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Naruto 600

chapter 600: why until now...

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 5, 2012 10:15 | Go to Naruto

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chapter 600: why until now...\\
inserted text: it is finally revealed...!!\\
guy: … is that really obito...?\\
guy: he supposed to be dead...\\
sfx: suuu\\
kaka: there is no doubt... he is uchiha obito\\
tobi: it’s fine with me if you want to call me with that name\\
tobi: it doesn’t hold any meaning to me\\
kaka: guooh!!\\
kaka: my eye!!\\
obito: kakashi!!\\
kaka: obito... you...\\
obito: I will...\\
obito: protect my friends!!\\
kaka: you... that time...\\
kaka: run toward the exit!\\
kaka: … the death angle on my left eye...\\
rin: kakashi!\\
obito: kuh!\\
sfx: zaaa\\
kaka: kuh...\\
obito: … are you alright... rin... kakashi...\\
kaka: obito!!\\
kaka: dammit!!\\
obito: stop... it’s fine...\\it is too late for me already\\
obito: the right side of my body is almost crushed...\\ I cannot even feel it...\\
kaka: … what kind of captain am I!?\\ what kind of jounin am I...!?\\
obito: that’s... right... I forgot about that...\\
obito: I... was … the only one who didn’t give to you... your congratulation present for your promotion as jounin... kakashi\\
obito: I... will give you... this sharingan...\\
obito: … kakashi...\\
obito: … I entrust... rin to you...\\
kaka: yeah...\\
rin: obito!!\\
kaka: obito...!\\
kaka: so you were... alive...\\
naru: who is this guy!?\\
guy: he is a man from the uchiha clan and a ninja from konoha who belonged to our same class\\ he was supposed to be a casualty of the last war, but...\\
kaka: if you were alive... then why until now...\\
tobi: it is not important if I survived or what happened\\
tobi: but... you are right...\\ if I have to tell you why\\
tobi: it was probably...\\
tobi: because you let rin die...\\
tobi: heheh...\\
tobi: don’t be too harsh on yourself\\
tobi: and don’t give me that face, kakashi...\\
kaka: you are not blaming me...?\\
tobi: what will happen if I blame this worthless reality now of all times?\\
tobi: I don’t have any interest in this world that will vanish soon\\
naru: kakashi-sensei!! I don’t know what happened between you and this guy, but\\
naru: now it is not the right time to feel down!!\\
naru: you will tell me what happened in detail later!\\
naru: our priority now is to stop what he is about to do!!\\
guy: naruto...\\
guy: kakashi! naruto is right!\\ the world is in our hands now!\\
tobi: it is useless to talk with you\\
tobi: you will die while still tied to this reality\\
tobi: katon...\\
tobi: bakufuu ranbu(chaotic dance blast)!!\\
guy: kakashi!!\\
tobi: he used the kyuubi’s tail, huh...\\
guy: what was that!?\\
madara: it looks like fun here\\
madara: obito...\\
inserted text: and then... madara joins the battle!! the story goes toward the last stage!!\\

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