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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 538

chapter 538: Questioning

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 14, 2011 19:10 | Go to Naruto

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Text: toward the battlefield during the night…!!\\
Kyuubi’s chakra mode illuminates the way in this night\\ It is convenient even if there is the risk that you will die\\
He can use the kyuubi’s chakra instead of a portable light, but\\
Be sure to don’t loose sight of him, bee!\\
Because you are so carelessly manipulating my chakra\\
chapter 538: Questioning\\
I have been always inside you, and observed you but…\\
You are still naïve, naruto\\
Text: the sudden appearance of the kyuubi!! What is its objective…!?\\
wiyh little part of my chakra you returned\\
But isn’t this strange for you, kyuubi?\\ you are the one who began the conversation\\
Finally you felt lonely and wanted someone to talk with, but\\ I’m busy right now, so I will speak to you later!\\
do you really think that you can get rid of this war all by yourself?\\ That’s impossible… But if you want to use my power…\\
I will not fall for that anymore\\
Fufufu… aren’t you getting a little smarter, huh…?\\
We will speak after the war…\\
See you…!\\
Together with the death of you comrades, hatred is born…\\ Before it comes to that, do you intend to defeat all you opponents?\\
If you defeat your opponents you will receive their hatred in the end…\\ do you really think that you can stop all that by yourself?\\
Sooner of later you will be imprisoned by hatred just like nagato\\
This war will make you more closer to that moment\\
don’t underestimate me as you always do!!!\\
you don’t understand! You are too much naïve!!\\
are you really able to erase everyone’s hatred and stop it?\\
the war has already begun…\\
probably there are a lot a causalities already… you have to take their share of hatred too\\
and to begin with… sasuke that was beside you was imprisoned by hatred for all that time\\
but what were you able to do for him?\\
that day…\\
probably that day you figured it…\\
do your best!\\
Who will fight with me?\\
I wonder…\\
hum… sensei…\\
what is it?\\
I don’t want to punch my friends…\\
No… it is not like that…\\ this is the traditional ninja sparring!\\
Even the hokages have improved themselves and become stronger thanks to this sparring…\\
Hum… sensei I’m fine to loose an unofficial match\\ so go on with the next fight, please\\
He doesn’t have any motivation!\\ He will not become even a chuunin\\
No… we cannot be sure about that, why?… because a lot of things happened during your life…\\
You are a pain!\\
The heck, shikamaru you a the most troublesome one!\\ and chouji is a coward too!\\
Ino-chan do you know those two?\\
Well my parents does…\\
It’s ok… shikamaru, chouji do the “reconciliation seal”\\ next\\
sorry shikamaru…\\
that’s ok… I now that you are not good with these kind of things…\\ I find them troublesome too…\\
uhm… the next are.. uzumaki naruto!\\
… and uchiha sasuke come here!\\
gals: kyaaa sasuke-kun!\\sasuke-kun!!\\
sasuke-kun! Goo!\\
beat the hell out of him! Shannarooo!!\\
what the hell… he always has that cool air!\\ damn it! I will beat this popular guy and become popular myself!!\\
all right!! I will not loose!!!\\
d-do your best naruto… kun\\
from now on is uzumaki naruto Vs uchiha sasuke…\\
come, you show off idiot!!\\
hey naruto! Do the “confrontation seal” before the sparring starts!\\
that’s the etiquette!\\
I don’t care about that! Let me defeat him immediately!\\ I will become popular after this!!\\
Bullshit… I will finish this quickly just as you wish\\
Wait you two!!\\
…Damn! This ninja sparring is a traditional training method passed down since the past!\\ there are too much formal manners but in the academy we teach this from its foundations! ... this is an important thing!\\
for fist, before the sparring, you must be sure to head the hand that does the seal toward you opponent\\
it has a double fold meaning: you need both the hands to activate a technique and… it shows your will to fight! This is the “confrontation seal” \\
finished the sparring, after its settlement…\\
the two fighter will overlap the “confrontation seal” they did earlier\\ and with the “reconciliation seal” they show their will to be comrades\\
this was all about the ninja sparring’s etiquette!\\
… hey naruto were you listening!!?\\ this is the second time I repeat the explanation!!\\
ok ok\\
One ok is enough you idiot!!\\
I understand…\\
Go sasuke-kun!!\\
Incredible, so cool!!\\
Incredible sasuke-kun!!!\\
Those eyes\\
Are like the eyes of those who stare at me… no… they are much more stronger…\\
They are not looking at me\\
sasuke won!\\
now to the “reconciliation seal”… the next are…\\
you didn’t even consider me eh!!? You bastard!!!\\ No there is more I want to say!! About how I feel!!\\
you… bastard,. You son of a frigid bitch!!
Ahaaa… don’t say such stupid complains so fair and square…\\
I want him to say clearly if he is constipated of has diarrhoea… because…\\
I told ypu to stop that\\
I told you that ninja sparring has an holly tradition!\\ Hurry and do the “reconciliation seal”!\\
do you want to do it again, loser?\\
hey! Stop this immediately!!\\
you are the worst naruto!\\
what’s wrong with him!?\\
it seems that you remembered it…\\
… and then… what happened to sasuke?\\
did you erase his hatred?\\ No, on the contrary\\
his hatred grew even bigger!\\
in other words, no matter who it is\\
you are not able to erase his hatred or to stop it!\\
so… this is all you had to say?\\
… what…?\\
so are you saying that I will be seized by fear and I will be unable to do anything?\\
that’s are only your expectations… kyuubi…\\
you are the naïve one*!!!\\
TLN: but he said that he would not hurt the kyuubi anymore!!!\\
Why you are so strong even if you were unable to save sasuke!?\\
I will not have doubts on the things I have decided by myself anymore!\\
I will try to do something about sasuke\\ And I will try to do something for this war too!!\\
Text: naruto has self confidence!! Kyuubi’s whispers do not confuse him!!\\
TLN: wow he seems like the bad guy in this page…\\

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