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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Naruto 630

Chapter 630: the things that fill the hole

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 19, 2013 10:25 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 630: the things that fill the hole\\
inserted text: emptiness…!!\\
obi: the only thing I had here was pain\\
obi: and what is the meaning of all of that?\\
obi: that’s why I throw everything away\\
obi: … on the other side you… were probably suffering for all this time…\\ in front or rin’s grave…\\
obi: and in front of my grave…\\
obi: it’s alright now… kakashi\\
obi: you don’t have to suffer anymore…\\
obi: rin is right here…\\
obi: together with your ideal obito …\\
rin: I like you kakashi\\
obito: I will become the hokage!!\\
obi: if you desire to have people you love… you can obtain all of them in this world of illusion\\
obi: and the hole in your heart will be immediately filled…\\
kaka: rin is not with us anymore\\
kaka: and you are still alive\\
kaka: do you really think… that such a thing…\\
kaka: can really fill the hole in your heart?\\
kaka: you even erased rin’s feeling when she was still alive!\\
kaka: she put her live on the line to protect the village\\
kaka: even if you cram that hole with your self delusions\\
kaka: that hole in your heart will never be filled\\
omoi: it’s transforming again…!\\
hachi: no… it is only returning to its original form…\\
hachi: that’s just a form to prepare its attack\\
hachi: however… it is just a step away from its final transformation\\
hachi: naruto is in the middle of healing, while the kyuubi is in the middle of moulding its chakra\\
hachi: it’s our turn now, bee!\\
bee: that’s right, we will set everything straight\\
hachi: listen well bee…\\
hachi: if it reaches the final transformation we lose!\\
hachi: everything…\\
sfx: zuooooo\\
sfx: zuooooo\\
mada: the juubi is not holding back anything\\
mada: did it become impatient because it saw inside of naruto the same bijuus that are also inside of itself…?\\
mada: in order to bring the most entertainment things in front of your eyes…\\ you have to clean up the stage at least once\\
shika: it’s becoming bigger and bigger…\\
cho: i-is it aiming for naruto!!?\\
fodder: to be honest… how the hell can we fight that thing without naruto’s chakra…?\\
saku: now that we arrived to this point we probably cannot help but to be afraid…!\\
saku: naruto did everything he could!!\\
saku: I clearly heard the words that he said earlier!\\
naru: when my friends are not here… that’s the moment it hurts the most!!!\\
fodder: yeah… he recklessly protected even simple shinobies like us until now…\\
saku: that’s not it!!\\
saku: he told us that we are friends for him from the bottom of his heart!!\\
saku: I will completely heal naruto!\\
saku: we have to do what we have to do!\\
saku: if we have to die no matter what…\\
saku: it is better to die fighting instead of dying without doing anything!!\\
shika: heh…\\
shika: Ino! There is someone I want you to connect me with!\\
ino: so you have a plan!\\
cho: well you are our shikamaru after all!!\\
ki: you are shikaku’s…\\
shika: listen to me kitsuchi-san…\\
shika: I would like that you teach me the seals for a simple doton, a ninjutsu that creates a barrier… that even shinobies that are not from the hidden rock can use\\
ki: even if everyone uses a barrier doton, it will not amount to much…\\ we need something more\\
shika: no, the essential thing is that anyone can use it\\
shika: you of the hidden rock have the quality, while we have the quantity\\
ki: but in any case those barriers will vanish immediately…\\
shika: even if they will vanish we will continue to built barriers one after another, creating a shield in the end…\\
shika: it is more like that we will continuously kill its momentum with weak barrier than completely stop it with a strong barrier\\
shika: obviously I would like that the people from the hidden rock build an incredible barrier for us\\
ki: I see…\\
ki: maybe there is some worth in trying it…!!\\
ki: ok, I will teach you the seals!\\
shika: before that, bee-san,\\ in the meantime I want you to knock your own bijuu sphere into that thing and change its trajectory so that it moves up as much as possible\\
shika: ino… now connect me with everyone on the battlefield\\
shika: can you do that?\\
shilka: I don’t know, I will just do it!!\\
obi: do you have any problem with this world of illusion?\\
obi: the reality is cruel…\\ the only thing it can do is to open this hole even more\\
obi: not only things don’t go as you want\\ often the help doesn’t arrive in time…\\
obi: just like that time!\\ it’s still like that, right, kakashi!?\\
obi: how can you fill up this hole by staying into such a world!?\\
kaka: … I’m a shinobi trash\\ but even I can learn something\\
kaka: the hole in your heart is filled up by other people\\
kaka: someone who throws away his feeling for his friends and gives up on this world…\\
kaka: just because things don’t go as he wishes\\ is not able to gather friends\\
kaka: and with that the hole in his heart will not be filled…\\ people will never do anything for those who run away without doing nothing\\
kaka: you don’t have to give up, someone will help you for sure!\\
shika: kuh!\\
ki: it’s stronger than I thought\\
ki: if things continue like this, then…\\
bee: kuh!!\\
obi: you are just uttering beautiful things…\\
obi: only once you have thrown away reality… your friends in this world and the feeling you have for them\\ you will find real happiness!\\
kaka: those who break the rules and laws in the shinobi world are called trash…\\ but you know…\\
kaka: those who don’t hold dear their friends are more trash than that\\
kaka: and those who don’t hold dear their feeling for their friends\\
kaka: are even more trash\\
fodder: … it disappeared…?\\
kaka: I will not throw away the feeling you had in the past…\\
kaka: even if you now negate them\\
mina: am I late?\\
naru: no…\\
naru: just in time, dad!!\\
inserted text: finally…!!\\

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