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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Naruto 584

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 29, 2012 01:14 | Go to Naruto

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*Not for use in scanlations.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 584: Kabuto Yakushi

1: You're...from...
2: zabah...
slanted: A dangerous meeting...!!
3(2b): I had people keep an eye on you ever since that time. You and Nonou...yes...the Mother.
4: zah
5(2b): Follow me. I'll teach you everything you want to know...
6: ...what I want to know...? Like what?!
7(2b): Why the Mother targeted you...and why she didn't remember you...
8: Don't you want to know...?

1(2b): glance glance
2: This is my hideout...
3: No one knows about it...meaning you're my first guest.

1: Why would you bring me here?! What are you planning to do?
2: slide
3(2b): You're thinking of more and more questions...that's good. Humans can't escape from the desire to "want to know"...that's why you followed me.
4: Then just tell me already!
5: slip
6: You know what I want to know, right?!
7: ...to put it plainly
8: you and the Mother were to be disposed of.
9: What?!
10: You were just too skilled as spies...

1: You knew too much.
2(2b): ...but! I spent such a long time risking my life to gather information for Konoha...why all of a sudden...?!
3: Sometimes, information can be more powerful than the strongest weapons and jutsu...
4: You're seen as a dangerous person now.
5(2b): Although, it was decided from the beginning that you'd both end up like this.
6: It was even within the plan to aim for a mutual kill...
7: Right after you left the monastery...
8: Danzou told the Mother your true reason for leaving.
9: You sacrificed yourself to our group so that money would be sent to the monastery.

1: ...the Mother begged for you to be freed.
2(2b): Danzou agreed a few years ago, with one condition: that she would assassinate a certain man.
3(2b): ...Funny as it may be...you were the assassination target.
4: I thought it was a condition so that I could be freed?!
5(2b): What are you talking about?! Why didn't she notice it was me?!
6: I told you...because they were aiming for a mutual kill,
7: so they used a little trick...
8: ...a trick?!
9: flip

1: They kept you two in different infiltration points so that you wouldn't meet...
2: And sent the Mother photos of you growing up to prove to her that you were safe.
3(2b): She didn't even notice that halfway through, they switched in someone else...for a long time, she began to see someone else as you.
4: It was long-term brainwashing...
5: One of the organization's well-worn devices.
6: That boy is the other Kabuto.
7: And so, Nonou attempted to kill you, never thinking that you were the true Kabuto...
8: as a double agent, a betrayer of Konoha...
9: And you were the shinobi sent out to finish off the one that survived...
10: ...am I right...?
11: flinch...

1: So clueless about yourself...yet you hit it right on the mark with this.
2-3: buuuuun
4: guh

1-2: haa
3: I...always wanted a way to explain myself!
4: I thought I finally found it!
5: But now, because of you, I have no idea who I am again!!

1: --those glasses were what connected Mother and I!
2: That name was only meant for me!
3: Mother was the only parent I had who would never forget who I was!
4: But now none of that is true!!
5: What, then...what
6: am I!!?
7-9: haa
10-11: spark
12: Uwahh!

1: You just lack the information you need to explain yourself.
2: Those glasses and names, and your status as a child were not the true you.
3: But that's fine.
4(2b): If you can't accept what's happened up until now...then just find something new, filling yourself up with what you need.
5: If you want to kill me...then why are you saying these things to me?!
6(2b): ...I wanted to know what kind of person I was as well. So I collected all I could.
7: step
8: plop

1: I repeated experiments and inspections on much of what I gathered little by little...
2: amassing intelligence and ability within myself.
3: plop
4: step...
5(2b): And so I was reborn...always heading toward a new, perfect self.
6: And now, I've once again found something new.
7: This time...
8: plop
9: It's you.
10(2b): If you want to know who you are, then just collect things and information. If you collect all there is to collect, then you'll certainly come to understand it.
11: why...am I one of those things to you?

1: Because I understand your talent more than anyone else...it'd be a waste to kill you.
2: And because this is a special medical laboratory I prepared for you.
3: What are you planning?
4(2b): Unlike that organization, which snuffs out the self, I want to create an organization and a clan that brings out the self. The clan of Otogakure, which belongs to no country.
5(2b): You and I will now leave Konoha. I will become your superior, your brother, your parent.
6: I will protect you from Danzou...
7(2b): Your new background is as follows...when you were an infant, you were picked up and raised by the captain of a medical squad during the "Battle of Kikyou Ridge."
8(2b): You grew up as the child of Yakushi Nonou, who became the captain of the medical squad after returning to Danzou's side...
9: Today, you will be reborn as Kabuto Yakushi.
10: I am Orochimaru.
11: If you want to know who you are...then come to my side...

1: There's another organization I want to investigate next...
2(2b): Please leave it to me...which organization?
3: Akatsuki.
4: Bring me data on Orochimaru's human experiments and Edo Tensei.
5: Understood, Sasori-sama.
6: You're useful.
7(2b): You erase sound, smell, and your self...you're like my puppet.

1: plop

1: plop plop

1: If you can't accept what's happened up until now...
2: glug
3-4: plop
5: then just find something new, filling yourself up with what you need.
6: Guaaaaaahhh....ugghh...
7: hah
8-9: wheeze
10: biki biki
11: Not...
12-13: hah
14: It's not...enough...
15: This still...isn't the true me...!
16: hah
slanted: Searching for an unflinching "self"--

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