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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 412

Battle 412: priest soldier


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 412

Two things:
1) international scanlators, if you translate this in your mother language be sure to credit me as jap>eng translator
2) Please do not post this translation on other sites without permision, please link it.

Battle 412: priest soldier
Look at my skills\\
Miu: wow we are in a car!*\\
*TLN: well I guess miu rarely rides in car...\\
Group in the taxi, be sure to follow us, ok?\\
I’m sorry inspector honmaki, we made you pay the taxi\\
You are my escort right? I think it is a cheap price to pay for hiring bodyguards\\
And I’m sorry that I couldn’t prepare a police vehicle for you\\
Hey stop that little brat\\
Stop that please, it’s dangerous\\
In this moment, the influence of our enemy’s allies spread even inside the police\\
Leaving that aside, who is that important person that is at the centre of the anti yami faction?\\
Ishida Giin, he is the one that took the initiative to deal with the “yami problem”, that was considered the greatest taboo\\
Because of the last incident, he understood that he was in danger and he is taking refuge in that mountain villa\\ if I bring to him this data disk, I hope that he will normalize the situation!!\\
But to aim at the life of a policeman like you... it is impossible to think that in the modern japan they would do such violence\\
You must not underestimate yami’s influence. Probably they intend to dispose of all the people involved with the Okinawa operation\\ Yami’s name surfaced in the chronicles of history soon after the second great war, but I’m sure that those guys are manipulating history from behind even before that!!\\
Alarm alarm alarm! There is a black car approaching from behind, attention required\\
Uwaaa, he is jumping on our car!!\\
These guys, what kind of reflexes do they have!?\\
Probably they are not afraid of die in the first place!\\
He wants to break the front glass bare handed!?\\
He has something in his hands!!!\\
What the hell is this?\\
a-a vajra*!!\\
*TLN literally “doutsukosho” on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajra\\
It is a Buddhist ritual item used to fight demons!!\\ uwaaa! I am weak against things like that!!\\
I cannot see the road!\\
Oy , their car is being attacked by a monk!\\
It is a bad omen\\
hey driver, can you get near their car?\\
Ehhh, I cannot do such a difficult thing\\
Kuah, he wants to kill us with a ritual object!?It’s like a curse!\\
Since the past there were people called priest soldiers\\
We must correct the distortions of this world and so we stand!!\\
Purification of evil!!\\
Who are you calling evil here!!?\\
TLN: note that nijima is dissolving\\
It is an unusual martial art, because their weapon is so small, it is more like ancient martial art than fencing, eh?\\
Guah... my wounds from Okinawa again...\\
That’s why I hate skirts, I have limited movements like this\\
furthermore he is skilful opponent!\\
Worldly desire purification!\\
What!? His movements became dull! Deriaaa!!\\
Damn, I failed!\\
It’s all right, do it\\
Are you crazy!?\\
y-you made me do a thing like that...\\
So you can do it if you want!!\\
After this I cannot say who are the evil guys anymore\\
I’m so grateful that you guys came with me\\
Are you two all right?\\
We were defeated\\
I need more training\\
I was told by kensei-sama to observe the “killing methods” of the armed division, and followed with them till now, but...\\
They are not good at killing people. Perhaps... no I’m sure about that, this people are lower ranked than rimi. Yeah there is no doubt about it, kensei-sama also told rimi to value her intuition\\
So, let’s try it again, ok guys?\\
What? Suddenly she is informal!?\\
Rimi oneechan will give you an hand in this\\
Rather, is she treating us like small children?\\
At any rate the things the disciples of ryouzanpaku showed me are amazing\\
If they are disciples, their masters must be incredible people, I’d really like to see them\\
Let’s prepare... lunch\\
I want to eat miu’s lunch as soon as... possible\\
From here forward we will walk\\
Eh, and the taxi?\\
That guy escaped while he was crying\\
Everybody, kenichi physical condition is...\\
We already know about that, only few days passed since his fierce battle against koukin after all\\
Leave the rest to us... let the boy rest here\\
A lizard!!\\
She is right, the enemy lost us, it’s all right now\\
We cannot say that yet\\
Several cars are climbing up this mountain\\
This mountain recess? That unusual!\\
I sure that they are pursuers\\
Impossible, there is no way that they know this place\\
Suppose the worst and perform the best, that’s the way of a true tactician. They are pursuer, furthermore we must act like their number will increase!\\
Inspector honmaki, how much it takes to reach that mountain villa?\\
From here an adult wound take an hour by walking\\
Let’s splint into two groups! I would be only a burden to you!\\
I will become a decoy and slow them down!!\\
Text: while the wounded kenichi is hardening his resolution, the beautiful and strong rimi has joined the armed division and she is preparing to attack! The tension will rise in the next chapter!!\\

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