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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Naruto 649

Chapter 649: the shinobi’s will

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 9, 2013 08:36 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 649: the shinobi’s will\\
inserted text: the five kages arrive!!\\
rai: even in our era… it seems that we need a summit like that\\ … right?\\
mizu: yeah\\
oono: I agree\\ but first we have to win here!\\
ga: the tsuchikage is right\\ … we cannot afford to lose anymore\\
tsu: ok! Let’s spread and take control of the troops!\\ let’s bring out the greatest power of the shinobi alliance!\\
tsu: that’s what we five kages are originally supposed to do\\
?: let’s go!!!\\
sfx: su\\ kacha\\su\\suu\\
sfx: para\\para\\
naru: kuh…!\\
obi: … this is enough…\\
naru: I will not let you kill my friends!!\\
naru: uooooh!!!\\
saru: this is…\\
saku: naruto…!\\
saku: even while he is fighting… he is helping with the healing of his comrades…\\
saku: naruto! You have to do what you are supposed to do!\\
saku: leaves the things here to me!\\
ino: it’s not like that, sakura…\\
ino: naruto is doing it subconsciously…\\
ino: his chakra is moving by itself because of his strong desire to help shikamaru…\\
ino: I can feel it from the body-mind switch technique, so I understand that clearly\\
shika: geez naruto… you are always like that\\
shika: you always overdo things…!!\\
shika: … you would do anything for our sake…\\
shika: even now you don’t give in even a little for our sake…\\
ino: shikamaru…\\
shika: even I…\\
shika: have stopped to find things troublesome when you are in front of me…\\
shika: sorry old man…\\ I still cannot come to your side… because naruto…\\
saku: you shouldn’t talk, shikamaru!\\
saku: I will not let you die no matter what!! \\ because naruto… everyone needs you!!\\
shika: dad… until now naruto went through countless hardships alone… and I knew about such things only later…\\
shika: I don’t want that he feels like that anymore even for a little… and in any case I think that such a thing is possible… if I’m together with him\\
shika: in the past I told you once…\\
shika: he will become an important shinobi for this village…\\
shika: and I am convinced that…\\
shika: if I’m together with him, I will be able to walk on his side…\\
shika: differently from the first\\
shika: that fool of naruto doesn’t have a brother who can advise him…\\
shika: well… that’s why…\\
shika: that’s the reason why…\\
shika: when he will become hokage\\
shika: I have to be on that fool’s side!\\
sfx: su\\
shika: sorry dad, I cannot come to the other side\\
near shika: haa\\ haa\\
shika: no one other than me can fill the position of naruto’s advisor!\\
saku: thanks naruto…!\\
saku: he was saved thanks to your chakra… and the strength of your emotions!\\
sai: yeah! He recovered\\
ino: thanks sakura!\\
ino: thanks naruto!\\
kiba: don’t be reckless shikamaru…\\ you could become my advisor\\
shino: don’t worry akamaru, even three people can become advisors\\
aka: whoof!\\
hina: … I will be the one on naruto’s side*\\
TLN: sorry Hinata this is bromance you cannot win\\
hina: I have to do my best…!\\
chou: shikamaru~~~!\\
shika: ouch\\
sfx: tan\\
saku: tsunade-sama!\\
tsu: you did well…\\
tsu: grandfather… sorry\\
sfx: step\\
hashi: hey tsuna, no need to apologize\\
hashi: I should apologize instead\\ the problems I left behind were carried all the way to my granddaughter’s era\\
tsu: but your feelings and dreams… where also carried all the way to your granddaughter’s era and even beyond\\ … yes…\\
naru: uooooh!\\
tsu: the so called will of fire\\
hashi: … ok!\\
hashi: let’s cut down that big tree while he is distracted by the fight!\\
oono: no matter what kind of big tree it is\\ it’s still small if compared to the vast land!\\
oono: and the land itself is our ally!!\\
??: yeah!!\\
rai: a shinobi shouldn’t lower his head so easily!\\
rai: the things that a shinobi should respect are right behaviour and strength!\\
rai: … It seems that the people who become hokages like to apologize a lot…\\ that’s probably… a behaviour to transmit your feelings to others and become stronger…\\
rai: let’s go everyone!!\\
bee: let’s go with a double lariat, brother!\\
?: ok!!\\
mizu: as a woman, I cannot be late in a battle …\\
mizu: ok everyone, let’s go!\\
?: yes!!\\
gaa: … naruto\\
gaa: after all this time you have become an existence necessary to this world\\
gaa: let’s save what we have obtained until now\\
gaa: and this world, naruto!!\\
gaa: follow me everyone!!\\
?: let’s go!!\\
sfx: suu\\ kui\\
kaka: ok…\\
around kaka: haa\\haa\\
kaka: I should go soon…\\
Sfx: puchin\\
guy: we are still in the springtime of youth!!\\
guy: let’s go lee!!\\
ten: yes!!\\
lee: ok!!\\
hashi: everyone saw you past…\\
hashi: uzumaki naruto… now… you are uniting everyone\\
hashi: the life full of hardships and your way of living…\\
hashi: you have created until now…\\
hashi: gave hope for the future to everyone!\\
hashi: follow your future…\\
hashi: let’s go!!!\\
inserted text: with all their strength…!!\

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