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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 590

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:48 | Go to Naruto

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tl by molokidan

slanted: The end of Edo Tensei...
2: Which means that the other battles will also...
3: Damn Kabuto...he failed?
4: tah
5: Don't turn away!
6: Your opponent's right here!!

slanted: Death before their eyes...!!!!
590: I Will Always Love You
1: Tsuchikage-sama...unfortunately, it looks as if this is as far as we go...
2: Silence, Mizukage!!

1: I'm not giving up yet!!
2: bah
3: Hm?
4: What is this?
5: zah
6: Did something happen to the summoner?

1: I can can feel my consciousness fading little by little...
2: zah
3: Before we say farewell...let me teach you about what you wanted to confirm.
4: ...there's no need for me to lie anymore.
5: The night I parted with you...
6: Everything I did on that night...was exactly how Danzou and Tobi explained it to you.

1: Allow me...to show you the whole truth.
2: These are...Itachi's memories...
3: It doesn't look like...we can stop the Uchiha coup d'etat.
4(2b): If a civil war starts in Konoha, other countries will come to attack...and a war will begin.

1: I tried using Koto-Amatsukami to stop the coup d'etat...but Danzou stole my right eye.
2(2b): He doesn't trust me...He intends to protect the village on his own by any means.
3: He'll probably be after my left as well...
4: kuh
5: Before that, happens, let me give it to you.
6: Shisui...
7: ...You, my best friend, are the only one I can count on.
8: suh
9: Protect this village...and the Uchiha name.
10(2b): We can accept this no longer! If they intend to steal political power in the name of revolution, then we shall deal with them as traitors of Konoha!
11: Koharu, wait! Don't jump to conclusions.

1(2b): But Hiruzen...we can no longer stop the Uchiha. Which means we must stop them as fast as possible to avoid chaos.
2: ...including the children who know nothing.
3(2b): That is not something to say in front of Itachi! And if we start a civil war with the Uchiha, it won't go easily.
4: There must be some plan we can use.
5(2b): We need all the time we can get...we need to take the initiative before they do something.
6: If you and I join up with other ANBU members and jump them from behind, things should end quickly.
7: The Uchiha are old war comrades of mine...I'd like to deal with them through words, not force.
8: I'll think of a plan.

1: Itachi...a little is enough...just try to buy us as much time as you can.
2: Despite what the 3rd was saying, he'll move to protect Konoha when the time comes.
3: He's that kind of man.
4: And in that event, Hiruzen will have to take firm action as the Hokage.

1(2b): Whether this becomes a war or not, now that a coup d'etat has happened, the Uchiha are fated for annihilation.
2(2b): ...including your younger brother, who knows nothing. But before the coup d'etat happens, it is possible to save only your brother.
3(2b): Once something happens, your brother will learn everything. Seeing his clan annihilated before his eyes by the shinobi of Konoha will give him a desire for revenge...
4: And when that happens, we will have no choice but to kill him.
5: ...is this a threat?
6: No...I want you to choose.
7: Join the Uchiha, begin a civil war, and die with your family.
8: Or, join us on the Konoha side, leave your little brother behind before the coup d'etat happens, and help us annihilate them.

1: We need to calm things down by any means possible before things get chaotic, in order to protect the village.
2: The only one we can entrust this mission with is you, Itachi...a double spy of the Uchiha and Konoha.
3(2b): Itachi...it will surely be a painful mission for you...but in return, you can save your brother.
4: My feelings for the village are the same as yours...
5: This mission...will you accept it?

1: How did you know about me?
2: You slipped through the Konoha guard and were able to inspect the hidden stone in Naka Shrine...
3: Only the Uchiha know where it lies.
4(2b): By studying your movements...I discovered what kind of a person you were, and what kind of ideals you have.
5: That'll make this easier...
6: You already know, then, that I am an Uchiha, and bear hatred toward both the Uchiha and Konoha.
7: I have a condition...
8: You can have your revenge on the Uchiha...in return, do not touch the village.
9: Also...
10: Do not touch Uchiha Sasuke.

1: Now that I think about it...
2: I'm glad I told you before this happened,
3: Sasuke...
4: Oh...so you're on their side now...

1: Father...mother...
2: I...
3: We understand...Itachi...
4: ...Itachi...promise me one last thing...
5: Take care of Sasuke.
6: Understood...
7: Do not fear...this is the path you chose, is it not...?
8: Our pain will end in an instant. It's nothing compared to what you will face.
9: Even though our way of thinking differs, I am proud of you...

1: You're truly a gentle child...
2: Now I'll never have to say it again...

1: For I've lost all my truth...
2: Never again...
3: I always lied to you, telling you to forgive me.
4(2b): I used these hands to keep you far, far away from me...I didn't want...you to get involved...
5: But now...
6: I think maybe...you could have changed father and mother...changed the Uchiha.
7(2b): If I would have faced you from the start, stood at the same viewpoint as you, and spoke to you about the truth...
8: But I failed. And speaking to you now like this isn't going to tell you anything.
9: That's why, I just wanted to show you the truth, even just a little.

1: You never have to forgive me...
2: No matter what happens to you from here on out.

1: I will always love you.
slanted: His final words, spoken with a smile--

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