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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 632

Chapter 632: common front

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 3, 2013 17:37 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 632: common front\\
inserted text: their destiny guided them…\\ team seven, together once again!!\\
text above: sasuke stands on the battlefield!! After obtaining a new force, it is time to go…\\
naru: let’s go…!\\
naru: sakura-chan, sasuke!\\
saku: yeah!\\
sasu: ok…\\
ino: isn’t that an image that brings back memories…\\ shikamaru?\\
shika: … it seems that he will help us defeating our enemy, so we don’t have any other choice for now…\\ but I don’t accept this…\\
chou: a lot of time passed since all of us were reunited in the same place!\\
chou: I didn’t feel like this since the chuunin exam!\\
kiba: I will become hokage!!\\
kiba: hey! Are you listening to me!?\\
shino: kiba, right now no one is listening to you, you look pitiful… stop\\
shi: why? Because when sasuke suddenly appeared and said, “I will become hokage”, he had an impact too much stronger than yours\\
hina: I-I’m listening to you kiba…\\ that’s everyone’s aim, right?\\
naru: let’s show them our power!!\\
juugo: sasuke… what are you thinking right now…?\\
naru: ok~~~!!\\
hashi: wait a second!\\
??: that thing again!!\\
mina: my fellow hokages!! Put together your fighting spirit and prepare!!\\
saru: yeah I know!\\
tobi: well then…\\
juu: ooooh\\
mifu: damn the juubi… it took on itself all that thing!\\
samurai: what incredible barrier… to think it was able to stop even that…!\\
hashi: it is not a simple barrier!\\
naru: i-incredible…\\
naru: the first hogake and the others really were incredible people!\\
sasu: it seems that they weren’t just all talk\\
hashi: wood release, wood clones technique!\\
hashi: I will…\\
hashi: create…\\ an opening on the 4 surfaces of the barrier\\
hashi: for you!\\ follow me!\\
hashi: ok! Go now!!\\
naru: ok!!\\
hashi: I’m not finished yet!!\\
sfx: hand seals*2\\
hashi: senpou myoujinmon!! (sage arts, great god’s gates)\\
juu: guoooh!!!\\
hashi: fuutou!! (head seal)!!\\
??: ooooh\\
??: let’s go!!\\
hashi: well then…\\
hashi: I will be your opponent…\\
hashi: madara… sorry to keep you waiting\\
mada: no…\\
mada: it’s boring to fight a clone…\\
mada: I will wait until the original comes\\
sfx: ban\\
hashi: go!!\\
naru: yeah!!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
hashi: split replicas, huh…\\
hashi: it doesn’t want us to get closer to the main body\\
naru: don’t falter!!\\
replica: guoooh!!!!\\
saku: during the chuunin exam…\\
saku: I wanted to become a full fledged kunoichi and yet…\\
saku: I was only able to walk by hiding myself behind sasuke-kun and naruto’s backs…\\
saku: I came to hate myself…\\
saku: because the two of them always fought by protecting me…\\
saku: this time I want to fight by showing them my back…\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfx: step\\
box: this time be sure…\\
box: to look at my back!!\\
saku: that time I swore that, and yet…\\
saku: both sasuke-kun and naruto where always in front of me and gradually they pushed forward… that’s why I…\\
saku: thought that I couldn’t reach them…\\
saku: because they were too incredible and I gave up…\\
saku: medical ninjas cannot die no matter what!\\ that’s why they must never fight on the front lines…\\
tsu: that’s true…\\
tsu: however there are seasons because you have to learn a technique that will enable you to fight on the front lines… first of all…\\
tsu: you are my disciple…\\
tsu: the kunoichi who will inherit the power of one of the sannin, and…\\
tsu: Haruno Sakura\\
tsu: don’t forget that you are the disciple of the fifth hokage!\\
saku: now… I have gathered enough chakra…\\
saku: I can finally release it\\
replica: giiiih!!!\\
saku: shannaro~~~!!\\
??: gugyaaaah!!!\\
naru: I must never… ever…!!\\
naru: dare to defy sakura-chan another time, otherwise…\\
naru: she will reduce me to dust…!\\
saku: heh…\\
sfx: su\\
hashi: what incredible superhuman strength… maybe she is even better than tsunade\\
shizune: she pilled up her chakra for three years in a single point… an extremely accurate chakra control\\
shizune: the strength of hundred seal, that’s something that even I was unable to do!!\\
saku: I don’t need to use a part of my chakra to look young, you know!!\\
naru: wind release: rasen shuriken!!\\
sasu: flame release: gagutsuchi!!\\
replica: gugyaaah!!!\\
saku: eh…!\\
saku: sasuke-kun!!\\
naru: you know~~~ I’m here as well… sakura-chan!\\
sasu: don’t slow us down, naruto\\
saku: he is right! If you trifle on such little things I will take the seat of hokage in front of your eyes!\\
naru: eh~~~! Even you have that objective, sakura-chan!?\\
saku: this time let’s fight by watching each tower’s backs!!\\
saku: tsunade-sama… it seems that… I was finally able to catch up with the two of them!!\\
inserted: explosion!!\\

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