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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 590

Chapter 590: I will always love you

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 20, 2012 23:08 | Go to Naruto

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Proofread and translation check by Geg

Chapter 590: I will always love you\\
inserted text: edo tensei’s last moments...\\
naru: that means the same thing is happening on the other battlefields...!\\
tobi: damn you kabuto... you failed...\\
sfx: *jump*\\
naru: don’t look the other way!\\
naru: I’m your opponent!!\\
inserted text: absolute despair...!!!!\\
mizu: tsuchikage-sama... I’m sorry to say it, but it seems that this is the end of the line...\\
rai: shut up mizukage!!\\
rai: I’m still not giving up!!\\
sfx: ban\\
madara: hmm?\\
madara: what’s happening?\\
sfx: *jump*\\
madara: did something happen to the one using edo tensei?\\
itachi: I feel like my consciousness is gradually slipping away...\\
sfx: *step*\\
itachi: before saying goodbye to you... I will tell you about the things you wanted to confirm.\\
itachi: there no need for me to lie anymore...\\
itachi: what danzou and tobi told you...\\
itachi: about that night we separated... is the truth.\\
itachi: I will show you... the complete truth.\\
sasu: these are...\\
sasu: itachi’s memories...\\
shi: it’s no use... the uchiha coup d’etat can no longer be stopped.\\
shi: if things continue like this and a civil war occurs in konoha, I’m sure that the other countries will attack us.\\ … eventually it will become a war.\\
shi: Just when I was about to stop the coup d’etat by using kotoamatsukami... danzou stole my right eye.\\
shi: he doesn’t trust me...\\ not concerned with his appearance, he intends to protect the village in his own way\\
shi: he’ll probably come for my left eye as well...\\
sfx: su\\
shi: before he can, I will hand over this eye to you.\\
itachi: shisui...\\
shi: …the only one I can rely on for this is you, my best friend.\\
sfx: su\\
shi: protect this village... and the name of the uchiha.\\
counselor: we cannot allow this!\\ if the uchiha intend to usurp the political power with their revolution, they will be judged as konoha’s traitors.\\
saru: koharu, wait! don’t rush to a decision.\\
danzou: however, hizuren... the uchiha clan can no longer be stopped.\\ for that reason we should take measures immediately, in order to avoid chaos.\\
danzou: … measures that should include even innocent children.\\
saru: don’t say that in front of itachi!\\ plus if this turns into a civil war against the Uchiha, it will not be that simple.\\
saru: we must form a plan.\\
danzou: we are in a race against time here...\\ we have to strike before they do.\\
danzou: if we put together my anbu and yours and launch a surprise attack from behind, Things will be over in a matter of seconds.\\
saru: the uchiha are our old comrades in arms... I want to convince them not with strength but with words.\\
saru: I will come up with a plan.\\
saru: itachi... buy us as much time as you can, even if it’s only a little.\\
danzou: the third hokage may have said that, but when the time comes he will act to protect konoha...\\
danzou: that’s the kind of man he is.\\
danzou: and when that happens hizuren will have no other choice but to take resolute measures as hokage.\\
danzou: it is not likely that it will become a war...\\ but when the uchiha will cause the coup d’etat, their fate will be annihilation regardless.\\
danzou: …and the same thing will happen to your young brother, even if he doesn’t know anything about this.\\ but there is also a way to save your brother before the coup d’etat.\\
danzou: if the coup d’etat happens, your brother probably will become aware of the truth...\\ and if he sees before his eyes konoha shinobi slaying his own clan, he will develop a desire for revenge again our village.\\
danzou: and if that happens he will have to die.\\
itachi: …is that a threat?\\
danzou: no... I want you to make a choice.\\
danzou: will you side with the uchiha, cause the coup d’etat, and be annihilated together with your clan and your family?\\
danzou: or will you side with konoha and collaborate with us in annihilating the uchiha before the coup d’etat and leaving only your little brother alive...?\\
danzou: to protect the village, we have to do something before chaos breaks out.\\
danzou: this mission can only be entrusted to the uchiha and konoha double spy... that means you, itachi.\\
danzou: itachi... it will be a painful mission for you...\\ …but in exchange you can ensure your brother as the only survivor.\\
danzou: you share my same feelings for the village...\\
danzou: will you undertake this mission?\\
tobi: how do you know about me?\\
itachi: you slipped through konoha’s defenses and even examined the secret stone of the nakano shire...\\
itachi: the only ones who know about that place are the uchiha...\\
itachi: from that moment on I investigated on your actions...\\ including what kind of person you are and what kind of ideology you have\\
tobi: …that makes things quicker...\\
tobi: so you already know that I’m part of the uchiha clan and I hold hatred against both konoha and the uchiha.\\
itachi: …there is one condition...\\
itachi: I will help you in your revenge against the clan... in exchange, you will not make a move against the village.\\
itachi: that includes...\\
itachi: uchiha sasuke.\\
itachi: I wish I had told you more...\\
itachi: before the situation became like this.\\
itachi: sasuke...\\
dad: I see... so you were on their side huh...\\
itachi: father... mother...\\
itachi: I...\\
mum: we understand... Itachi...\\
dad: …itachi... promise me something before you kill me...\\
dad: take care of sasuke\\
itachi: yes...\\
sfx: shake\\shake\\
dad: don’t be afraid... this is the path you have chosen isn’t it...?\\
dad: unlike yours, our pain will be gone in just a few moments...\\
dad: I’m proud of you, even if we chose different paths...\\
dad: you are truly a kind boy...\\
itachi: Now I’ll never say this again...\\
itachi: I lost all my truth...\\
itachi: never again...\\
itachi: I... would always say “forgive me” and lie to you.\\
itachi: with these hands I kept you at a distance...\\ I didn’t... want you to get involved in this...\\
itachi: but now I think that...\\
itachi: maybe you could have been able to change our father and our mother... and the uchiha clan...\\
itachi: If I had properly faced you from the beginning...\\ if I had told you the truth while sharing your point of view...\\
itachi: now that I have failed, even if I tell you everything, I would not be able to make you understand.\\
itachi: that’s why this time I will tell you the truth, even if it’s just a little.\\
sfx: *step*\\
itachi: even if you never forgive me...\\
itachi: no matter what you do from now on...\\
itachi: I will always love you.\\
inserted text: his last words with a smile on his face...\\

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