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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Naruto 582

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 16, 2012 07:58 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 582

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

582: Nothing
slanted: Itachi's secret plan...!!!
S: A jutsu that decides one's fate?!
S: There's another jutsu out there like Izanagi...?!
K: I don't know what you're up to,
K: but nothing will work on me the way I am now.
K: Looks like you still don't understand...just who I really am!

K: Senpou - Muki Tensei!! (*Sennin Technique - Inorganic Reincarnation)
S: !?
I: !!

S: Itachi!
K: This jutsu gives life to things that otherwise don't have it, and controls them...
K(2b): It's different from jutsus that simply control with chakra...pretty ridiculous, isn't it?
K(2b): Protecting Sasuke with Susa-No-O delayed you...but don't worry...I won't hurt Sasuke. He's my precious specimen.
S: slither...
K(2b): Now I just need to rewrite the contents within his head...you should be able to imagine what will happen.
K: tink

S: Amaterasu!!
K: I see, so the greatest attack eye jutsu can also become the greatest defense...
K: The intense heat reverted the limestone cave.
I: I'm sorry...Sasuke...

K: Sorry, but I've won.
K(2b): As everything I set out to achieve becomes closer and closer, it just becomes hard for me to imagine myself losing, you know.
K(2b): The laws and principles of the natural world that Orochimaru-sama gathered and studied are now all amassed within me.
K: From man to snake, from snake to dragon...
K: The closest being in this world to the Rikudou Sennin is me...
K: Compared to that, the Uchiha clan is just...
S: Talk all you want! You know nothing about the Uchiha!
S: Listen up...
S: !
I: rustle
I(2b): Kabuto...watching you...is like watching my old self.

I: That's why you're going to lose.
K: Listen carefully, Itachi...I'm not on the sidelines anymore. One could even say I'm the entire center of this war!
K: I manipulated Akatsuki in the palm of my hands, advantageously controlled the war, and even backed you two into a corner...
I: ...you only make me feel two emotions: antipathy and sympathy.
I: Because you're just like me. One who walked through a world of lies as a spy.
I: I didn't know who I was either.
I(2b): But now, I understand that "knowing yourself" doesn't mean perfecting achieving everything.
I: ...it's knowing what you can and can't do.
K(2b): A convenient excuse for a loser. So, what are you saying...I need to admit what I can't do? Give up?

I: No.
I(2b): You need to be able to forgive yourself for what you can't do.
I: No one can do everything, that's why you need friends to make up for it.
I: Also, so that you don't belittle yourself for what you thought you could have done.
I(2b): If you want to know who you are, then you need to re-examine the true you and acknowledge yourself.
I(2b): I failed at that...I lied to everyone, even to myself, and whitewashed what I really was.
K: ...
I: All those who cannot acknowledge themselves will fail.
I: Just like I did.

K(3b): On the contrary -- what do YOU think you know about me? I've always been searching for myself, in my own way...always--
K: haa x2
Child: He's from THAT town...the place where there was a battle.
U: What are you going to do, sister...? He's bleeding...he'll be dead soon...
U: You're going to bring him back?
H: Urushi...he's even less hurt than you were.
H: Don't worry.
H: Despite how I look I can use a little medical ninjutsu, you know.

H: Where are your parents...?
K: ...
H: What's your name?
K: ...
U: He doesn't know anything?! ...geez!
U: Hyoko!
H: Urushi, prop him on your shoulder...
U(2b): You're really lucky, you know that...? C'mon! Grab my shoulder!
K: ...
K: That's my first memory...from the beginning, I was no one. I had nothing.
K: I didn't know who my parents were...not even my own name.

H: Your wounds are healing well.
K: ...
U: At least say "thanks," dammit! Don't you have any manners?!
U: C'mon! We can't have you getting hurt again, so you might as well wear this!
K: Oww...
U: No manners, no parents...
U: tonk
U: And you don't even know your name. That's a first.
H: You can live here from today on.
H(2b): In other words, from day, I'm your mother...let me know if you need anything at all...

U: It's really inconvenient that he doesn't know his name, though...
U: tonk
H: True...I wonder what we should do...
H: Hmmmm.
H: How about...we call him Kabuto?
Child 1: That's so random!!
Child 2: Half-assed!
Child 3: You just named him the first thing you say! (TL Note: Kabuto can mean helmet (armor only).)
H: It's best not to dote on these things.
K: ...
U(2b): Hey! He just smiled! I guess he likes that name!!
H: Good...

U: At least say "thanks," dammit! Don't you have any manners?!
Elder 1: We can't just keep going off subsidies from the country and the village...
Elder 2: We have no choice but to try and negotiate with them a bit more!
E1: They won't give us another penny!
E2: Hmm...we're really struggling to keep things together here. And now we just got another mouth to feed...

K: ...
H: ...
H(2b): Alright...I'll take care of this somehow...so just please...
K: Oww
E: !
H: !
E1: What are you doing up at a time like this?!
K: !!
E1: It's time for bed!
K: ...!!
H(2b): He just got here. He doesn't know about the schedule and rules here. Please, have some mercy on him.
E1: Hmph...sounds like you're just too lenient with him...

E1: C'mon, look at the clock over here!
E1: It's already 20 minutes past lights out!
E1(2b): Which means that lights out is at what time? Now's your chance to learn about this!
K: ...
E1(2b): C'mon, what time is it? Go on, saying it yourself will help you remember!
K: squint
H: !
E2: He's still young...it's only natural that he doesn't know how to read a clock, let alone calculate something like that...
E2: I think that's enough for today...

E1: !
K: 9:00...
H: That's right!
E2: Haha...looks like he just had bad eyesight!
E2: He's smart for his age...! We'll need to get him some glasses at once!
E1: Haa...and just where are we going to find the money for that?!
E1: ...oh brother...if he can't see well, then why didn't he just say so?!

K: grab
K: slip
K: !
H: You need to make sure you stay on time from now on.
K: click
H: I just hope the lens are right for you.

K: ...th...ank...you...
K: ....
K: Names are codes...
K: ...
K: And glasses are tools...
K: Thank you...
K: Thank you...
K: From the beginning...I was no one.
H: It's alright. That's enough...
K: From the beginning
K: I had nothing.
slanted: The truth behind his words--

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#1. by Fafa ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2012
Its great to see ur back translating Naruto ^__^
Thou I know maybe its temporary...
#2. by molokidan ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2012
Thanks! It's great to be back!
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