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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soul Eater 79

Salvage 8

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 16, 2010 18:11 | Go to Soul Eater

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Salvage 8
What they are looking for is the ultimate order and the ultimate power\\
The power\\the power I want…?\\
The power that I pulled out…\\
Text: the symmetry that exceeds the symmetry itself
that’s wrong… it is like black star said…\\ the symmetry of nothingness is not the answer I was roughly thinking for...\\ the power that returns everything to nothingness is not the ultimate power inside of me...\\ I’m a shinigami... the meaning of death and nothingness are different!!\\ as if!!\\ in nothingness there is no life... namely it is the negation of life itself!\\ that thing... has nothing to do with a shinigami!!\\
In the human body itself there isn’t symmetry …\\ and that is probably the very reason that searching for symmetry has his value...\\ symmetry is my aesthetics...\\ a world that represents all the significance of balance...\\ the ultimate order...\\ that is the power I want...\\
You have returned shinigami…\\
Thank to you.. I owe you one... black star\\
Don’t be so formal\\
The relationship between a weapon and a meister is “give and take”\\ it is the same thing between nakama, right?\\ and plus don’t worry to take help from us or to be supported by us\\ friendship doesn’t have nothing to do with symmetry\\ ohy black octopus! I will let you hear our answer\\although I decided to speak first\\ to me power is power, there is no difference in that...\\ when I will obtain the ultimate power I want to use it to help kid in building the absolute world that he is imagining\\
Black star...\\
So, I leave that to you, shinigami-sama…\\
Yes\\ I understand that\\
A world kept together by power... isn’t it the same of the reign of terror?\\ black star said that... reading through this book you probably felt the 7 great sins\\ if you had to add another sin to the seven of this book what would it be...?\\ that would be the answer to this chapter\\
You were one of the eight old ones who administered power...\\ the ones that win are the orders... the ones who have power created the order that give guidance to the world...\\
The excess of justice brings evil\\ that is when people fall prey of madness...\\ like the we ,together with the shinigami, gave birth to asura...\\
with the intention of not make you repeat the same error, The shinigami will not let you run loose... young one...\\
You are a big octopus, but you sure speak a lot eh...\\ we are not alone... there is tsubaki, liz, patty and a lot of other peoples that are our friends\\ and on top of that there are maka and soul\\
Maka... soul...\\ they are the ones in the sloth chapter eh...\\
They will succeed in the things we cannot accomplish...\\
I see… harmony eh…\\ I have great hope in you\\ I will let you escape from this chapter of eibon(probably this means that he is the original eibon)\\
if you are able to do a thing like that why are you here…?\\
This is where I, one of the eight old ones, belong...\\ but I will not permit “him” to do things as he please...\\ there is one person that call himself the new ruler...\\ let’s see which is between yours and his power the more appropriate...\\
There are some of our friends in the book beside us\\
Don’t worry\\it will be fine\\
In this place there is justin… probably! Together with the man that call himself noa maybe...\\ I can pursue every person who was at least reflected in the mirror, so there is no doubt about that, maybe\\
Tezca Tlipoca!!\\
Are you all right!? Mary!! nygus!!\\
The elite of shibusen amount to this much eh...\\
You are insignificant articles without value\\ you cannot possibly be part of my collection\\ disappear from my sigh!\\
You are noa...\\haa...\\haa...\\
Damn it... Tezca Tlipoca is dead… and I’m fatally wounded... and kid his still his hostage... we chose the wrong place to attack and we was defeated in one breath...\\
The kishin was revived, the madness that was spread through the world now has gained control of it and you don’t have any chance of winning. What about me putting you out of your misery?\\ like I did with him\\
Oh god punish the fools\\
Goho...\\ stop it justin, to what extent you will continue to pile up sins...?\\
Face me or else I cannot understand what you are saying\\
You bastard!!\\
Oh god… thanks to your influence I could smash another time these pigs…\\
Oh god\\
You, who are being defeated by madness, don’t have value for me\\
After I will have this world in my hands I will rule it... and the things that are not part of my collection will purged from my word\\ manticora\\ I chose you\\
What are you doing, go!\\
Ehi wait a minute I caught something\\
Wa… I’m… hurt so don’t be so reckless…\\
That’s not my fault I was dragged out\\
This is...\\
Escape quick\\ the enemy is too much strong\\
We are all right! We will do this in one way or another\\
What is this!?\\ What happened...!?\\
Who… have done this…\\
In the word I want to create the low lives like you are not allowed\\ I will execute death penalty\\
Next issue the battle begins!!\\

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