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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Naruto 614

Chapter 614: to you

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 22, 2012 14:33 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 614: to you\\
inserted text: the confrontation…!!\\
chou: shikamaru…\\
shika: we are in the middle of a war now\\
shika: we don’t need to say superfluous words\\
shika: it’s the same thing for ino…\\
shika: we only have to do things like my father said\\
naru: what… do you mean!?\\
neji: he is saying that you are the key of our plan\\
naru: that’s not it! I’m asking what happened to shikaku and inochi!!\\
fodder: guuah!!\\
hyuga: neji! Perform a kaiten on the right\\
neji: ok!\\
neji: hakkeshou kaiten!!\\
naru: i-incredible…\\
naru: the hyuuga are strong after all… neji really is a genius…!\\
ninja: they repelled it!?\\
ninja2: that’s a technique from the hyuuga clan of the hidden leaf to parry attacks\\ even in the previous wars we had some problems fighting against it\\
??: don’t just stand there, naruto!\\
??: this is a battlefield and this is a war\\
hiashi: … and people die!!\\
hiashi: but if you are defeated in this battle\\ all of them will die!!\\
naru: yeah… I know that!\\
neji: about shikamaru and ino’s fathers \\ it should be said that to die before your sons is a great satisfaction for a shinobi\\
neji: just like it was for my father\\
neji: naruto… your power is essential for our battle plan\\
neji: we will buy time until when we will be able to execute the plan…\\
hina: we will protect you to the end!!\\
naru: hinata!\\
hiashi: behold!\\
hiashi: the hyuuga are the strongest in konoha!\\
mada: … I really wanted to attack those fools before they would say such things, but…\\
mada: we cannot control the juubi that well…\\
sfx: piku\piku\piku\\
mada: we can go on like this until the next transformation, but…\\
mada: then…\\
obi: it seems that you cannot control the juubi if you don’t become its jinchuuriki\\
mada: in order to me to become the juubi’s jinchuuriki…\\ I must not be a corpse bring back to life with the edo tensei, but a real life-form you know…\\
obi: you always complain that you were unwillingly brought back to life with the edo tensei,\\ but the fact that you have not decided to blow yourself up together with the shinobi alliance under our feet with the juubi’s bijuu sphere…\\
obi: indicates that you don’t want me to get dragged into that explosion and die\\
obi: and you are troubled by such a possibility…\\
obi: because the only way for you to become a jinchuuriki is to be revived for good\\ and to do that I should throw away my life by using the rinne tensei technique.\\
obi: … in other words you are in the delicate position in which you have to do anything I say\\ don’t forget about it\\
mada: that little brat became quite stubborn now\\
obi: I never thought that you were one of my comrades\\
mada: heh… that’s just fine…\\ in that case… you should decide what to do next\\
obi: let’s continue\\
obi: we will teach them despair… politely\\
sfx: su\\
sfx: *grin*\\
juubi: gikiiiiiiih!!!\\
obi: motukon: sashiki no jutsu( wood release: impaling trees)!!\\
fodder: guwaaah!!\\
sfx: ga\\ga\\
fodder: there a so many of them!!\\
fodder: we have to avoid them!!\\
sfx: *jump*\\
saku: uwaah!!\\
kitsu: I should be able to stop it for a bit until the kyuubi regains its power with my sandwich technique …!!\\
kitsu: but… It takes time to mould my chakra for it! Until then I…\\
sfx: kan\\
neji: kuh\\
neji: what incredible number!\\
neji: my kaiten… will not make it in time!\\
naru: thanks neji!! I was able to enter into the sennin mode!!\\
naru: rasen shuriken!!\\
naru: oraaah!!\\
naru: here it comes again!!\\
naru: kuh!\\
sfx: hyun\\
sfx: pant\\haa\\
hina: ha!!\\
hiashi: hakke kuuheki sho!!\\
hiashi: haaa!!\\
sfx: pan\\pon\\
hina: hurry…\\
hiashi: dammit!! a pinpoint attack!? There are too many of them!\\
hiashi: hinata and neji’s vacuum palms will not be enough…!!\\
kitsu: uoooh!!\\
kitsu: doton sandwich no jutsu!!\\
??: now\\
??: uooooh\\
naru: where is the medial team…!?\\
neji: no…\\
neji: it.. is too late… for me\\
neji: cough\\
naru: neji…\\
hinata: nii-san…\\
neji: … naruto… hinata-sama…\\
neji would gladly die… if it is for your sake…\\
neji: that’s why… you…\\
neji: don’t represent a single life anymore…\\
neji: it seems that… even my life…\\
neji: is part of you now\\
naru: why… in a place like this…!!?\\ you and the hyuuga…\\
neji: in the past, your words released me from the curse of destiny…\\
neji: a dropout will remain a dropout for all his life…\\
neji: and that will never change\\
neji: can I ask you something? … why do you oppose to your own fate that much!?\\
naru: because you said that…\\
naru: I’m a dropout…!\\
naru: … why did you do such a thing for me…!?\\ why did you throw away your life for me…?\\
neji: because…\\
neji: you said that I’m a genius…\\
neji: I finally understand… father…\\
neji: the feeling of freedom you obtained…\\
neji: by choosing to die in order to protect your friends…\\
obi: didn’t you tell me that you wouldn’t let me kill your friends…\\
obi: naruto?\\
inserted text: the last heroic moments of hyuuga neji, the genius…!!\\

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