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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 530

Chapter 530: chouji’s determination

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 4, 2011 19:48 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 530

I think this is a little worse than the previous translation, let me know what you think about it

Lot of shoji reference here:


check the notes

Chapter 530: chouji’s determination
Kinkaku and ginkaku were beaten by team darui… but!?\\
Considering how much you were afraid, you have done it well chouji!\\
… I feel like I lost weight because of my cold sweat\\
It’s only a feeling, it’s all right, you are the same as always\\
The plan succeeded! \\
Ino.. you can control the release speed of your shintenshin even better\\
Good job chouji!\\
Teams from 6 to 10 will replace the casualties!!\\
The others, follow me!!\\
The curse of the word of the soul sealed the golden cord together with kinkaku…\\
In this way I cannot use these ninja tools anymore… wait where is the Bashousen(banana fiber fan)?\\
Let’s go chouji, ino!\\
Hey stand up!\\
He.. he is…!\\
Long time no see little brats of the shika-ino-chou trio\\
Your name is kakuzu if I remember well…\\
This is like shoji, we have defeated the “golden general” kinkaku\\ and we already know how the “bishop” kakuzu* moves… so we will attack and then defeat you!!\\

*TLN: in shoji ”角”“KAKU” is the kanji that names the bishop piece, the same kani in Kakuzu’s name\\

The shadow using brat… if you are here it means that you stopped hidan\\
Probably his head came off while he has praying again…\\ Considering that he is not here, it means that he is still alive, right?\\
I don’t know how much time he takes to rot away!!\\
In shoji if you don’t have the rook* and you have lost both the silver and golden generals it becomes a defensive fight\\
*TLN: here he refers to hidan. Again the kanji in “hidan” is”飛段” and in rook”飛車”
This is the fifth one…\\
Now that I remember he… he has 5 hearts… we have to defeat him five times\\
Well then… it is time for the “bishop” to move\\
Anyway… we already have on our side your silver and golden generals*\\
*TLN: in shoji it is possible to capture the enemy’s units and use them as your own\\
Do you want to know who they are?\\
Katou dan.. tsunade-hime’s partner\\
Sarutobi asuma… the son of the third hokage and you master\\
Asuma… sensei!!!\\
It seems that you are not the only ones who took the enemy’s pieces…\\
And there are several others too… quite the irony\\
Chouza are you ready for the four purple flames ‘formation!?\\
Hurry up and close me within a barrier!\\
Before I use my reika(ghost transformation) technique!!\\
I cannot do that so easily… my opponent is you after all\\
Some strange black things are coming this way! Be careful!\\
We owe something to you….\\ Don’t forget that you bastard!\\
I’m sorry but… I don’t remember any opponents that doesn’t have money…\\
They say that even hell depends on money\\ Can I ask you if it was useful after your death?\\
Izumo-san, kotetsu-san!\\
Shikamaru! Chouji, ino!\\
Let’s cooperate and seal this bastard off!!\\
In the bubble of the two:*surprise* (pikun)\\
Izumo, kotetsu you two and darui will take care of kakuzu\\
He uses earth element techniques… use darui’s thunder element as a pivot and fight him\\
Shikamaru and the other will take down asuma\\
b-but.. that’s too much for them…!\\ Asuma-senpai is their master…! It will be too harsh!\\
they were his subordinates in team 10 when asuma was still alive\\
there is no one that knows asuma better than them and has better chances of victory!\\
do not complain you three!\\
This is war! You have to win!\\
But… that’s a little… I-I…\\
If you really care about your friends, before thinking to run away… you should think how to become stronger, for their very sake!\\
This is what a real friend does, you coward!\\
… I’m leaving it to you… shikamaru…\\
I’m going\\
Ino, what about you…!?\\
Chouji! Look at those around you!!\\
Let’s go!\\
Chouji… do you still remember asuma-sensei’s last words?\\
Chouji… you are a gentle person who cares about his friends…\\
That’s why you’ll became the strongest shinobi…\\
Have more confidence in yourself…\\
You are strong willed but… you helped me in taking care of those two…\\
Chouji and shikamaru… are clumsy so… I leave them to you…\\
Let’s go together\\
katon: haisekishou (fire element: burning ashes)!!\\
a little more!\\
free me dammit!! Yeah!\\
Orochimaru-sama’s chakra is passing through my skull and permeates in my flesh and bones…\\
I have to achieve my objective…\\
That… way…\\
I don’t know if it was akatsuki or orochimaru but, I will make them regret to have resuscitated me!!\\ Even if I liked to trick people by playing death!\\ I’m ashamed!!\\
I’m concentrating here, shut up you puppet old witch\\
You shut up!! You snorkel old man!!\\
Kuchiyose no jutsu!!\\
This range should be ok\\
Ibuse do it!\\
This is poison mist!!\\
Cough!! Cough!!\\
Too much an hassle to come after us so they plan to kill us in one breath with poison… damn!\\
My body is becoming numb…\\
You are mine\\
My body is numb…\\
I suppose you are hanzou-dono\\
I’m the leader of the samurai, I’m called mifune\\
I request a duel against you!\\
Text: shinobi Vs samurai a fight between masters!!\\

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