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Naruto 597

Chapter 597: the space-time ninjutsu’s secret

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 20, 2012 09:08 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 597: the space-time ninjutsu’s secret \\
inserted text: one attack put an end to their helpless situation…!!!\\
sfx: *strap*\\*strap*\\
sfx: *strap*
guy: his technique… is one?\\
kaka: yeah\\
naru: I don’t understand well but\\
naru: we finally landed an attack on him!\\
guy: there is none that is better than you when it comes to analysis\\ could you explain his technique in a simple way?\\
guy: our battle strategy will change if we know about his technique or not\\
sfx: suu\\
kaka: … the basis of his technique is quite simple…\\
kaka: listen…\\
the months and years he piled up upon his shoulders\\ served him to move forward!!!\\
inserted text: the truth about the technique…!?\\
kaka: that technique that sucks things up…\\
kaka: and that technique that makes things slip through him are the same space-time technique\\
guy: what do you mean?\\ how were you able to understand such a thing?\\
kaka: well\\
kaka: I will explain it step by step…\\ first the crack on his mask…\\
kaka: that crack was made with my raikiri enhanced kunai… I’m sure about it\\
kaka: and I also the injury he has on his right shoulder is the result of naruto’s last rasengan\\
kaka: the common point between that crack on the mask and that injury on the shoulder is that\\
kaka: while naruto’s was slipping through him, there were parts of their bodies that were in contact and overlapped each other\\
kaka: and there is another common point\\
kaka: that is…\\
kaka: the crack on the mask and the injury on his shoulder were caused by the kunai and the rasengan I moved in a different space-time with my kamui\\
kaka: in other words, from this reasoning, the space-time of his technique…\\
kaka: and the space-time of my technique are connected!\\
guy: w-wait a minute!\\
guy: what do you mean? Why his eye technique and your eye technique are connected!?\\
bee: are you saying that all the kinds of time-space techniques are connected!?\\
kaka: no… it is not like that\\
kaka: probably it is just our techniques\\
naruto: more importantly, why the kunai that disappeared hit him and not my punch!?\\
bee: he is right! They were sharing the same space-time\\ so it is impossible that the attack just slipped through him without landing!\\
kaka: we were wrong\\
kaka: when we assumed that things slipped through him\\
naru: what do you mean?\\
kaka: it looked like your attacks slipped through him but\\
kaka: in reality the parts of his body that were in contact with your body\\ were moved to a different space-time\\
kaka: in other words, it wasn’t your punch that slipped through the left side of him mask,\\ but it was left side of his mask that disappeared from this space-time, was moved into a different space-time\\
kaka: and materialized in it\\
kaka: and probably with almost the same timing\\ I made the kunai jump in that space-time\\
kaka: and it finished materializing there after he stretched his hand toward you… and was just about to grab you\\
kaka: with a momentum that made the kunai appear exactly on the side of his mask that was already moved into the other space-time\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
sfx: ga\\
kaka: and the kunai made the crack on the mask\\
naru: so the same thing happened with rasengan, right?\\
kaka: yeah…\\
kaka: … kamui!\\
sfx: boshun\\
sfx: zuuu\\
sfx: zuuu\\
naru: … I see\\
bee: but why are your eye techniques connected?\\
guy: kakashi… he…\\
kaka: where did you obtain that eye!?\\
tobi: … where did I get it…?\\
tobi: heh… maybe in the previous great war\\
tobi: during the kannabi bridge battle…\\
tobi: in that battle where you earned the title of “hero of the sharingan”\\
kaka: you…\\
tobi: I already told you! … you shouldn’t open your mouth so easily!\\
tobi: the words of the insincere man you became doesn’t have neither value nor meaning!\\
tobi: it is too late for regrets\\
tobi: reality… will just harshly continue to move forward \\
tobi: someone like you who faced reality should be able to understand… not even once your wishes were realized in this world\\
tobi: that’s why I will guide it to a dream called “infinite tsukiyomi”\\
tobi: I will create a world where there is no need for a hero who miserably makes excuses in front of a grave\\
kaka: haa\\
near kaka: haa\\haa\\
guy: hey! Are you alright, kakashi!?\\
sfx: pan\\
naru: you bastard…\\
naru: are you still saying those bulshits!?\\
naru: I said something to you too!\\
naru: I will not give up my dream of becoming hokage!!\\ because we have a lot of things that were entrusted to us!!\\
guy: naruto!!\\
bee: heh!\\
tobi: heh… things you were entrusted huh… however naruto…\\
tobi: what will jiraya and the fourth hokage think of you…\\
tobi: if you disregard those things they entrusted to you?\\
ji: I’m thinking about what to do for that hatred, but…\\
ji: I still don’t know the right answer…\\
ji: and If I will not be able to find that answer, I will entrust it to you!\\
ji: I’m glad that you are my disciple!\\
minato: you have to search for the answer yourself\\
minato: Even I don’t know that answer\\
minato: you will be able to find that answer\\
minato: … I believe in you\\
tobi: if you will fail to fulfil what they entrusted to you…\\
tobi: what will they think of your?\\
tobi: even if you are deceived by words like “hope” that postpone the problem…\\ an empty reality is what awaits for you at the end\\
tobi: and both the ones who entrusted and the ones who were entrusted… will become empty\\
minato: I sealed the remaining half of the kyuubi’s chakra inside of you\\
minato: because I believed that you could master this power…\\
minato: because you are my son\\
kurama: naruto… let’s switch! … There is something I have to say to him\\
kurama: sorry but…\\
kurama: your words don’t apply to this guy\\
guy: … the kyuubi…!\\
kurama: the fourth entrusted me to naruto…\\ and he was able to use my power after he became my friend!!\\
kurama: the fourth sealed me inside naruto\\ as the strength to defeat you!\\
kurama: go… naruto!\\
sfx: pachi\\
kurama: you cannot fail!!\\
naru: yeah!!\\
inserted text: smash him!!!\\

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