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Naruto 577

Chapter 577: the blade of hatred

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 7, 2012 19:09 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 577: the blade of hatred\\
inserted text: tsunade’s determination\\
are you saying that you can win against me by using the will that hashirama left behind after he died?\\
strength is different from volition\\ it is something that transcends matter itself\\
you are wrong!\\
the will of the dead draws out the strength that makes those who remain go forward!\\
the medical ninja techniques that I created are based on that will as well…\\ … just like the ninja medics and their rules !\\
sfx: jump\jump\\
first rule: medics cannot give up the medical treatment until the life of the members of his platoon has totally ran out!\\
seal: zuuuu\\
second rule: medics must never be on the first line of the battlefield!\\ third rule: medics must be the last ones to die in a platoon!\\
this is all I have taught to my disciples\\ but there is another rule!\\
fourth rule: only the medics that mastered the byakugou* creation rebirth technique\\ can ignore those rules!\\
TLN: the term “byakugou” refers to the white precious stone on the forehead of the statues of Buddha\\
byakugou creation rebirth technique…?\\
I never heard of that…\\
I’m the sonly person capable of using that forbidden technique…\\ In other words I’m the only one who can fight while using it!!\\
… the pollen was scattered away by the jinton but…\\ the only thing that changed from before is that your number increased of a medical ninja…\\
if 4 people are not enough, we will fight you with five!\\
don’t think that I’m a simple medical ninja!\\
she is slower than the raikage…\\
and her power is inferior as well…\\
katon kouka messhitsu!! (fire element splendid fire destruction)\\
suiton suijinchuu!!(water element: water pillar formation)\\
here we go... suiton suiryuudan!!(water element: water dragon bullet)\\
sfx: bin\\
kajuugan(aggravating rock)…\\
raigyaku suihei chop(penetrating lightning horizontal chop)!!\\
it is true that you are not a weak woman\\
but if you die by getting involved in this fight, it will be the end for the other kages\\ and it seems that you are the only one who can heal them\\
that will happen only if I die\\
hashirama… I don’t know what you left behind, but…\\ this… doesn’t amount to much if compared with the real you\\
if you wanted to hand over something to your underlings, you should have taught them a way to make you come back to life just like I did\\
sfx: sun\\
sfx: jump\\
… the only thing that you left after your death is the life force of these cells in my body\\
the only thing my brother left after his death is the power of these two eyes\\
I already told you that you are wrong!!\\
If you have to hand over something…\\
That should be hatred\\
What!? THE madara was resurrected by using the edo tensei!?\\
We could not leave the five kages out of the battle because the real madara appeared\\
As hokage, Tsunade-sama went to fight as well\\
tsunade is the hokage…!?\\ she… became hokage!?\\
I didn’t tell you that right?\\well a lot of things happened to her after you died but…\\ she always yearned for you so…\\
She will not lose!\\
she is the only sannin to live to that age after all!!\\
you are already dead…\\
that’s why you shouldn’t scatter around any more hatred than this…\\
now, kazekage!!\\
sabaku soutaisou!!(great desert funeral)\\
I sealed him!\\
that was a mokuton clone that hashirama used\\
you did well… in the past I was the only one among his enemies to see through this mokuton clone technique…\\ thanks to the power of these eyes…\\
sfx: zuuu…\\
so… this is the end for the remaining kages as well…\\
you cannot underestimate madara!\\
to stop madara you have no other choice but to stop the edo tensei user behind him!!\\
was… madara such a shinobi?\\
I told you that we have the five kages on our side and yet…\\
Probably the only ninja who can fight and win against madara…\\
Is no other than the deceased first hokage\\
You should send everyone except those who must guard me and make this barrier work to search for the edo tensei user immediately!\\ how is the headquarter copying with this situation!?\\
They are searching for him with all their strength but without information…\\
don’t die… tsunade…\\
kuchiyose no jutsu!!\\
… you stay here\\
you even passed through my barrier…\\ good job in finding me here\\
when I was manipulated by you… I could clearly feel where your chakra was coming from\\ this is… also a risk of this technique… but there is no need for you to remember this anymore\\
I will learn from that…\\
Originally there were no one capable of escaping from this technique so I didn’t really worry about that\\
ah… that’s right there is something I want you to remember instead\\
the edo tensei technique will not stop even if I die\\ but I’m the only one who can stop it\\
in other words you cannot kill me…\\ if I’m dead you will lose the only chance to stop this technique\\
snake: pikun\\
it seems that fate is still on my side!\\
good grief…\\
you never behave in a way I’m able to understand to me\\
inserted text: the decisive battle that will influence the war begins!!\\

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