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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Naruto 655

Chapter 655: tracks

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 19, 2013 08:51 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 655

Chapter 655: tracks\\
inserted text: the bijuus were extracted!!\\
son: you kept your promise…! Uzumaki naruto\\ to think that you would help us for real!\\
naru: you can bet on it! Son!!\\
hacchi: heheh…\\
7: we were lucky\\
6: you are good…\\
5: yeah for real\\
2: right…\\
3: I’m so glad!\\
1: this guy… if I remember well he is…\\
sfx: kacha\\
naru: h-hey!\\
naru: wait sasuke!!\\
?: where…!?\\
?: where is him!?\\
c: there!\\
c: he is still alive!\\
obi: yeah… I have lost…\\
sasu: kakashi…\\
kaka: we will talk later sasuke…\\ sorry for coming out of the blue but…\\
kaka: this guy… was a friend of mine\\
kaka: I have to take responsibility for him\\
naru: kakashi-sensei! Now he is…!\\
sfx: gaaa\\
naru: dad!\\
?: finish him!!\\
?: go!!\\
tsu: wait!\\
mina: obito… we looked inside of your heart\\ when we extracted the chakra from you\\
mina: it seems that my son give you quite a preach…\\ maybe he inherited that from him mother…\\
naru: dad\\
mina: … however to tell obito such a thing is your duty, kakashi\\
mina: I think that the real one who…\\
mina: can understand obito and say something to him its you, his friend\\
mina: am I right?\\
mina: naruto, you and the ones of the alliance have to give your support to the first\\
mina: we have to seal madara\\
naru: ah! That’s right!\\
naru: he is still around!\\
naru: let’s go, sasuke!!\\
mina: you were younger than naruto now…\\
mina: do you still remember it? When the four of us accomplished several missions together…?\\
mina: rin…\\ she frantically protected the two of you as medical ninja…\\
mina: probably she wouldn’t wish for this thing to happen\\
sfx: su\\
mina: but it’s my responsibility that this happened\\
sfx: pah\\
mina: it is not a coincidence that someone who has died like me is standing in front of you like this\\ probably it was rin who allowed it\\
mina: I was your sensei and yet what the hell was I doing…?\\
mina: I’m sorry that I couldn’t save her\\
obi: … rin was…\\
obi: he was the only light and hope that shined on my life\\
obi: after I lost her… the world I saw totally changed\\
obi: and became a dark hell\\
obi: there is no hope in this world\\
obi: I walked on this world in place of madara, but…\\ it only strengthened this conviction\\
obi: even if I have this sharingan I couldn’t see anything different at the end\\
obi: nothing was there\\
kaka: I wasn’t able to understand as well…\\
obi: then… why didn’t you choose my new path…\\
kaka: it is true that what you have done is one viable path…\\
kaka: maybe you are not wrong…\\
kaka: I thought that this world was an hell as well…\\
kaka: I lost you and immediately after… I lost rin…\\ and then I lost minato-sensei as well\\
kaka: but…\\
obi: I… will give you… this sharingan\\
obi: not matter what… those from the village say…\\
obi: you are… an incredible jounin…\\
kaka: I’m not able to understand it clearly, but\\ I strained my “eye” in order to see a different path\\
kaka: I had the feeling that I could be able to see it\\
kaka: thanks to the sharingan and the words you gave me\\
sfx: tan\\tan\\
obi: I guess you are talking about naruto, huh\\
obi: … why are you so sure that the path he chose is not wrong!?\\
kaka: no…\\
kaka: he could fail as well\\
kaka: maybe\\
obi: … what is the difference between me and naruto then?\\
obi: why you are doing so much for him…?\\
kaka: obito…\\ I can say that he will succeed more than what you have become now\\
obi: … why…?\\
kaka: because I will help him if he will ever\\ stumble from his path\\
obi: why… are you helping him…?\\
sfx: suu\\
kaka: he will never… give up on his dream and his reality\\
kaka: he is that kind of guy\\
naru: I found them!!\\
kaka: he is able to draw his comrades on his path as well\\
kaka: and if he stumbles, they will help him\\
kaka: the more they support him\\
kaka: the more he will get close to him goal\\
kaka: that’s the difference\\
naru: oodama rasen shuriken!!\\
naru: let’s make it bigger!!\\
naru: do you really think that…\\ such a thing exists in this dark hell…?\\
kaka: you should be able to see it if you try hard enough…\\
kaka: because we have the same eyes after all\\
kaka: maybe you will be able to see your hopes take form if you gather comrades you can trust…\\
kaka: that’s what I think… obito\\
inserted text: the things born by walking together…\\

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