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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 661

Chapter 661: the failed world

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 21, 2014 16:54 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 661: the failed world\\
inserted text: finally the kyuubi is…!!\\
gaa: haa\\haa\\
shu: guah!\\
gaa: shukaku!\\
sfx: zuh\\
hacchi: sorry, bee…\\
kura: … everything is in your hands! Kazekage brat!\\
?: It cannot be…\\
??: he sucked all of them…!\\
mada: well… this is what I can accomplish with my current power, huh\\
zetsu: it didn’t take just a few second, huh…?\\zetsu: well it was faster than obito thought…\\
mada: heh… you really talk a lot…\\
mada: you are just one of my failed works… and you are only able to find faults in your master\\
zetsu: the black zetsu is also know as doku zetsu (poisonous tongue) while white zetsus are also know as “jouzetsu (talkative tongue)”, you know~~~\\
mada: … are things going well on the other battlefield?\\
zetsu: yeah!\\
zetsu: the content is quite good after all!\\
tobi: hiraishin giri!!\\
gaa: this is my chance!\\
gaa: you… will not die!!\\
gaa: I will not let you die!!\\
mada: your timing… is to attack your enemy when he is sure of his victory… that’s what you have always done\\
mada: you made those brats do that prearranged performance just for this… you really are a shady fellow, tobirama\\
tobi: I feel the same about you\\
mada: heheh…\\ but the heavens are on my side today\\
mada: look at your current state, and you are the shinobi who has the pride to be the fastest\\
mada: there is a reason because the two of you are reduced in this state even if you are using your original power against me no stop…\\
mada: and that’s because I am in a more favourable position that you, no matter if it is a case or if it is inevitable\\
mada: furthermore, I am rising some new “eyes”…\\ even if I’m still not 100% if they will join my side\\
hashi: wait!\\
hashi: … young uchiha…\\ I have to give… a technique to you…\\
sasu: a technique?\\
hashi: yes…\\
around sai: haa\\haa\\
hashi: madara… he stole my sage chakra\\ … it is a technique to stop him by using that sage chakra\\
sasu: do it yourself then… you are an edo tensei, you can regenerate yourself instantly\\ … after I will extract those things… from your back\\
hashi: these stakes are stabbed in my tenketsu, so it seems that I will not able to mould chakra anymore from now on\\ … furthermore it is better for you if you don’t touch these stakes…\\
hashi: I will give you all of my remaining chakra…\\
hashi: stop madara…\\
sasu: why are you making an uchiha like me do such a thing?\\
hashi: you resemble him…\\
hashi: madara’s…\\
hashi: young brother… izuna\\
sasu: … so what?\\
sasu: how is it related that to the fact of stopping him?\\
hashi: … madara is… originally… a kind person\\
hashi: … his love for his brother… is like a religious doctrine for him\\
hashi: that’s why he gave you a chance\\
hashi: maybe you will be able to stop madara without using strength\\
hashi: now… come here\\
sfx: bachi\\
sfx: hyun\\
sfx: step\\
mada: to be honest, I always wanted that you would end up like this\\
mada: you are the one… who killed izuna\\
sfx: para\\para\\para
mada: even if I have to admit that to do this to a moving corpse feels quite empty…\\
tobi: what… do you hope to accomplish by returning to life?\\ our era ended… a lot of time ago…!\\
mada: I just want to build a nation, like hashirama was not able to do in the past\\
mada: but this world is nothing more than a failure of his former supervisor, hashirama\\
mada: you need a potent treatment for a dying patient\\
zetsu: I’m going now!\\
tobi: … so your idea is… to use the infinite tsukiyomi, huh…?\\ is that your treatment?\\
mada: right\\ the way of building a nation that hashirama had in mind, had some contradictions in it\\
mada: people wish for peace…\\ and on the other side they also wish for war\\
mada: the people have the both those wishes\\
mada: to think that humans wish only for peace, or that they desire only for war is to make them something different from humans themselves\\
mada: and the two things are one near each other\\
hashi: I would not forgive those who go against the village…\\
hashi: no matter if… they are my friends, my brothers or my sons\\
mada: you have to sacrifice something in order to protect something else\\
mada: with the exception of a world made of dreams\\
tobi…\\ you are making a reasonable talk\\
tobi: but…\\
tobi: you shouldn’t intrude in such a dream!!\\
sasu: now!!\\
mada: … this world is… is a world created by hashirama’s contradictions, in a certain sense\\
sasu: dammit…!!\\
sasu: what is… this!?\\
mada: you have to sacrifice something… in order to protect something else\\
tobi: stop madara! This far too…\\
mada: even if that thing is your friend, your brother… or even your child…\\
mada: I gave you plenty of time\\
mada: it is a real pity\\
inserted text: the merciless blade pierces through sasuke…!!\\

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