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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Naruto 593

chapter 593: Orochimaru’s Revival

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 10, 2012 10:48 | Go to Naruto

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Proofread by P. Brown

Chapter 593: Orochimaru’s Revival\\
inserted text: A sudden change of situation\\
sui: What do you mean when you say that you want to meet Orochimaru?\\
sui: and who is this “person who knows everything”?\\
sasu: It doesn’t have anything to do with you\\
sui: What the hell... you aren’t making any sense at all\\
sui: more importantly...\\
sui: you cannot resurrect Orochimaru\\
sui: You probably want to ask to Orochimaru to use the power of that scroll, but...\\ but you will able to use it by yourself if you take your time\\
sui: I went through the trouble to search for you because I thought that...\\
sasu: There is another thing we need Orochimaru for\\
sfx: *jump*\\
sui: Sasuke... if we have to say it, you were Orochimaru’s favorite disciple, right?\\
sui: Then in your case...\\
sasu: Suigetsu... you...\\
sui: … What?\\
sasu: You are underestimating Orochimaru too much\\
sui: Y-you idiot! I’m not underestimating him!\\
sui: It is the exact opposite!\\
sui: you could defeated Orochimaru\\just because he couldn’t use his shiki* seals on both his arms anymore\\
TLN: corpse demon\\
sui: You are the one underestimating him here!\\
sui: Even if he gets revived for a brief time, he will probably not be able to use his arms!\\
sui: but that’s why things can get dangerous! He will try to take your body again!\\
sui: If he knew about this war, he would probably take part in in it!!\\
sui: because he wants to destroy Konoha as well!\\
sui: In that case we members of Taka, will be forced to take part into that battle as well!\\
sui: Are you fine with that!?\\
sui: We were even able to best Kabuto...\\ it is our time to shine!!\\
sfx: su\\su(forming seals)\\
sui: and after all this time I don’t want to see Orochimaru!\\ I don’t want him to mess with us!!\\
sasu: Could you shut up, Suigetsu?\\
sasu: Instead of talking, take a part of Kabuto’s body and bring it to me\\
sui: Eeeh!?\\
sui: Do you think that even if you don’t listen to what people say, others will listen to what you say?\\
juu: In that case I will do it\\
sfx: *step*\\
sui: Haa... so you feel like this after all...\\
sui: are you really alright with this, juugo? Orochimaru will be revived!\\
sfx: sa\\
juu: I don’t care\\
juu: Sasuke’s will is Kimimaro’s will\\
juu: And I will abide by that\\
sfx: su\\
sfx: pita\\
sui Geeeh!!\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
sui: What the hell is this?\\
sfx: zucha\\
juu: In my village this is called sennin transformation...\\ Originally I could transform into that too... but for my copies it was called cursed seal transformation\\
sfx: pita\\
kaka: I will suppress your cursed seal\\
kaka: Fuuja Houin (evil sealing method)!!\\
sasu: I have to do the opposite of that...\\
sfx: tan\\
sasu: Kaija Houin (evil releasing method)!!\\
sfx: *jump*\\
oro: To think... that you would be the ones to resurrect me\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: *jump*\\
sfx: suu...\\
sui: H-hello...\\ long time no see...\\
sasu: Orochimaru there is something that I want you to do for me\\
oro: There is no need to explain things to me in detail...\\ I was observing you within Anko’s body...\\
oro: I put my own sennin chakra into the cursed seals\\ and my split consciousness with them\\
sasu: So you know about this war as well, right?\\
oro: Sure...\\
oro: but I will say only one thing about it... Suigetsu\\
oro: I... don’t have any interest in this war\\
sui: Eh!?\\
oro: It is a war started by someone else after all...\\
oro: If there is something I’m interested in, it would be...\\
oro: Your young body, Sasuke...!\\
sui: I knew it...!\\
oro: … But even considering that\\ Right now I don’t have enough strength to steal your body\\
sui: I wonder...\\
sfx: su\\
oro: What do you intend to do after you meet them?\\
sasu: I... don’t know enough things about this\\
sasu: I want to hear everything from them\\
oro: … Everything...?\\ You don’t have worry about it... you are just a kid after all\\
sasu: That’s not it\\
itachi: More than anyone else I treated you like a child...\\
itachi: I never believed in your strength...\\
itachi: but now I think that...\\
itachi: you probably would have been able to change our father and mother... and the Uchiha clan...\\
itachi: If I had properly faced you from the beginning... if I had told you the truth while sharing your point of view...\\
sasu: I’m not a kid anymore\\
sasu: I cannot afford to be a kid anymore\\
itachi: No matter what you do from now on...\\
sasu: I want to know what it was that began all this...\\
sasu: I want to know how I should act...\\
oro: Are you having second thoughts about your revenge?\\
sasu: No\\
sasu: it is not like I’m hesitating about my revenge itself\\
sasu: I met Itachi again, and my hatred toward Konoha increased\\
sasu: but...\\
sasu: I want to know about Itachi’s feelings...\\
sasu: the feelings of a person who, even after getting his name sullied and dying, continue to think about his village... and wanted to protect it...\\
sasu: What is Itachi...?\\ What is a clan...?\\ What is a village...?\\
sasu: And...\\
sasu: I want to know about everything and find the answer myself\\
sasu: I want to gaze at the things that should be done with my will and my eyes\\
oro: He is different from the time he was manipulated by Itachi... and used by Tobi and I...\\
sfx: *step*\\
sfx: step\\ step\\
oro: … I wonder why... I have this strange sensation...\\
sfx: *jump*\\
sui: He intends to absorb all of Kabuto’s strength and kill him!\\
sui: I told you that it would be better if we were more careful!\\
sui: He probably wants to catch us off guard!\\
oro: You are not that bad...\\ as you are now\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfx: zuuu\\
sui: Look, just as I told you he took his power...!\\
juu: No, it is not like that\\ he released the sennin transformation and took only his own chakra that was inside of Kabuto. It seems that he didn’t touch Kabuto’s chakra\\
oro: Okay, I will collaborate with you\\
oro: Now follow me\\
sasu: Where are we going?\\
oro: Fufuh...\\ to a place that you know very well too\\
oro: Well then, let’s go\\
inserted text: The most improbable four man team departs\\
bottom text: Next 2 issues, there will opening color pages to commemorate the new movie!!\\

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