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Naruto 619

Chapter 619: the evil clan

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 8, 2013 18:29 | Go to Naruto

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What a short chapter this week...

Chapter 619: the evil clan\\
inserted text: the hokages are resurrected!!\\
sui: that’s the… first hokage…\\ the real hashirama, the one who was called the god of shinobi, huh…\\
oro: zuuu\\
tobi: that ninja called orochimaru again, huh…!\\
hashi: what do you mean?\\
saru: he probably released the shiki fuujin technique…\\ that sealed us\\
saru: and then used the edo tensei…\\
mina: incredible… to think you would be able to release that sealing technique…\\
mina: how did you do that, orochimaru-san?\\
oro: you underestimate me too much minato\\
sfx: zuu\\
oro: originally it was an uzumaki sealing technique…\\
oro: I researched for a lot of time the original site and the documents of that now disappeared clan… because I lost my techniques because of that seal…\\
mina: first hokage-sama…\\
mina: it seems that we were revived into this world once again…\\
hashi: ah!?\\
hashi: who the hell are you!?\\
mina: I’m the fourth hokage:\\
on the jacket: fourth hokage\\
hashi: oh!! You are the fourth!!\\
sui: suu…\\
hashi: yeah! Indeed!! It seems that the village is enjoying a long period stability!\\
mina: hum… I’m not sure if it is enjoying a period of stability or not…\\
mina: because I died and was sealed before of the third\\
hashi: eh!? Really!?\\
hashi: you were sealed in a different incident than sarutobi!?\\
mina: yes… in a different incident…\\
hashi: so, who is the fifth hokage now!?\\
oro: your granddaughter, tsunade-hime\\
hashi: tsuna, huh…\\
hashi: is the village still… alright?\\
mina: a-are you worried about something…?\\
hashi: she was my first granddaughter so I spoiled her a lot!!\\
hashi: and at the end she even learnt from me how to gamble…\\ gahahahaha!!\\
sui: the god of shinobi… he is a little different from what I thought…\\
sui: just a little… hum~~~\\
tobi: … edo tensei once again, huh\\
tobi: to think you would use a technique I created so easily…\\
oro: it is not such a difficult technique to use…\\
oro: it is just that… it is a technique that shouldn’t have been created…\\
oro: second… the political measures and the techniques you created turned out really bad in the long run\\
oro: even for this time…\\
tobi: you bastard… do you intend to attack konoha once again!?\\
saru: I even exchanged my life in order to rob you of your techniques and yet\\ … how could this have happened…!!\\
saru: you even resurrected with edo tensei me, your former master in order to harm konoha!!\\
hashi: oh man… there is always a war, no matter in what age you are\\
hashi: indeed… I cannot really say that this is such a good technique\\
hashi: tobirama… if only you would have done things like I told you then that time …\\
tobi: just shut up for a little, brother\\ I’m talking with that greenhorn\\
hashi: but you know…\\
tobi: shut up\\
sui: the god of shinobi… lacks dignity!!!\\
oro: don’t misunderstand things, please… I don’t have any intention of harming konoha anymore\\
oro: that’s why I didn’t tie down you personality, ok?\\
oro: this time we have some particular circumstances, you know…\\
oro: this person here had the hope to talk a little with you\\
sasu: … I’m uchiha sasuke\\
sasu: there is something that I want to ask to you hokages\\
saru: sasuke…!?\\
tobi: an uchiha, huh…\\
tobi: I see, that’s the reason why you look like a villain\\
hashi: tobirama! I already told you to stop talking like that!!\\
tobi: you are too naïve, brother\\
sasu: I don’t care about what you say about me…\\
sasu: third… why did you make itachi do all those things…?\\
saru: so…\\
saru: you already know…\\
sasu: itachi was…\\
sasu: killed by me as a revenge for what happened to the uchiha clan…\\
sasu: and after that, I heard the truth from tobi and Danzou…\\
sasu: and finally I hurried toward my revenge against konoha\\
sasu: but…\\
“sasu”: itachi’s…\\
sasu: but I want to hear the truth about itachi \\
sasu: from you directly\\
saru: … so that’s what happened…\\
saru: not only I made him kill his brethren…\\ but he accepted to be falsely accused of killing his clan\\
saru: and he finally went to keep an eye on those of akatsuki alone\\
saru: since he was little, itachi didn’t pay attention to the others and was interested in the teachings of the ancestors\\
saru: he was a sensitive child who could understand alone the origins of the ninjas and of the villages\\
saru: because of that itachi wasn’t tied down by his own clan\\
saru: he was able to think about… the future of the shinobi… and the future of the village…\\ he always feared about the future\\
saru: when he was 7 years old he was a young boy with a mind-set similar to an hokage…\\
saru: we left everything to him\\
saru: and itachi perfectly completed his duty just like a mission\\
