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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 631

Chapter 631: team seven

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 26, 2013 10:06 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 631: team seven\\
inserted text: they meet minato!!\\
Saku: … who are you!?\\
Mina: I am namikaze minato\\
Mina: prepare for the explosion…\\
saku: wah!... what is this!?\\
mina: I made the juubi’s attack fly all the way to the sea\\
fodder: what the hell is happening!?\\
kiba: what?\\
aka: grrrrrrr…\\
saku: the eyes of… the edo tensei\\
saku: y-you are…\\
mina: you don’t have to worry, I’m your ally\\
mina: thanks for healing naruto\\ … is she your girlfriend?\\
naru: hum~~~\\ eh?\\ yeah!\\
naru: you can say that…\\
naru: bah!\\
saku: shut up!! Don’t waste physical strength by talking!!!!\\
naru: … ouch… you are not healing me, instead you are hurting me even more…!\\
naru: I will even heal the damage I cause, ok!!?\\
mina: haha…\\
mina: this girl…\\
mina: she resembles kushina a little\\
mina: go easy on my son, please…\\
saku: this thing happened so suddenly…\\ but you already knew about it, right?\\
naru: I perceived his chakra when I was in kyuubi mode\\ the others will come here soon as well…\\
saru: minato… you are fast as always!\\
tobi: fourth, your body flickering technique is even better than mine\\
hashi: ok, let’s begin!!\\
saku: t-third hokage-sama…!?\\
saku: and the others are…!!\\
??: the first, the second\\ furthermore the third… and minato-sama the fouth!!\\
?: I see, so the ones who stopped that attack were… the hokages!\\
?: who in the world used edo tensei on them…!?\\
saru: orochimaru called us\\ we have to stop this war immediately\\
naru: other reinforcements are coming,\\ but they seem to be a little late\\
mada: I was waiting for you!!\\ hashirama~~~!!!\\
hashi: you come later!!!\\
sfx: jubin!\\
hashi: first I will stop the juubi!!!\\
mada: heh…\\ you never change\\
mada: I never get along well with him…\\
sfx: gacha\\
hashi: well… that thing is running toward us, you know …\\
sfx: zuuu\\
mina: you did well until now naruto… rest for a bit\\
mina: your friend will be here soon… he is an ally as well\\
kurama: minato… this is…\\
naru: he is…\\
hashi: let’s go… hokages!!\\
sfx: suuu…\\
nima: after you, second, third\\
saku: eh!!?\\
saku: this is the same thing as nauto…\\
kurama: I never thought that even minato could do such a thing…!\\
naru: see! See! My father is incredible, right!?\\
kurama: I understand that even better than you!\\ He is the man who was able to seal me, even if he divided my chakra, after all!\\
saru: you already set up the markings, right?\\
mina: yes…\\
tobi: you are even fast when it comes to make the first move, huh…\\
saku: they disappeared!?\\
hashi: let’s go ninpou…\\
hogakes: shisekiyou jin!!! (four red suns formation)\\
hashi: furthermore eat this from me…\\
hashi: senpou myoujinmon!! (sage arts, great god’s gates)\\
??: ten seals!!!\\
lee: a red barrier…!?\\
guy: that thing is said to be tens of times stronger than the four violet flames formation…\\ it is a barrier impossible to make unless you have 4 ninja on the same level of an hokage!\\
juu: guoooh\\
guy: in that way I will not be able to move easily!\\
naru: you took your sweet time to come here, sasuke!\\
saku: sasuke… kun…?\\
sasu: …\\ sakura, huh…\\
saku: s-sasuke-kun!!\\
saku: eh!!? Why!?\\
ino: eh… s-sasuke-kun…!?\\
sfx: jump\\
shika: hey ino!! Stop!!\\ he is an enemy, you know!\\
chou: ino… it is better if you don’t go near him carelessly!\\
saku: …\\ you are noisy as ever…\\
kiba: you bastard, why are you here!!?\\
saku: why is sasuke-kun here…?\\
sasu: a lot of things happened, but…\\ I decided to protect konoha\\ furthermore…\\
sasu: I will…\\
sasu: … become hokage\\
sasu: eeh~~~!!!\\
kiba: someone who was a missing-nin for a long time cannot suddenly show up and begin to say silly jokes!!\\
kiba: do you know the meaning of being an hokage eh!!?\\
shika: I don’t know what happened to you, but…\\ such thing is impossible…\\
shika: you… yourself did…\\
shino: are you thinking that you can get even with everything you have done until now?\\
saku: probably… I will never be able to compensate for what I have done\\
saku: but it doesn’t have anything to do with what you think of me\\
saku: the current situation was created by the hokages\\
saku: that’s why I will become hokage and change the village\\
ita: it is not like that “someone who becomes hokage” is recognized by everyone,\\
ita: but it is someone who “was recognized by everyone”, that becomes hokage\\
itachi: I leave sasuke to you\\
naru: ok, leave him to me\\
sfx: step\\
saru: I will be the one who will become hokage!\\
hashi: I’m glad that you admire the hokages that much, but you are taking it too easy!!\\ mould your chakra now! Let’s defeat that thing with a simultaneous attack!\\
naru: thanks for healing me, sakura-chan!\\
naru: now it is your turn to rest\\
naru: let’s go, sasuke!
sfx: jump\\
saku: are you thinking that I am a weak woman who cannot reach the two of you?\\
saku: someone who was a disciple trained by tsunade-sama of the three sannin cannot be unskilful…\\
naru: sakura-chan…\\
saku: just for little more… just for a little more and I will be able to gather my chakra… and finally take out my real power…\\ I’m member of team seven and one of the sannin’s disciples after all…\\
naru: ok!! Team seven…\\
naru: is once again reunited here!!\\
inserted text: once again…\\

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