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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 412

Priest Soldier


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 412

*Only for use by Utopia Scans.

tl by molokidan

BATTLE412 - Priest Soldier
slanted: Show me what you've got.

small sfx: Yaaay! A drive, a driiiive!
1: Are you with the taxi group in the back?
2: Sorry Inspector Honmaki, for making you hail a taxi.
3: You're protecting me, aren't you? If I think of it as a protection fee, it's a small price to pay.

1: More importantly, I'm sorry for not being able to send out a police vehicle.
sfx: ahhh
2: Enough, squirt.
3: Currently, I can't even tell who's friend or foe within the police itself.
4: That's dangerous, ma'am.
5: It's OK, but who is the entity at the center of the anti-YAMI forces?
6: Owww...
7: Diet member Ishida is a man who's taken the initiative with the greatest known taboo there is, the "YAMI problem."
8(2b): With the recent event, he was at risk of danger, so he temporarily retreated to his mountain villa. If I bring him this data disc, he should be able to normalize the condition!!

1: But the life of an inspector like yourself being targeted is something unthinkable within current Japan.
2: You cannot underestimate Yami's power. They intend to rub out every person involved with the Okinawa plan. The name of "YAMI" appeared in history after the war, but they have been secretly controlling history from the shadows since long before then!!
3: Inspector Inspector Inspector Inspector! Be careful of the black Benz approaching from behind.
4: What?!
5: Uwahhh, one jumped out!!

1: Wh-what kind of nerves must they have?!
2: They aren't afraid of death, right?!
3: Is he trying to break the front glass with his bare fist?!
4: No...

1: He's holding something!!!

1: Wh-what is this?
2: A-A vajra!!
3(2b): A Buddhist tool made to exorcise evil and fight with enemies of Buddhism!! Aheeeeeeee! I'm not good in these kind of situations!!
4: I can't see the front!
5: Hmph!

1: Hey, the car in the front is full of monks!
2: How ominous!
3: Can you follow the car in front, driver?
4: Ehhh? I don't want to get into any trouble!
5: Kuh! A monk killing people with Buddhist tools?! You're basically asking for divine punishment!
6: Priest soldiers have existed since long ago.
7: We have taken a stand to make right the distortions in this world!!
8: Enemies of buddhism, disperse!!
9: Who's an enemy of buddhism?!

1: Taahhh!!
2: Yahh!
3: Nun!
4: What strange martial arts. Since his weapon is so small, his style is closer to old bujutsu than kenjutsu?

1: Kuh...the damage from Okinawa is back...
2: Kyaa!
3: This is why I hate skirts! And now my movement is limited.
4: This is no easy enemy, to boot!

1: Kuh...
2: Worldly desires, disperse!
3: Ahh!
4: Kehhh!
5: Gwaaahh!!
6: What the?! His movements have gotten duller! Deryaaah!!
7: Gefuh!
8: Kuh, what negligence!
9: Just do it.
10: I caaaan't!!
11: Ahhhh!!

1: Ahhhh, what have I gotten myself info...
2: See, you can do it if you try.
3: Kekehhh kekkeh!!
4: Mmm.
5: Now I'm really not sure who's the bad side here.

1: G...good thing I had you all come with me.
2: Are you both alright?
3: We suffered due to indiscretion.
4: I was also negligent in my preparation.

1: Kensei-sama told me to go inspect the "killing technique" of the weapons group, so Rimi's been following them this whole time...
2: But they're kind of lacking...maybe...no, these people are probably "a level under" Rimi's group. Yes, it has to be, Kensei-sama even told Rimi to trust her intuition.
3: So, you guys gonna keep going?
4: What? Speaking colloquially all of a sudden?
5: Otherwise Sister Limi here will give you a hand <3
6: No, she's treating us like children?
7: And the more Rimi looks at those disciples from Ryouzanpaku, the more amazing they seem.
8: If they're only disciples, then I REALLY want to see how powerful their masters are <3

1: I suppose it's time...for dinner.
2: I'd really like...
3: to eat Miu's food...soon.

1: We'll go on foot from here.
2: Those old men ran away crying.
3: Uuuu...
4: Everyone, Kenichi-san's not looking too good...
5: Well of course not. It hasn't been long since his rough fight with Koukin.
6: Just leave the rest to us...you sit here and take a break, kid.
7: Mr. Lizard.
sfx: crawl
8: Yeah, the enemies booked it, anyway.

1: Looks like we can't say that for long, though.
2: There are several vehicles heading this way.
3: This deep in the mountains?! That's strange!
4: They must be pursuing us.
5: That's impossible, there's no way they could locate this place.
6: Imagining the worst and proceeding with the best is what it means to be a true strategist. We should act thinking that they are pursuing us, and that their numbers have increased!
7: Inspector Honmaki, how far is it to the villa?
8: About one hour on adult legs, I suppose.
9: Alright.

1: Let's split up into two groups! It doesn't seem like I can move quickly right now!
2: I'll act as a decoy and hold them back!!

Next: Jan. 12

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