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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Air Gear 293

+ posted by abcd9146 as translation on Oct 30, 2010 07:36 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 293

and I forgot to tl this...

#: Back when kaito and gazelle met,
#: the people did not yet know about the "Air Trecks".


#: Where? Where?
#: She's flying!
#: Eh?
//: Is that some kind of act?

#: It's a flying humanoid!
#: Oh shit~ That's so cool!
#: Come to Shibuya! There's a flying girl!
#: Eh...? That isn't just CG?
//: So it's real!?

#: Yeaaaah!!! Gazelle-chan~ You're sooo cooool~!
#: Is that the first time you've seen that!?
#: What do you think!? HYAHAHA!
//: You scared? You're scared, right? Stupid~
#: That's...! That's our angel!!

#: So that's what they call A-T, huh~~? I read some rumours about it online...
#: Heh.

#: Yoshito,
//: I was thinking of using her to promote "YELLOW RAIN" next time...
#: What do you mean? We have to do that! And right away!!
//: You serious!? Everyone's gonna be thrilled!

#: To think the stray cat you picked up wasn't just a purebred but would also bring us so much money, I'm impressed...

#: That's so good~
#: I'm so jealous of you, Kaito-kun.

#: Kakiya...

#: For you to actually turn up on time for once, and is that all you have to say...?
//: And yeah... if you keep making that face, even Santa will be able to see through you and figure what you want.
#: Hahaha! And thanks to you, I'll be a virgin for the rest of my life.
//: And if Santa really does have that, I would kill him to just to get it.

#: If I was the one who picked that up... I would be the one in your current position...

#: You're just lucky... You just go to places where people gather because you're such a loner...
#: This is so unfair.

#: Hey, Kakiya...
//: That was a little rude. Don't think you can get carried away just because you know how to throw a few punches.
#: Huh? What? Watch where you put that hand, Yoshito-kun.
#: Or do you want me to hit you til you're half dead again?

#: Oi~ Hey!
#: Little shit!!

#: There's something really cool over there.
//: Come and tell me what it is!

#: You really never learn, do you...?
//: I'm Kaito. The little shits is everyone else!
small: These guys too.

#: Oh yeah! You're Kaito!
#: And those guys are the shits with dicks!
small: That's so mean...
#: The size of your palm is justice!

#: It's that.
//: That upside-down glowing ice cream cone.

#: It's so pretty.
//: It looks so sweet, I wanna eat it.

#: ......!

#: Let's go over there!

#: Yeah.
//: Hold on to that for me. I'm gonna go for a walk.
#: Hey...
//: Kaito-san!
#: Kaito-san!

was completely blank.

Aside from the name "Gazelle",
and these shoes that let her fly,
she had nothing.

#: Heh.
//: This stink of the night breeze is so refreshing.
#: It's not bad...

#: Gazelle... you're a woman...
//: You don't have to copy every word I say.

It was because she had nothing, that she was freer than any one of us.
After meeting her,
it was the first time I knew that there was someone freer than me.

#: Huh?
#: Why?
#: But Kaito is cool.
#: I want to be like Kaito.

#: Like this.
//: I learnt to walk like this from those overseas models in Vogue.
small: Like this.
#: Vogue? What's that? Can I hit it if I see it?
small: Like what I did before.

#: He looks dirty,
#: but this guy makes the best ramen around here.

#: Not "around here", Kaito-chan! The best in Japan!!

#: ...This...
//: This is food for the Gods.
#: Yeah! It's the best in the universe!
near kaito: Right?

#: I
#: like Kaito.

#: Oww!

#: Ouch... Hey, drop me down a little more gently...
#: ...Kaito...
//: What was that just now?

#: You didn't say anything, yet...
#: When your mouth touched mine...
//: I could hear your voice in my head...

#: It said...
//: "me too".

#: What's this...
//: My chest hurts...

#: It's convenient, right?

#: It's much more convincing than all those other shitty words.

#: Wahh!

#: Kaito...
//: Can you hear me too?
#: Yeah...

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
love you soooo much!

#: That's so unfair...

There was something
I didn't dare to ask her.

If I did, as she isn't tied down by anything,
I had a feeling that she'd disappear somewhere immediately

That night,
why was she down on the ground covered with injuries?


Their love only just started,
and it's already the end!!?

lower right: No chapter next issue. We apologise.
Please look forward to the next chapter in #50.


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