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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 633

Chapter 633: forward

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 11, 2013 10:14 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 633: forward\\
Inserted text: the wall that prevents them to reach the juubi’s main body…!!\\
Sasu: so this is the state in which he controls the kyuubi’s chakra, huh…\\
Naru: … a new sharingan… and black flames…\\
Mina: naruto… he is even able to add nature manipulation to the rasengan…\\
kiba: team eight, we have to go as well!!\\
kiba: we cannot lose against team seven!!\\
hina: yes!\\
kiba: naruto!! Don’t think that you are the only one capable of using this technique!!\\
kiba: shadow clone technique!!\\
naru: didn’t you just do one clone!?\\
naru: you are not even on the same level of my past self…\\
kiba: I will show you that with just one more head I have triplicated my normal power!!\\
kiba: come, akamaru!!\\
aka: woof!!\\
kiba: let’s break through the enemies’ lines!!\\
kiba: inuzuka style: human-beast mixture transformation!!\\
kiba: three headed wolf!!\\
kiba: keh!! Sasuke’s joke was really disgusting, but it strangely increased the tension around here!!\\
kiba: tail chasing…\\
kiba: rotating fang!!\\
sfx: jump\\
sfx: ton\\
shino: parasitic giant insect…\\
sfx: pechi\\
replica: gyaaaah\\
shino: bug bite!!!\\
ino that’s so gross!!\\
ino: what the hell is that!?\\
shino: parasitic bugs… they will devour the chakra inside the body and its meat without fail and grow up\\ it is the most difficult bug to deal with among the parasitic ones\\
hina: two strikes!\\four strikes\\eight strikes!\\ 16 strikes!\\ 32 strikes!\\
sfx: step\\
hina: so… this is my limit after all…\\
neji: from that point, you have to step forward without any fear\\
neji: that’s…\\
hina: 64 strikes!!\\
neji: that the trick behind connecting the 64 palm strikes\\
hina: naruto-kun is always advancing forward and doing his best…\\
hina: I want to be always on his side!!\\
hina: this time I will go with the 64 palm strikes like this!!\\
hina: that’s why I must always go forward\\
hina: even if of a single step!!\\
ino: team 10 will go with the inoshikachou combination!!\\
shika: formation E!!\\
shika: we aren’t in the chuunin exam, furthermore we never competed with any other team,\\ and now we are in a war\\
shika: shadow gripping technique!! (kagezugami no jutsu)\\
chou: multi-size technique!!\\
ino: I perceive 25 enemies!\\
ino: look on!\\
ino: perception transfer!!\\
sfx: tan\\
chou: meat tank yo yo!!\\
replica: guuuh\\
replica: gugyaaah!!!\\
chou: I will increase my size even more! I will become really heavy, will you be alright!?\\
shika: yeah, you are still light\\ furthermore this is still not enough to steal the scene from them\\
ino: what the… so you want to compete with the others after all!\\
sai: I was temporary in team 7 after all\\
sai: I will attack the main body in the sky in a single go!\\
naru: sai!!\\
sai: kuh!\\
naru: sai!!\\
naru: are you alright!!?\\
stx: gah\\
sfx: gyun\\
??: this is useless, the enemies’ number is gradually increasing!\\
?: guah…\\
???: on top of that they are huge!!\\
sfx: mih\\mih\\
hashi: … those with this size are really heavy after all…\\
sai: naruto… you still cannot give your chakra to the others?\\
naru: it’s impossible now! Kurama has still not finished piling up his chakra!\\
sai: the only way to defeat the main body is to make our way to it while mowing down those jumbos there…\\
sai: and we are not in a range where we can reach it directly with a jump\\ we also need the time to repel the enemies’ attacks and form the seals…\\
sai: not only we don’t have naruto’s chakra… also there is an high probability to suffer severe wounds, but\\ we cannot employ the medical team on the front lines…\\
sasu: to make our way… while mowing down those things\\
sasu: is not that difficult\\
naru: this guy has both the power to make a jump and get there directly\\
naru: and to repel their attacks!\\
saku: with my current powers I can heal everyone around me…\\
saku: even if they have suffered heavy wounds…!\\
the three of them: summoning technique!!\\
inserted text: the arrival!!!\\

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