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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 648

Chapter 648: a shinobi’s dream…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 28, 2013 02:42 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 648: a shinobi’s dream…!!\\
Naru: sasuke~~!!\\
Naru: I’m coming too!!\\
Sasu: heh…\\
Obi: … uzumaki naruto\\
Obi: you never…\\ ever…\\
kura: sorry about this… I will take a little more of your chakra\\
kyuu: don’t worry about that\\
sfx: puchi\\
mina: do your best, naruto\\
naru: so… sasuke… you know that only sage techniques work against him, right!?\\
sasu: I’m not an idiot like you\\
sui: … hey Karin, look…\\ that’s… the same pattern as sasuke’s cursed seal…\\
Karin: I thought that the power of his cursed seal disappeared…\\
Oro: originally juugo’s power was that of the sage\\ … in the past I have injected sasuke-kun with juugo’s chakra in one of my experiments and he immediately activated the cursed seal…\\
Oro: sasuke-kun’s susanoo is adapting itself to juugo’s chakra as well\\ isn’t that something marvellous?\\
Oro: in other words I would call it sage susanoo\\
Tobi: … uchiha sasuke, huh…\\
Tobi: I see in him the same potential that in the past madara had… as a person of the uchiha clan\\
Karin: … maybe I should join them too…\\
Sui: you will just get in the way and get stabbed once again, you know\\
sui: uwaaah!\\
ka: raaah!!\\
oro: furthermore sasuke-kun… your power differently from these two behind me…\\
oro: … no, differently from all of my experiments…\\
oro: … still can improve…\\
oro: I’m able to understand it… my intuition that comes from the information I have gathered during my entire life… is saying this to me…\\
oro: you are the shinobi who one day will surpass madara\\
tobi: and uzumaki naruto…\\
tobi: it is like I’m looking at my brother’s past self…\\
tobi: he is a kid who says stupid and naïve things loudly\\
tobi: but… for some reason he is loved my everyone…\\
tobi: and everyone wants to rely on him…\\
sasu: go for it!!\\
naru: ok!!\\
obi: you will not have the time for regrets…\\ because there is no future for the two of you\\
?: they really… went to fight him…\\
??: yeah… what should we do…!?\\
???: maybe we should ask it to the five kages… once they get here\\
????: are you sure about that!?\\
mada: I will enjoy fighting with you…\\
mada: while on the road to reach the real dream\\
hashi: what is this real dream you are talking about…?\\
hashi: I thought that the thing we were aiming at was this village!!\\
mada: you… cannot see it…\\
mada: the dream that lies… ahead of that\\
hashi: in that case… could you tell me about that dream?\\
?: this is… the first’s…\\
?; … memories?\\
?: the dream that lies ahead…\\
hashi: we were able to gather the five kages from all the great nations in this summit…\\
hashi: and I am really…\\
hashi: grateful to you all!!\\
tobi: brother…! The hokage, who stands as representative of the hidden leaf from the fire country, cannot simply lower his head in front of the other kages\\
hashi: but I’m so happy!!\\
rai: you can raise your head, hokage-dono\\ we know each other from a long time, it is not the case to behave like that\\
tsuchi: it is true that I came here because I agree with the hokage-dono’s intent to make the five kages collaborate, but…\\ I am not here just to sign this treaty\\
sui: if you behave in such an humble way\\ I will think that you are hiding something from us\\
kaze: there is the condition that you would divide the bijuus you have gathered with the other countries before signing this treaty…\\
kaze: this is just busyness, there is no need to be swayed by emotions\\
tobi: I agree… we will distribute the bijuus with balance in mind, and we will ask for compensations\\
hashi: … but…\\
tobi: shut up!!\\
mizu: this is the first summit…\\
oono: indeed… because of this small dispute, they weren’t able to find stability at in that period\\
kaze: since long in the past the priests of our village were able to seal one of the bijuus…\\ we already have one of them… that’s why we don’t need anymore of them\\
kaze: differently from the other villages I will ask for other compensations in order to sign this treaty\\ … are you fine with that?\\
rai: what are you asking for?\\
kaze: our country is just one big desert…\\ for such reason we ask konoha to divide with us their fertile lands instead of giving us the bijuus\\
kaze: furthermore we want one third of the total sum that the other villages will pay for the bijuus\\
rai: stop joking kazekage!!\\
tsuchi: what!?\\
sui: that’s too much, kazekage-dono!\\
kaze: if you don’t agree to such conditions we will not sign the treaty!!\\
kaze: our country is only full of sand and it has no productivity whatsoever…\\ so in order to be able to be in par with the four other great nations we will need to heavily use the power of the bijuu!!\\
mizu: or our four countries could form an alliance\\ and strike down the wind country…\\
hashi: … it is true that our story until now is full of unpleasant things…\\
hashi: the things that we have done in order to protect our brethren and our clans…\\ maybe were the only things we could have ever done\\
hashi: and today… even if this collaboration among the 5 countries would go well…\\
hashi: I honestly don’t know for how much time such a thing would last\\
hashi: but… I dream that one day… in the future…\\
hashi: the shinobies of this world will help each other no matter the country they come from…\\
hashi: and their heart will become one\\
hashi: this is my…\\
hashi: dream that lies ahead\\
hashi: and today I want to take the first step toward that dream…!\\
hashi: so please!\\ please!\\please!\\please!\\
hashi: please!\\
hashi: I beg you!!\\
hashi: our beloved children!!\\
hashi: now it’s the time to show me the results coming from\\ the pain\\ the hardships\\
hashi: and the frustration we have endured until now\\ our…\\
hashi: real dream!!\\
inserted text: the things they have obtained… the answer is right here…!!!\\

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