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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Weekly Works! - Scanlations 06/11 - 06-18

+ posted by njt in Site News on Jun 19, 2008 13:27
The last post didn't get very much attention so I thought I'd change things a bit for the post to be more useful. Along with the links to the scanlations I've included links to read the first chapters of the series as well as where to discuss them their review if they have it and noted if they need a shout or not.

If a series doesn't have a place to read it online feel free to post where you can find them. Also if a series doesn't have a discussion thread and you feel strongly about it make a "Shout" for it and discuss the manga there. Also, don't forget the reviews section. We're always eager to get more opinions on your favorite manga. So if you have some time check out that area and write about what you like!

With that said, a huge OSSU! to the scanlators for their hard work and off to see what everyone accomplished this week!

==Button Key==

Start Reading the series (from chapter 1 on, not necessarily just the one stated.) We have chosen to use because it's fast reliable and has a wide range of manga for you to see.

Start discussing the chapter (Either current chapter for popular threads or their own discussion thread.)

This series needs a "Shout". Help the fans get to know the manga.

Here you can read a review of this manga written by MH's members.

This series already has a shout but needs more fans & support. So join a thread and help "Shout" today! :D.

== /button key==


Aiko Desho! Releases:
Aiko Desho! 06 by NCIS


Berserk Releases:
[berserk] [seinen] Berserk 297 by Binktopia

Blazer Drive Releases:
[blazer Drive] [shounen] Blazer Drive Blaze 3 by Noizy

[blazer Drive] [shounen] BlazerDrive v01 c03 [helz0ne]
|| || ||

Bleach Releases:
[bleach] [shonen] Bleach -98 by SleepyFans

[bleach] [shonen] Bleach -98 HQ by Maximum7

[bleach] [shonen] Bleach ch -98 by Basement
|| ||

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Releases:
[bobobo] [shonen] Bo-Bobo 25 HQ [Chikuwa & Bo-BoboTP]

[bobobo] [shonen] Bo-Bobo 26 HQ [Chikuwa & Bo-BoboTP]
|| ||


Chaos Kitchen Releases:
[Chaos Kitchen] [shonen] Chaos Kitchen chapter 01 by Ergon

[shonen] Chaos Kitchen chapter 02 by Ergon
|| ||

Code: Breaker Releases:
[code: Breaker] [shounen] Code Breaker c1 part A by helz0ne

[shonen]Code: Breaker Chapter 001 by Mangaddicted

Capeta Releases:
[shonen]Capeta v11 part 1 by Deadbeat-Scans

One Shot:
[one Shot] [shonen] Cross by S.A.S


Daphne Releases:
[Daphne] [seinen] Daphne 03-04 by Da-Scan

D.Gray-man Releases:
[DGM] [shonen] D.Gray-man 162nd Night by Binktopia

[DGM] [shounen] D.Gray-man Chapter 134-138 HQ by [Whatever]

Dogashi Kaden Releases:
[Dogashi] [shounen] Dogashi Kaden c3 by SCX-Scans
|| ||

Double Arts Releases:
[Double Arts] [shonen] Double Arts 12 By AoM

[Double Arts] [shonen]Double Arts Chapter 012 by Mangaddicted
|| || ||


Elfen Lied Releases:
[Elfen Lied] [seinen]Elfen Lied chapter 92 by endless abyss
|| || ||

Eyeshield 21 Releases:
[ES 21] [shonen] Eyeshield 21 285th Down by Binktopia

[ES 21] [shonen]Eyeshield 21 285th down by yonie

[ES 21] [shounen] Eyeshield 21 285th Down by ryColaa
|| ||


Fairy Tail Releases:
[Fairy Tail] [shonen] Fairy Tail 90 by Franky House

[Fairy Tail] [shounen] Fairy Tail ch.90 by [helz0ne]