saru: he killed all of his brethren and stopped their revolt…\\ furthermore he held back the war tied together with that potential rebellion alone…\\
saru: he even entered into the akatsuki as a spy in order to protect the village\\ and left to me the duty to protect you in the village\\
sasu: so…\\
sasu: it was the truth…\\
tobi: that’s the uchiha cursed destiny\\ so now they are totally annihilated, huh…\\
tobi: they even arrived to plan a coup d’état…\\
tobi: I always thought that such a thing would happen\\
tobi: because I could see elements of rebellion with madara’s will in them\\
oro: that’s right, you were the one who cornered the uchiha, second…\\ It is said that everything originated from the uchiha military police department you created\\
tobi: what did you say…?\\
oro: it is easy that sometimes those who guard the criminals are hated…\\ furthermore, the more power such an organization has, the more it becomes conceited\\
oro: under the pretext that they had to guard the criminals, you create the military police department in the same site of the prison\\
oro: and the uchiha’s family were plainly chased away in a corner of the village\\ that action unnecessarily helped madara’s supporters\\
hashi: tobirama! I made sure that the uchiha would not be ignored to that extent!\\
hashi: you should have given to the capable uchihas official positions!\\ and as a result they would have dealt immediately with another madara if he would have appeared!\\
tobi: brother, you should know this as well… the uchiha are…\\
tobi: an evil clan…!!\\
oro: … it is like madara traumatized you\\ to think that the uchiha would be so frightening…\\
tobi: you greenhorn… you don’t know anything about madara\\
sasu: second hokage… I’ll ask you this\\
sasu: what is the uchiha clan? … do you know something about that!?\\
tobi: fuuuh…\\
tobi: there is a long story made of wars between the uchiha clan and the senju clan which me and my brother are part of\\
tobi: originally those two clans were enemies\\
sasu: I already know that…\\
sasu: what you mean that the uchiha is an evil clan!?\\
tobi: … in the past they thought that in contrast with the senju clan that would still have the power of love and affection even if they would lose all of their technique,\\
tobi: the uchiha clan would consider the power of their techniques above of anything else\\
tobi: but… they were wrong\\
tobi: there isn’t a clan with a deeper love and affection than the uchiha\\
tobi: that’s why the uchiha sealed such emotions\\
sasu: what do you mean?\\
tobi: for a brief period a member of the uchiha clan would know what love and affection is, and release all the emotions they had tied up until then…\\
tobi: and awaken a power of love and affection that would even surpass that of the senju\\
sui: … isn’t that ok?\\
sui: things go so well with the senju…\\ when it comes to that so called strong power of love\\
tobi: on the contrary, it is here where things become troublesome\\ that love was too strong… and there was the possibility that it would go out of control\\
tobi: when a member of the uchiha clan who came to know love would lose it…\\
tobi: he would end up changed by an hatred even stronger than that love\\
tobi: I saw that thing countless times\\ and then some special symptoms appear\\
sasu: … symptoms…?\\
tobi: when an uchiha writhe in agony because he lost his love and because of self despair…\\
tobi: a particular kind of chakra is released into his brain. This chakra reacts with his optic nerve altering his eyes\\
tobi: and that is the “eye that looks inside of the heart”…\\
tobi: the so called sharingan\\
tobi: the sharingan reacts with the power of the heart and rapidly strengthens the individual…\\ together with the power of the hatred in that heart…\\
tobi: … it is true that there are a lot of sensible people in the uchiha clan\\ and almost all the people who have awaken strong feelings fall into darkness and become evil\\
tobi: the more the darkness becomes deep, the more they are able to increase the power of their eyes…\\ just like madara\\
hashi: madara loved his brother… probably even more than you\\
tobi: I wanted to give a shape and guide the power of the uchiha so that it would give a contribution to the village\\
tobi: but… if that contribution ended up in being their self-destruction, I cannot do anything about it\\
tobi: it means that they were useful to konoha in some way as well\\
hashi: stop saying such things, tobirama!\\ the one who is listening to your talk is a pure uchiha boy!\\
tobi: what is important is the village, the village is the fulcrum\\ you should know it already, brother\\
sasu: don’t worry\\
sasu: … even if I’m pure, I’m not a child anymore…\\
tobi: that’s not the standard pattern… he has the mangekyou sharingan, huh…\\
sasu: first hokage… to you I will ask…\\
sasu: what is village?\\
sasu: and what was originally a shinobi?\\
inserted text: the question…!!\\

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