshioka et Musashi Miyamoto
Text on the board - Announcement of the upcoming duel between Yoshioka Denshichiro and Miyamoto Musashi.

Page 008 / 012


Eh bien alors!
Well, well!

C'est donc ca!
So that's what it is!

Ce combat qui est sur toutes les levres en ville
That's the fight everyone in the city is talking about.

Yoshioka Denshichiro

Le cadet du dojo Yoshioka contre...
The junior/younger brother of the Yoshioka clan against…

Ce Musashi Miyamoto si renomme?
That famous Miyamoto Musashi?

Lequel est le plus fort?
Which is the strongest?

Pourquoi se lancer dans une si terrible action?
Why do something so foolish? - This is not exactly a translation, it's more like my impression of what it says. Any suggestions (zindryr) most welcome.

C'est le destin pour quelqu'un ne dans cette fameuse maison
It's the destiny of one born in that famous family.

Bah... ce Miyamoto a beaux etre fort, il va regretter de s'en etre pris aux Yoshioka.
Bah… this Miyamoto better be strong, otherwise he will regret tangling with /taking on the Yoshioka.

C'est vrai que de se voir nomme ainsi en adversaire... de ce gens.
It's true, though, that to see oneself considered a worthy opponent by these people…

On doit se sentir bien aise.
Would make one feel flattered.

Tais-toi donc!
Shut up, you!

Ca rapporte bien de mourir.
You'll get yourself killed. - I'm not sure of this line. Help!


Page 008-1 / 013

Yoshioka Seijuro

Page 009 / 014

What? - Not sure.




Hola, je ne vois rien
Hey, I can't see anything.

Page 009-1 / 015

No text

Page 010 / 016

On fait grand scandale, je vois
I see there's quite a fuss. / You're making quite a fuss, I see. - Not sure

Je vous avais pourtant mis en garde
And I did warn you the last time.

Page 010-1 / 017

Vous y laiserrez votre peau
You're going to die.

Un an deja...
It's been a year already…

Vous avez change...
You've changed…

H... He

Si ca se trouve, c... c'est Musashi?
Could that be Musashi? - not sure of it


Page 011 / 018

Forcement, si j'abats Denshichiro, l'aine interviendra?
Inevitably, if I cut down Denshichiro, won't the elder brother intervene?


Aaah, toujours le meme!
Aaah, you're still the same!

On parle de vous en maints endroits aujourd'hui, mais...
There's talk of you in many places today/everywhere, but…

Page 011-1 / 019

C'est n'est pas en vous prenant aux Yoshioka que votre reputation sortira grandie
Your reputation will not grow by taking on the Yoshioka. / It's not by taking on the Yoshioka that your reputation will grow.


Don't know what this is, it's the sound the sake makes in Seijuro's flask.

Le temps des Yagyu...

The time of the Yagyu…

Et des Yoshioka est passe
And of the Yoshioka has waned.

Page 012 / 020

Pour peu...
As brief…

Qu'il ait existe...

As it was.

Toujours le meme!
You're still the same!

Celui que je recherche, c'est le grand maitre Seijuro
The one I'm looking for is the great master Seijuro…

Pas les Yoshioka
Not the Yoshioka.

Denshichiro, ce n'est qu'un rendez-vous pris l'an passe, sans plus
Denshichiro is only an appointment I made last year, nothing more.

Je peux pas supporter ca...
I can't put up with this.

Page 012-1 / 021

Ca quoi?
This what?

Vous vous considerez plus fort que moi, pas vrai?
You think you're stronger than me, don't you?

Page 013 / 022

Abattre l'un apres l'autre ceux qui semblent plus forts que vous...
By cutting down those who seem stronger than you one after another…

C'est finir par devenir “sans rival”, que je sache
Means to become "invincible" to my knowledge.

Continuer comme ca jusqu'au dernier...
And to keep going until the last…

Ca fait de vous la meilleure lame du pays, non?
Makes of you the best sword of the country, right?

Page 013-1 / 023

... !!

Ha la la!
Oh, wow!

Je n'en reviens pas
I can't believe it! - Dattebayo, couldn't help the Naruto joke.

Hm... vous etiez un peu plus raisonnable il y a un an
Hm… you were a bit more reasonable a year ago.