[Fairy Tail] [shounen] Fairy Tail Ch 90 by Noizy
|| ||

Full Metal Alchemist Releases:
[FMA] [shonen] FMA 84 by helzone

[FMA] [shonen] Full Metal Alchemist 84 by Franky House
|| ||

Full Contact Releases:
[shounen] Full Contact 001 by ryColaa


Gantz Releases:
[Gantz] [Gantz] [seinen] Gantz ch 274 by JIDE

[Gantz] [seinen] Gantz [0274] HQ by Whatever
|| ||

Gintama Releases:
[Gintama] [shounen] Gintama 110-112

[Gintama] [shounen] Gintama 215 by spades

[Gintama] [shounen] Gintama Lesson 113-114 by spades/furato
|| || ||


HSD Kenichi Releases:
[HSD Kenichi] HSD Kenichi 131-133 by Chaoscans & Franky House
|| || ||


Jigoku Shoujo Releases:
[Jigoku Shoujo] [shounen]Jigoku Shoujo Chapter 02


Kekkaishi Releases:
[Kekkaishi] [shonen] Kekkaishi 178 by spudcadet

[Kekkaishi] [shonen] Kekkaishi 180 by spudcadet

[Kekkaishi] [shonen] Kekkashi 179 by Spudcadet

[Kekkaishi] [shounen] kekkaishi v19 c180 [helz0ne] mq/hq
|| || ||


Lost+Brain Releases:
[Lost+Brain] [shonen]Lost Brain Chapter 2 by endless abyss
|| ||

Law of Ueki Releases:
[LoUP] [shonen]Law of Ueki Plus chapter 13 by endless abyss

[LoUP] [shonen]Law of Ueki PLUS Chapter 14 by Mangaddicted
|| || ||


Matsuri Special Releases:
[Matsuri] [shounen]Matsuri Special Battle 8 HQ by HRP Scans [sQ]
|| || ||

Magic Ban Removal! Hyde and Closer Releases:
[MBR!] [shonen] Magic Ban Removal! Hyde and Closer Ch.1 (Tank scans)
|| ||

Minami-Ke Releases:
[Minami-Ke] [seinen] Minami-ke chapter 30 by Bakayarou
|| ||

Monster Hunter Orage Releases:
[Monster Hunter] [shonen] Monster Hunter Orage Chapter 2 by Naruto Cards Online
|| || ||

Mahou Sensei Negima Releases:
[MS Negima!] [shonen]Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 216 by Mangaddicted
|| || ||


Naruto Releases:
[Naruto] [shonen] [English/French] Naruto Chp. 403 HQ by Japflap

[Naruto] [shonen] Naruto 404 by NBST

[Naruto] [shonen] Naruto 404 by SleepyFans

[Naruto] [shonen] Naruto 404 SAQ by Binktopia
|| ||

Nurarihyon no Mago Releases:
[Nurarihyon] [shonen]Nurarihyon no Mago chp 13 by NKSH

[Nurarihyon] [shounen]Nurarihyon no Mago c.13(MQ) by JCS
|| || ||


One Piece Releases:
[one Piece] [shonen] One Piece 503 By Basement scan.

[one Piece] [shonen] One Piece 503 by Binktopia

[one Piece] [shonen] One Piece 503 by Franky House

[one Piece] [shonen] One Piece 503 MQ by Akan

[one Piece] [shonen] One Piece Ch. 503 by helz0ne

[one Piece] [shonen] One Piece Chapter 503 by OPHQ

[one Piece] [shounen] onepiece c495 helzone
|| ||


Psyren Call Releases:
[Psyren] [shonen] Psyren Call 26 by helz0ne

[Psyren] [shounen] Psyren Call 24-25 by Binktopia

[Psyren] [shounen] Psyren Call 26 by Binktopia
|| || ||


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Releases:
[Reborn] [shonen]Katekyo Hitman Reborn! c197 by Bleach Asylum

[Reborn] [shonen] Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Ch 197 By AoM
|| || ||

Rookies Releases:
[Rookies] Rookies v13 c119-125 by The Legendary Fifth Rookies Group
|| || ||

Rosario Vampire Season 2 Releases:
[Rosario II] [shonen] Rosario Vampire Season 2 Chapter 8 -by helz0ne-
|| || ||

Rosario Vampire Season 1 Releases:
[Rosario I] [shounen] Rosario To Vampire Omake by Kopite
|| ||


