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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 585

Chapter 585: So i can be myself

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 9, 2012 10:42 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 585: So i can be myself\\
inserted text: past, present and...\\
kab: then... I continued to add things to me\\
kab: that’s why what I want is not a sermon from you\\
kab: but your abilities and the information you have\\
kab: Itachi… you were a ninja of Konoha and you were famous even among the members of the Uchiha clan\\ you had the sharingan that awoke the mangekyou\\
kab: you had several secrets that could stop a war...\\ … you had several techniques and powers\\
kab: Itachi... you had several things that defined yourself\\
kab: I will not allow you to oppose to my edo tensei any further\\
kab: my pawns are part of my own power\\
itachi: you overestimate me... in the end I only failed\\
kab: no... even before the two of you the name of the Uchiha looked strong...\\
kab: I envy that name after all\\
sfx near sasuke: jump\\
sfx near kab: suta\suta\\
itachi: the name of the Uchiha just denotes your roots and the people you belong to\\ there is no meaning in you taking that name\\
sfx: su\\
sfx near kab: piku\\
kab: no there is a meaning\\
sasu: are you really sure that we cannot kill him?\\ we risk to lose here!\\\
sfx near the sword: kachi\\
itachi: I already told you that we cannot do that!\\ right now he‘s in control of the battlefield... try to bear with it\\
sasu: is Izanami still not ready!?\\ he is going to commence his attacks soon!\\
itachi: I intend to begin things soon as well...\\ but I just need a little more time\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
kab: Orochimaru-sama said this\\
kab: sakon souma no jutsu!!( demon twins sakon technique)\\
kab: jiroubou doton doroku gaeshi!!(jiroubou- earth release earth shore return)\\
kab: if you want to know your true self...\\
kab: you should gather\\ things from all over the world and the information about them!\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
kab: kidoumaru...\\
kab: kumosoukai(spider web unrolling)\\
sasu: you cannot cut that thread with a sword!\\
itachi&sasu: amaterasu!!\\
kab: kimimaro shikotsumyaku sawarabi no mai!!(Dance of the Seedling Fern)
sasu: he even spun the spider web behind us!\\ I will do something about it\\ you think about the web in front of you, brother!!\\
sasu: Can you still use Susanoo?\\
itachi: yeah\\
sasu: enton: kagutsuchi!!\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: paki\\
kab: they ran away to the insides of the cavern\\
kab: taguya mateki mugen onsa(taguya demon flute’s Phantom Sound Chains)
kab: but that’s useless...!\\
sfx: jump\\
itachi: are you alright, sasu...\\
sfx: jump\\
sasu: a genjutsu huh...\\
kab: even the Susanoo that you are so proud of cannot protect you from sound...\\ after all\\
sfx near sasuke: piku\piku\\
sfx near itachi: piku\piku\\
sfx near kabuto: jump\jump\\
kab: now I stopped your movements... what remains is...\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
kab: to take you in by using Orochimaru-sama\\
kab: do you remember this, Sasuke-kun?\\
kab: this form of mine...?\\
sasu: that’s...\\
itachi: Kabuto... you are not Orochimaru\\ it is fine if you imitate a being you respect... but you cannot become one with that very being\\
itachi: it is impossible for you... to become him\\
kab: before doing something themselves, humans begin learning through imitating others\\
kab: just like Sasuke-kun was imitating you\\
sasu’father: … do it just like your brother does...\\
itachi: that’s something one does in order to grow and develop!\\
itachi: it is not something you use in order to deceive yourself, just like you are doing now!\\
itachi: you absorb in yourself the things you think have some kind of value\\ and even if you try to find the meaning about your true self, in the end you will not find anything\\
itachi: I will say this for the last time\\
itachi: don’t lie and deceive yourself.\\ those who cannot accept their real self always fail\\
kab: I am... a\\ failure?\\
kab: what are you talking about!?\\
itachi: Sasuke... look into my eyes!\\
sasu: !\\ that’s it!\\
sasu: genjutsu sharingan!!\\
itachi: tsukutomi\\
sfx near kab: shiiiiii\\
itachi: now I will activate Izanami...\\
itachi: you have already... failed...\\
sfx: suuuu...\\
sfx: dosa\\
sasu: is it already finished?\\
kab: it seems that a genius that already had everything cannot understand\\
kab: … I just want to find my real self\\
kab: and no one will get in my way\\
inserted text: a sad determination...!!!\\

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