Page 014 / 024


Sound of ink being poured into the wooden case.

Page 014-1 / 025


Il est fou!
He's mad!

Qu'est-ce qui lui prend?
What's gotten over him? / What is he thinking?

Vous vous rendez compte?
Do you realize what you did? / Do you know what you've done?

Si vous tenez a la v... (vie)
If you care about your l… - (life)


Oah! Non!
Ahh! No!


Page 15 and 15-1 / 026 and 027

No text

Page 016 / 028



Ouuah! On se sent revivre
Aah! I'm coming back to life!

What is it?

Oh, je me disais simplement “Voila quelqu'un qui apprecie le sake”
Oh, I was simply saying to myself: "Here's someone who knows how to appreciate good sake". - From Viz. Matahachi got conned with the exact same line in the past.

Loin de moi l'idee de vous vexer
I had no intention of upsetting you.

Page 016-1 / 029


Rhaa! Excellent!

A vous...
To you…

Monsieur Kamemura
Mister Kamemura

Boire en compagnie du fameux Kojiro Sasaki!
To drink in the company of the famous Sasaki Kojiro!

C'est un grand honneur
This is a great honor!

Ne dites pas cela! Vous-meme...
Don't say that! You yourself…

Je connais bien peu le monde, mais ne vivre que pour la sabre m'a fait comprendre...
I don't know that much about the world, but living only for the sword made me understand…

Comprendre quoi?

Understand what?

Combien nombreux sont les bretteurs qui n'ont pas la reputation qu'ils meritent...
How many swordsmen lack the reputation they deserve…

Et je crois sentir que vous etes de ceux-la...
And I get the feeling you are one of them….


Page 017 / 030

Allez, monsieur Kamemura...
Come on, Mister Kamemura…

Faites comme si vous etiez arme et mettez-vous en garde
Pretend you're armed and prepare to fight…


Qu'est-ce que...

Seriez-vous incapable d'attaquer un Kojiro ivre?
Are you incapable of attacking a drunken Kojiro?


Me serais-je trompe?
Was I wrong about you?


Tiens, une rixe?
Hey, is that a fight/brawl?

Allez savoir
Let's find out.

Page 017-1 / 031

He he

Buvons, monsieur Kamemura!
Let's drink, Mister Kamemura!

Cela me suffit!
It was enough to convince me!

Figurez-vous qu'un grand seigneur insiste beaucoup pour que...
There is this powerful lord that greatly insists that…

Je devienne son maitre d'armes
I become his chief weapon's master.

Normal, avec votre reputation
Of course, with your reputation…

Or, une dette d'honneur me retient ailleurs et m'empeche d'accepter
But a debt of honor prevents me from accepting.

Aussi, quitte a vous froisser, oserai-je vous demander...
That is why, and hopefully I'm not insulting you, but could I dare ask you to…

Page 018 / 032

Oh! Vous etes loin de me froisser…
Oh! You're far from insulting me…


Mais ferais-je l'affaire?
But can I really take you place? - Not sure.

Tout a l'heure, c'etait pour vous mettre a l'epreuve
That's why we did the demonstration before.

Mille pardons, mais pour vous recommander, je devais etre prudent
My sincerest apologies, but in order to recommend you, I had to be cautious.

Je… Je vois
I… I see.


Me recommander!
To recommend me!

A ce propos, il est d'usage de monnayer ce genre de chose
Speaking of which, there's the custom to give a money gift for this type of thing.

He he!

He, tu prends combien?
Hey, how much do you charge?

Page 018-1 / 033



Oui c'est bon!
Yes, that's so good!



On peut savoir qui tu est?!
Who the hell are you?! - This line is from the Viz translation, that's why it isn't literal.

Page 019 / 034


Je me sens seul…
I feel so alone…

Page 019-1 / 035


Qui donc a fait ca?!
Who dared do this?!



Il serait deja dans la capitale?
Is he already in the capital?


Mais on a ri?
Is that laughter?

Qui est-ce?!
Who is it?!



Page 020 / 036


Page 020-1 / 037


Page 021 - omake / 038

Don't know. Suggestions?

Ca vient cette recommandation?
Is that coming, that recommendation?


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