Samurai Usagi Releases:
[samurai Usagi] [shounen] Samurai Usagi ch02 by AOM/MP

[samurai Usagi] [shounen] Samurai Usagi ch03 by AOM/MP
|| || ||

Shibatora Releases:
[shibatora] [shonen] Shibatora v02 ch5-7 [Deadbeat-Scans]
|| ||

Shina Dark Releases:
[shina Dark] [shounen] Shina Dark ch12-13 by SCX-Scans
|| ||

Sket Dance Releases:
[sket Dance] [shonen] Sket Dance 44 by SIN-Scans
|| || ||

Soul Eater Releases:
[soul Eater] [shounen] Soul Eater 43-44 by Binktopia

[soul Eater] [shounen] Soul Eater 44 by Mahou-X

[soul Eater] [shounen] Soul Eater 45 by Mahou-X
|| || ||


Tales of Symphonia Releases:
[Tales of Symphonia] [shonen] Tales of Symphonia 19 by WoaA
|| ||

Tegami Bachi Releases:
[Tegami] [shonen] Tegami Bachi 18 by LetterBee

[Tegami] [shonen] Tegami Bachi Chapter 18, 17, 16 BY the JAC

[Tegami] [shonen] Tegami Bachi Chapter 18 by helz0ne
|| || ||

To Love-Ru Releases:
[shounen] To Love-Ru 103 by Mahou-X
|| || ||

Toriko Releases:
[Toriko] [shonen] Toriko 05 by [HS]
Toriko Discussion Thread

The World God Only Knows Releases:
[TWOGK] [shounen] The World God Only Knows Chapter 006 by Noizy

[TWOGK] [shounen] The World God Only Knows Chapter 7 by Noizy
|| ||


Until Death Do us Part Releases:
[uDDUP] [seinen] Until Death Do Us Part 14 by i-manga
|| || ||


xxxHOLiC Releases:
[xxxHOLiC] [seinen]xxxHolic 158 by Franky House
|| || ||


Yu Yu Hakusho Releases:
[Yu Yu Hakusho] [shounen] Yu Yu Hakusho 167 by ryColaa
|| || ||

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#1. by bludshock (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 19, 2008
A little cluttered, but a nice new feature, thanks & good job. My only suggestion would be with the 'Start Reading' button. It seems to be directly under our scanlations in a few cases, and misleads users since we don't let OM host our scans, it's a crapshoot with other groups too that are directly on top of those buttons. Look at Berserk and tell me if you weren't a normal user you wouldn't click that button thinking you'd get to our scan. Maybe it's the color contrast but I didn't notice the links to the release threads until I took a second look. It seems like all the attention is being drawn to the buttons rather than the release threads (release promotion being the goal of this right?).
#2. by zidane (MH Senpai)
Posted on Jun 19, 2008
Yeah, great job njt... You've been really busy, doing the Translations- and Scanlations- Collection, weren't you? :P Thanks for the "hard" work :) Oh and give Psyren finally an own Section... Remove PoT or something from the "shonen-section" and add it. That'd be my suggestion...
#3. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 20, 2008
Thanks for the points :). The "Start Reading" isn't for the current release, but the series in general. Thus I need chapters 1-(latest). If you've scanlated Every single chapter of the series I'd be more than willing to switch it to that. As for the link contrast and the "purpose" mainly I want to get lots of the areas that relate to the manga attention as well. But you're right, I'll try to make the releases stand out a bit more.
#4. by bludshock (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 20, 2008
Cool. Also, I forgot to make it a little more clear but the other side of what I meant with 'Look at Berserk' was it's not even on OneManga XD, like us they were asked to stop hosting online reading for it by Darkhorse/Digital Manga. I only noticed that cause it's right under our release so it's not too big of deal. As far as your offer there goes, the only one that comes to mind is Psyren. But my main concern was just the balance on this list, I think you understand that though :P (I edited this after you replied below XD)
#5. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 20, 2008
OH! *cough* I guess I should have looked at it more clearly. (I just saw it was listed, and it looked to be there but >.>) Thanks Blud^^

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