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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 582

Chapter 582: nothing

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 16, 2012 11:05 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 582: nothing\\
Inserted text: itachi’s secret plan…!!\\
A technique to decide destiny!?\\
There is another technique similar to izanagi…!\\
I don’t know what do you intend to do now but\\
It will not work on me as I’m now\\
I’m no one… it seems you are not able to understand that!\\
senpou: muki tensei!!(hermit technique: inorganic reincarnation)
this is a technique that gives life and controls the things that don’t have organics functionalities…\\
it is different from techniques that manipulate things through chakra…\\ maybe I went a little too far…\\
you did not react in time because you protected sasuke-kun with your susanoo…\\ why did you do that…? I will not hurt him… he is one of my precious guinea pigs after all\\
serpernt: zuuu…\\
well then, with this I will rewrite the inside of you head again\\\... probably you already know what will happen\\
sfx: su\\
so the strongest attack technique can also become the strongest defence huh…\\
it is so hot now that the whole cave became dry again\\
sorry… sasuke…\\
sorry but this is my win\\
I cannot image that someone like me\\ who is getting near to accomplish and control everything can fail now\\
Now inside of me are stored all the exhaustive researches\\ that orochimaru-sama performed on the nature’s laws and principles\\
From a man to a snake and from a snake to a dragon…\\
And I’m the more closer to the rikudou sennin in the whole world…\\
Compared to that uchiha’s name is…\\
Shut up! You don’t know anything about uchiha!\\
Now listen…\\
Sfx: suu…\\
Kabuto… when I look at you\\ it is like I look at my past self…\\
that’s why you will lose\\
listen… you can say that there is no one else at the centre of this war besides me!\\
I’m manipulating to my advantage this war by using that akatsuki, and right now I put in a corner two members of the uchiha clan…\\
… I harbour toward you both antagonism and emphaty\\
because you walked the path of lies as a spy just like I did\\
I wasn’t able to understand who I was as well\\
I finally understand that to know yourself doesn’t mean\\ to obtain everything and become perfect\\
… now I understand that there are thing I can do and things I cannot do\\
that’s the same reasoning of a loser\\ to acknowledge that you are not able to do something… isn’t the same as giving up?\\
you are wrong\\
the things I cannot do\\ become the things I can let go\\
there are your comrades for all the things you are not able to do yourself\\
for all the thing I intended to do but I was unable to realize\\
if you want to know who you really are\\ you have to look again at yourself and acknowledge who you are\\
and I wasn’t able to do that…\\ I lied to everyone and I deceived myself with my own lies\\
those who are not able to recognize who they really are will fail\\
just like I did in the past\\
what would you know about me?\\ I was always searching for who I really am with my own methods…\\ always\\
probably he is a kid from that village… there was a battle around here before\\
what should we do…? He is bleeding from the head plus… he will die soon…\\
are we going to bring him with us?\\
urushi… he is less injured than the time I found you\\
don’t worry\\
maybe it doesn’t seem but I’m able to use a little of ninja medical techniques\\
where are your parents…?\\
what is your name?\\
geez… he doesn’t understand anything!\\
urushi, bring him on your shoulder…\\
you should be grateful about this…\\ come one now! Grab my shoulder!\\
that’s the first thing I remember… since the beginning I wasn’t no one and there was nothing inside of me\\
I didn’t know my parents… and I didn’t know my name\\
it seems that you injuries are getting better\\
you should at least say “thanks”! don’t you know about good manners!?\\
hoy! Maybe you are still wounded in the head, so it is better if you wear this!\\
not only he doesn’t knows manner, but also he doesn’t know his parents…\\
sfx: tonk\\
but this is the first time I meet someone that doesn’t even know his name\\
you will live here from now on\\
in other words I’m your mother from now on…\\ if you have some problems you can ask me…\\
but it is inconvenient if he doesn't have a name…\\
you are right… I wonder what name should be fine for him…\\
what about… kabuto?\\
it is so random!!\\
it fits!\\
just like he looks!\\
it is important to not think to much about things\\
ah! He smiled!\\ it seems you really like the name!!\\
that’s great…\\
you should at least say “thanks”! don’t you know about good manners!?\\
the subsidiary aid money from the country and the village are not enough…\\
we should try to negotiate a little more with the country and the village!\\
both the country and the village will not give us money anymore\\
however… we were barely able to manage and now we have even one more hungry kid…\\
I understand… I will do something about that…\\ that’s why…\\
Sfx: ouch\\
Why are you up at such late hour?\\
You should be already asleep!\\
This kid just arrived here so he doesn’t know the time schedules and the rules of this place\\ overlook his behaviour, please\\
Geez… you spoil them too much mother…\\
come on, try to look at the watch!\\
20 minutes passed since the time to switch off the lights\\
in other words when are you supposed to switch off the lights?\\ I will be sure I will make you remember it now!\\
come on what time is it?\\ you will remember it after you will say the time itself!\\
sfx: su\\
this kid is still little… not only he is not able to do calculations, but he is not even able to read the watch…\\
it often happens in times like these…\\
that’s the correct answer\\
haha… it seems he has problem with his eyesight!\\
he is so intelligent for his age…! He needs glasses!\\
haa… where will you get the money for that!?\\
… geez… if you were not able to see that you should have told that since the beginning\\
sfx: sun\\
sfx: sun\\
from now on be sure to remember to go to sleep at that time\\
sfx: kacha\\
the grade of the lens seems to be fine for you\\
the name is a code…\\
the glasses a tool…\\
I was… no one since the beginning\\
That’s enough…\\
Since the beginning…\\
There was nothing inside of me\\
Inserted text: the truth of his words…\\

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