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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 547

chapter 547: the things that hold value!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 15, 2011 16:39 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 547

At the beginning I sucked a little with this translation but then I made a very good checking so I think that its final quality is really good. I hope you will agree with that...

gaara’s father falters before his son new appearance!!\\
… you are not a jinchuuriki anymore!?\\
what do you mean by that?\\
The group of people that now is manipulating you took the shukaku from me making me die once\\
But thanks to the combined power of chiyo-sama and of one of friends I have been resurrected as you can see\\
… chiyo-baa did that!?\\
plus… a friend you say!?\\
are you saying that you were able to make a friend!?\\
hey what kind of sad brat was your son?\\
he has the right age to make friends\\
father, you tried to kill me 6 times in the past… each time I feared and resented you…\\
but now I don’t resent you anymore\\ now I can understand the things that you had to do…\\
chapter 547: the things that hold value!!\\
inserted text: the battle between kazekages, father versus son!!\\
Now I am kazekage too\\
In order to defend my village I will deal with anything that threats it\\ that’s the role of the one who is in charge\\
You…\\became… the kazekage…?\\
It’s not just that… he became general commander of the shinobi’s alliance’s battlefield regiment!\\ every other kage acknowledge the fact that he is one of them in spite of his young age\\
I see… I thought that it was strange that I could feel different kinds of chakra belonging to groups of people coming from every single village out there but…\\
To think that you would form a shinobi alliance…\\
charisma comes out from the fact the doesn’t have eyebrows!\\ Ah that’s right, I don’t have eyebrows too!\\
then what about your puny little beard mizukage?\\
he you son huh… he is a good shinobi\\
hey if you must kill someone begin from the bandage bastard here! I will help you as much as I can!\\
he is small… he is a premature child\\ are you sure that it is ok like this?\\
but he is compatible\\
after the other 2, finally you have a compatible son\\
you have to raise this child with utmost care\\
let me see the face of the baby…\\
are you all right karura!?\\
he is… very small…\\
karura-sama’s heart rate is going down…\\
what the hell are you doing! Hurry up!!\\
that boy is a failure too\\ he began to go out of control\\
if the disarmament continues like this the hidden sand will not recover its former glory\\
we have to gather more talented ninja in order to make deals with other countries\\ plus we have to use the shukaku in one way or another!\\
because the jinchuuriki is not playing his role we don’t have other choice but to rely on the kazekage.dono’s new technique, the golden sand, to make those deals with other countries and stabilize the village\\ and then about gaara…\\
yashamaru… I have something to discuss with you after this…\\
but… gaara-sama is still a child…\\
until know I have ascertained the values of several thing around me\\... I have to ascertain his value as well\\
tomorrow I will test him…\\
after we made the populace of the village take refuge, we will drive gaara into a corner\\
tell him about his mother and put his mind under pressure \\
if he doesn’t lose the control even after that I will not dispose of him\\
my sister’s…!\\
are you sure about that?\\
I know that he respect and loves his mother from the bottom of his heart…\\
That’s why if he is not able to hold himself\\even after listening to that, he is not fit to be a jinchuuriki\\
But my sister did not give you your name because she loved you and wanted to protect you\\
She gave you that name so as long as you continued to live…\\ you would be known as the being that represents her hatred that she left behind as she died while cursing and resenting this world\\
No one ever loved you\\
He did not make it…\\
Gaara is a failure, just as I thought…\\
this edo tensei…\\
probably it is a technique that holds a little of value\\
I will ascertain your value myself once again…\\
… now try to exceed me\\
oonoki… stop me… to someone like me who is able to use the dust element the number of opponents does not make any difference\\ you are the only one who can stop me\\
another thing… do you still remember what you have to do after you allied with someone else during a war\\
As the war ends the allied forces will try to steal each other the spoils of war\\ the village that wins in that phase will gain the supremacy in the immediate future\\
tsuchikage you bastard, stop saying those filthy things!\\
I will not allow that!!\\
I don’t intend to do that this time... muu-sama\\
I see…\\
It seems that you did not become a stubborn old man\\
Anyway we cannot move our bodies as we please\\ they move by themselves in order to react to our enemies techniques\\
Hurry up and send us back to the other world\\ I will tell you my weak point and my abilities\\
For the time being you have to stop our movements!\\
Probably it will not be easy\\
let’s go!!\\
suna arame(sand hail balls)!!\\
he made his own sand climb over the gold sand?\\
… karura you…\\
are still inside of him…\\
he is my father, just as I thought!!\\
you really have grown up… gaara\\
parents should… just believe in their sons\\
that's the only thing that… holds value…\\
isn’t that right garura…?\\
it seems that…\\ I didn’t have the talent to see the true value of things\\
… what are you talking about…?\\
the sand always protected you…\\
that’s not the power of the shukaku… but your mother, kakura’s power\\
… he is ery small…\\
no matter what happens I will protect you…\\
… gaara\\
you were loved by you mother\\
inserted text: his father confession!! But why now…!?\\
text: next chapter naruto will be on the front cover and in the opening pages in colour to celebrate the new movie!!\\

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#1. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2011
chio , not cho

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