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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 660

Chapter 660: the hidden feelings

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 14, 2014 16:36 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 660: the hidden feelings\\
inserted text: madara’s demonic hands reach all the bijuus!!\\
naru: that’s right, if I release this kurama mode, then…\\
mada: it’s useless\\
mada: I will not let you go once I have put my hands on you\\
naru: it doesn’t work!\\
naru: kurama cannot return inside of me…!!\\
naru: kuh!!\\
naru: dammit… go back!!\\
zetsu: you should seal then one at time starting from the ichibi, madara-sama!\\
mada: I know that\\
zetsu: if the bijuu that you have to tear off from the jinchuuriki are the last ones, the hachibi and the kyuubi then\\
zetsu: why don’t you begin with sealing the remaining seven in the meantime?\\
naru: stop!!\\
naru: like hell that I will let you have kurama!!\\
mada: I see he is more persistent than I thought…\\ then…\\
mada: I will begin with the other ones\\
gaa: sabaku hand!!\\
sfx: zuuu\\zuuuu\\
gaa: I will not hand over \\
gaa: shukaku to you…\\
shu: I will take over your soul and body if you fall asleep…\\
shu: and kill all of the humans!!\\
shu: don’t carelessly fall asleep\\
gaa: do you…\\ hate humans?\\
shu: yeah! You can bet on it!!\\
gaa: … but… don’t you exist to protect my village?\\
shu: who would protect you by his free will!?\\
shu: you humans are worse than beasts!\\
??: hurry up and eat, shukaku!!\\
guard: why should we remain in guard of this disgusting bonze until we don’t become seniors!?\\
guard: it really sucks but the fact the they put un in guard of the jinchuuriki is a proof that they have acknowledged our strength… just be patient for now\\
shu: you damned bonze… they don’t even call you by your name anymore…\\
bonze: I’m fine with that\\
bonze: because you know my real name\\
shu: I can’t believe that you still collaborate with the humans who hate you, even considering that you are a bonze… you should be fed up of having as partner a beast like me and feel alone\\
shu: you stayed inside of a cage like this together with a beast that hates humans since the day you were born\\
bonze: in any case I would die the moment I would be separated from you\\
bonze: because I am your jinchuuriki…\\
bonze: there is no need to make difference between humans and beasts in the first place…\\ because your heart can be filled with peace as long as you have a friend\\
shu: geez, you really are a strange stinking old geezer\\ I will probably not meet someone like you in the future\\
bonze: … no… you are wrong\\
bonze: the heart of a human is like reflecting water… it’s true feelings are the opposite of the truth and they trembles…\\ but essentially the humans have hidden feeling that make them desire to accept the others\\
bonze: just like beasts…\\
shu: you…\\
shu: you resemble the rikudou sennin old man, after all…\\
bonze: thanks…\\
bonze: those were the words that made me the happiest among all of those you said to me\\
guard: hey! Hurry up and eat, old man!!\\
guard: we have clean everything!\\
shu: keh…\\ I really think that I will not find anyone else like you…\\
shu: I’m sure that you will…\\
bonze: I am sure that the person who will protect and rescue you will appear for sure\\
bonze: and when that person will accept your hidden feeling you will realize…\\
bonze: the meaning…\\
bonze: of the words that my master engraved on the palm of my hands\\
TLN: love and heart\\
gaa: kuh…\\
naru: don’t lose, gaara!!\\
gaa: until know I thought that you were unpleasant\\
gaa: but I could met naruto because I am a jinchuuriki\\
gaa: … and that’s something I am thanks to you\\
zetsu: that fucking sand brat… are that happy that you finally got bet your old pet?\\ you should be already dead because you are a jinchuuriki, don’t get in the way!\\
shu: my motto is “absolute defence”!\\ that’s my pride as the shukaku\\
gaa: I know that…\\
mada: no…\\
mada: you don’t know anything\\
shu: guh!!\\
gaa: guh!!\\
shu: … don’t overdo yourself, gaara…\\
gaa: now that I’m not a jinchuuriki anymore\\
gaa: I can finally…\\
gaa: I can stay up until late in the night without sleeping together with you!\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
shu: gaara… you\\
bonze: there is no need to make difference between humans and beasts…\\
shu: you resemble him, bunbuku\\
gaa: kuh!\\
naru: kuh!\\
kura: gaara!!\\ I have to ask you a favour!!\\
mada: ok…\\
kura: do you understand, right… gaara!\\
gaa: naruto!!\\
inserted text: kurama was stolen!! And now…\\

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