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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 584

Chapter 584: yakushi kabuto

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 8, 2012 08:31 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 584: yakushi kabuto\\
inserted text: a dangerous meeting…!!\\
kab: you are…\\
sfx: zaba…\\
oro: I observed you for a long time\\ together with nonou… ah that’s right… you call her “mother”\\
sfx: jump\\
oro: would you come with me?\\ I will teach you the things you want to know…\\
kab: the things I want to know… what are you talking about!?\\
oro: the reason why you were mother’s objective…\\ and the reason why she didn’t remember you…\\
oro: you want to know that… right?\\
sfx: choro choro\\
oro: this is my hideout…\\
oro: no one knows about this place… in other words you are my first guest\\
kab: why did you take all the troubles to bring me here!? What are your intentions?\\
sfx: su\\
oro: the thing you want to know increase with the passing of minutes… that’s good\\ humans don’t run away because they have the desire to know. that’s the reason why you followed me here\\
kab: then hurry up and tell me, please!\\
sfx: su\\
kab: can you really tell me the things I want to know!?\\
oro: … you get immediately to the point\\
oro: the “root” decided to dispose of you and the mother\\
kab: what’s the meaning of that!?\\
oro: you were too excellent as a spy…\\
oro: you know too much things\\
kab: … impossible!\\ after I risked my life for all that time for the village in order to get those information… they…!!\\
oro: data and information hold more power that a strong techniques or weapons according to the time…\\
oro: right now they look at you as a dangerous person\\
oro: well, it was decided since the beginning\\that the two of you would end up like this\\
oro: including the scenario where the two of you would kill each other…\\
oro: just after you departed from the orphanage…\\
oro: danzou told to the mother the real reason why you left the orphanage\\
oro: he said that you would enter in the root as a scrape goat in exchange for the money given to the orphanage\\
oro: … mother wanted to release you from the root\\
oro: danzou put only one condition in order to agree with her request\\ that is to assassinate a certain man several years in the future\\
oro: … that was a strange condition but…\\ the man that was the objective of that assassination was no other than you\\
kab: wasn’t that the condition to release me from root!?\\
kab: what’s the meaning of that!?\\ why didn’t she recognize me!?\\
oro: I already told you… since the beginning root’s objective was to make you two kill each other…\\
oro: there was a trick in order to realize that…\\
kab: … a trick!?\\
sfx: basa\\
oro: they sent the two of you into different enemy’s territories so that you wouldn’t meet each other…\\
oro: and they sent photos showing your growth to mother in order to assure her about your well being\\
oro: in a certain point the person in that photos changed…\\ and after a long of time mother was convinced that you were a totally different person\\
oro: that was a brainwash that took a lot of time…\\
oro: that’s one of the typical methods used in root\\
oro: he is another kabuto\\
oro: so nonou was going to kill you without not having the slightest idea that you were kabuto…\\
oro: you were betrayed by your village because you were dangerous spies…\\
kab: so you are a ninja from the root that would take care of me in the case I would survive…\\
kab: right…?\\
oro: you don’t understand a lot about yourself and yet… you understand about the situation\\
sfx: buuuuni\\
sfx: xu\\
near kabuto: haa\\haa\\
kab: I… always wanted to know about myself!\\
kab: and I thought that I could finally do that, and yet!\\
kab: because of you of the root I still cannot understand who I am!!\\
kab: the glasses were supposed to be something that connected me with mother!\\
kab: my name was supposed to be something that would belong only to me!\\
kab: mother was supposed to remember me no matter what happened and yet!\\
kab: It was all wrong!!\\
kab: so… who the hell…\\
kab: Am I!!?\\
around kab: haa\\
around oro: bachi\\
kab: uwaah!\\
oro: you just lack enough information to know who you really are\\
oro: your glasses, you name and all the things you had when you were a child are not enough to point out your real self\\
oro: but isn’t that just perfect?\\
oro: if you cannot accept yourself as you are now\\ you should find other things instead and add them little by little to yourself\\
kab: … why are you telling me such things!?\\ if you really want to kill me\\
oro: I Want to know who I am as well,\\ so I’m gathering several thing here and there\\
sfx: za\\
sfx: pocha\\
oro: and from the various things that I slowly collected I repeat my experiments and tests…\\
oro: and make the knowledge and the abilities pile up within myself\\
sfx: pochi\\
oro: and from that I go towards another self…\\ and I continue to born anew\\
oro: and again in the same way, I obtain new things\\
sfx: pocha\\
oro: and this time…\\
oro: I obtained you\\
oro: even if you don’t know who you are\\ if you are able to gather the information on the various things in this world, you should be able to find a lead\\
kab: why… am I one of those things?\\
oro: because I value your talent more than anyone… It would be a waste to kill you…\\
oro: plus I prepared several medical equipment this place\\
kab: what are you scheming?\\
oro: I will create and organization, a village that differently from root that eliminate one’s self, derives from that very self\\ the hidden village of sound that doesn’t belong to any country\\
oro: you will leave konoha and the root now\\ and from now on I will be your boss, your brother and your parent\\
oro: I will protect you from danzou…\\
oro: from now on your new personal story will be this…\\ … when you were a child you picked up and raised by a medical team captain after the battle of the kikyou pass\\
oro: from the moment you were under danzou’s control on the surface you were the child of the medical captain yakushi nonou, right…? \\
sfx: za\\za\\
oro: from today onward you will be reborn as yakushi kabuto\\
oro: I’m orochimaru\\
oro: if you really want to know who you really are… you have to come to my side…\\
sfx: pocha\\
oro: there is another organization I’m thinking about that I want to investigate…\\
kab: leave that to me\\ so… what organization is that?\\
oro: akatsuki\\
sasori: bring me the information about orochimaru’s human experiments and about the edo tensei\\
kab: as you wish, sasori-sama\\
sasori: I can use you\\
sarori: you don’t emit a sound, don’t have a scent and you don’t have self…\\ just like one of my puppets\\
sfx: pocha\\
sfx: potata…\\
oro: if you cannot accept yourself as you are now\\
oro: you should find other things instead and add them little by little to yourself\\
kab: guaaaah…\\
on the right: haa\\zehi\\ zehi\\biki\\biki\\
above: haa\\haa\\
left haa\\
kab: this is still…\\
kab: still… not enough…\\
kab: this is still… not myself…!\\
inserted text: seeking for a “self” that doesn’t waver\\

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