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Naruto 653

Chapter 653: I have my eyes on you

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 8, 2013 09:13 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 653: I have my eyes on you\\
Inserted text: naruto confronts obito, but…!?\\
Obi: uchiha obito you say…?\\
Obi: what meaning there is in such being… after all this time?\\
Obi: now that I am fused with the juubi\\ I have reached the enlightenment of someone who transcends human nature\\
Obi: in other words I’m not human anymore\\ I am the one who will guide the people to the next stage\\
Obi: I have the same determination… and the same body of the rikudou sennin…\\
Obi: I am the second rikudou sennin\\
inserted text: finally the two of them face each other\\
naru: you are wrong!\\ you are uchiha obito!\\
naru: when I was touching your chakra a moment ago\\ I could see your past\\
naru: we both aimed to become hokages when we grew up…\\ we are just the same…\\
naru: we didn’t know our parents…\\ and we have lost people dear to us\\
naru: and because of that the thing that frightened and menaced us the most was loneliness\\
naru: since the beginning you wanted someone to acknowledge and praise you\\
naru: you wanted it so much that you wanted to become hokage\\ just like me!\\
naru: I am looking at your real self now!\\
naru: to say that you are making all the shinobi into your enemies for the sake of this world is just a lie\\ you are doing it only because of your personal gain!!\\
naru: your current dream… could not be accepted… even by the people you hold dear\\ who accepted you!!\\
naru: you held the same dream as me\\ and yet you became the exact opposite of an hokage!\\
naru: for the very reason you are like me, you…\\
obi: no… for that very reason…\\
obi: I wanted you to understand the hopelessness of this world\\
obi: no… maybe I just wanted to test my feelings…\\
obi: in order to understand if this is the path I was really supposed to take\\
obi: … when I was fighting with you…\\
obi: you made me remember of my former self… that’s the reason why I wanted to test you\\
obi: I wanted to see if someone like you who resembles me so much would fall into despair\\
obi: and throw away the feelings and thoughts he had until now\\
naru: I… am so pissed off because I resemble you!!\\
naru: your old self!\\
naru: like hell that I would throw everything away and just run!!\\
obi: no… what I am doing now is not different from what an hokage would\\
obi: … it even exceeds that… because I can really make peace into reality\\
naru: … do you… really mean what you are saying…?\\
naru: do you really think such a thing?\\
obi: the fact that you are helping me\\ basically means that you are helping the world\\
rin: eh?\\
obi: well you know… when I will become hokage I will put an end to this war!\\
obi: furthermore I will make this world a better place…\\ do you understand what I mean!?\\
rin: yeah! I understand but…\\
obi: and… I would like… how should I say it…\\ would you always be on my side and look after me…\\ … in other words… you know…\\
rin: eh?\\
obi: … yes…\\
obi: I believe in my words\\
obi: you don’t begin to walk if you understand that you are taking a difficult path which destination is not even clear\\
obi: you would just straddle on the corpses of your friends\\
obi: if there is a clear destination and a shortcut anyone would choose it\\
obi: that’s right… the thing an hokage should aim at should be world peace\\
naru: what the hell are you saying…?\\
naru: the only path I know is not the easy one\\
naru: but the difficult one\\
obi: would you say the same thing id the final destination of those two paths is the same…?\\
naru: if there exists alternatives to a difficult path, would someone tell you about it in the first place?\\ it means that sooner or later someone has do go down that path without running away\\
naru: the hokages are the ones who must go down that path in front of the others while enduring the pain\\
naru: they are the one who have to reach the end of the line for everyone’s sake\\
naru: there is no shortcut on the path to become hokage!\\ and there is no way out for someone who became hokage!!\\
obi: a committed a little blunder and some sand entered in my eyes, so…\\
obi: ha ha…! One or two scars on the body of a man just increase his virtue!\\
obi: I was thinking that it was the right time of such a thing… that’s why I ended up like this…\\
sfx: gyun\\
obi: ouch!\\
rin: you cannot act tough and hide your wounds\\
rin: I have my eyes on you\\
rin: you promised me that you would become hokage\\
rin: listen…\\ I really want to stop this war and save this world\\
rin: that’s why I have decided…\\ to be on your side and watch over you\\
rin: because helping you is the same as helping this world\\
obi: ok…\\
rin: I will.. watch over you\\ so you don’t have anything to hide anymore\\
obi: ok!\\ Ok!\\
rin: do your best obito!\\
rin: become hokage and save the world in a cool way!\\ that’s another promise\\
rin: let’s go!\\
naru: … you… said to kakashi-sensei that you threw away all of your feeling and your memories about your friends, but\\
naru: when you became the juubi’s jinchuuriki and were on the verge of being taken over by it\\
naru: you didn’t want that and were able to suppress the juubi\\
naru: the fact that you were able to win against the juubi and to use it…\\
naru: is the proof that you didn’t want to throw away your own self and you wanted to remain yourself no matter what\\
naru: you… didn’t throw away your memories about my dad, kakashi-sensei and rin after all, right?\\
naru: … that’s why you could remain as obito even after you became the juubi’s jinchuutiki\\
naru: am I wrong…?\\
naru: but I will not forgive you because you have involved everyone in this and you have pushed your way on your path to this extent!\\
naru: you have to come to our side as uchiha obito, as a ninja of konoha\\ and atone for your sins\\
naru: you just ran away from everything…\\
obi: the thing that awaits you at the end is what you fear the most…\\
obi: loneliness!\\
obi: is this reality really necessary?\\
obi: stop behaving like that and come to this side, naruto!\\
naru: if rin would still be alive she would say this…\\
naru: “there is no need to act strong and hide your true self”\\
naru: “because I have my eyes on you”\\
naru: you cannot be anyone else than yourself\\
naru: stop running away\\ and come on this side, obito!\\
inserted text: will obito accept the hand offered to him!?\\

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