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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 532

Chapter 532 mifune Vs hanzou, conclusion!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 19, 2011 18:19 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 532 mifune Vs hanzou, conclusion!!\\
Text : mifune surprises hanzou !! there is something in their past…!!\\
You forgot about me but…\\you probably do not remember the things that you said to me before leaving…\\
That’s the poison of the salamander\\ obviously, even my sickle is coated with it\\
Don’t worry, you will not feel pain because of the dumbness in your body, and you will die in 2 days\\
I will tell you the reason why I’m feared as hanzou of the salamander\\ let’s call it a present to bring with you in the other world\\
there was a single black salamander with deadly poison in my village \\
When it died\\ they implanted its poison sacs within my body when I was still a child\\
Right here\\
It was done in order to create a poisonous ninja with a strong resistance to toxins\\
I can poison those around me by breathing alone\\
They feared me when I was a brat\\the only thing I can do to assure the safety of those around me is to use this mask\\
Then… why did you not remove it…\\when we were fighting…?\\
I had that possibility as well… but if I do that, there is a certain risk involved\\
This mask has another role\\ that is protection against poison\\
If my poison sack is cut while fighting… that pure poison would leak out from my body…\\ and if I inhale that vaporized toxin…\\
Even someone resistant to poison like me could become immobilized by such powerful poison\\
I would not die but… that would create an opening\\
And I cannot allow that, especially when I fight skilled opponents like you\\
I cannot create an opening for them\\
The sword that you had was quite blunt…\\
A person… is… his sword…\\ that meant… that I was blunt… too\\
It will end… like this… what a regret…\\
I will tell you one more thing…\\
For a human being the end is not when he dies\\
But when he loses his own beliefs\\
That’s why it is problematic…\\you cannot judge the situation from the outside\\
Even if you die here you are not dull\\
Dull means to be seized with fear in the moment you hear my name and run away\\ just like your comrades that gave up the fight since the beginning\\
You tried to protect everyone by using your body as a shield\\
I will hand down your deeds as those of an hero!\\
So as a compensation for your death I ask you your name!\\
… as a compensation for death…\\
Promise me… something…\\
Do not lay… your hands on my samurai comrades…\\
This is the antidote\\
I told you that it is difficult to judge from the outside if a person has strong beliefs or not\\
But you also understand things by fighting them…\\ a lot of time passed since I met someone like you\\
… this time I will help you…\\well.. It is not like that you will certainly survive if you take this medicine but…\\
It is difficult to go through with your beliefs\\
I have my beliefs too…\\ that is to bring about peace in this world\\
I will make sure of it thanks to you…\\
from now on… if I will decide to die while still embracing my beliefs\\
or else to continue living and throw them away\\
I think that now you made sure of it\\have you really throw away your beliefs!?\\
Difficult to judge from the outside\\
There is a way to stop someone immortal like me… I already explained it to you… mifune\\fall back and wait for that opening and seal me\\
It seems like you can do it…\\
Migune-sama! His poison!\\
I will be all right…I have a resistance against that poison… but it will no be enough in this case…\\ you will fall back together with me and make preparations to seal him!\\
It is true…\\
he survived from poison\\
We will look what happens from this distance\\
Mifune I will…\\
Entrust my believes to you!!\\
This poison… is strong… even if you have a resistance to, it be careful…\\
He is opposing to the orders in my commanding tag…!?\\
Well, I have only to switch him from automatic mode to selfless mode from now on…\\
Hanzou-dono did not give in to those fellows\\ that are hiding and without risking their own body are manipulating human beings like puppets\\
Hanzou you threw away your body and took back your own beliefs…\\
It seems that you weren’t a coward after all\\
He stopped all of the sudden!?\\
I will hand down your deeds as those of an hero!!\\
And your beliefs with them!\\
That was admirable… hanzou-dono!!\\
You movements are dull chouji! Get an hold of yourself!\\
It’s coming!!\\
Shikamaru! Stretch you kagemane net and lure me toward chouji’s position!\\
That was my intention!\\
Kage mane no jutsu!!\\
Now chouji!\\
What the hell are you doing chouji!?\\
Get an hold of yourself! You prepared yourself for this!
I cannot do that!!
I cannot knockdown asuma-sensei!!\\
Get away!!\\
Futon fuujin no jutstu!(wind element dust technique)\\
Text: emotion are leading chouji astray …!!\\

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#1. by tk_rout ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2011
Thanks for translation !
Btw, some sentences sound little weird to me / hard to understand.

\\let’s call it present to bring with you in the other world\\
Still the more when I fight skilled opponents like\\

On P02, \\they implanted its poison sacs within my body....\\
I thought Hanzo implanted the poison sac himself.
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
Well, as you probably know sometimes in japanese it is difficult to understand who is the subject of the sentence. So I thought that it was strange for a kid to implant a sac of poison in his body by himself. I thought that the ninja of his village wanted to do a special weapon, just like the hidden sand did with gaara.
#3. by tk_rout ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2011
I see! A case similar to Gaara , might be possible !!

Thanks for the clarification, really appreciate.

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