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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Naruto 662

Chapter 662: the true end

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 28, 2014 17:20 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 662: the true end\\
side text: madara, a scene of carnage!! The darkness of the past steals the light of hope\\
tobi: madara… you really are a despicable guy!\\
?: there are still more!!\\
?: guah!\\
??: nuguh!\\
a: heh!\\
a: guh!\\
?: kyah!!\\
mizu: kuh… I cannot activate any more techniques…!\\
mizu: my chakra is…\\
around oono: haa\\ pant\\
oono: to think that I would be stopped by this lot…\\
saku: there is still… such a guy… and what he says doesn’t make any sense…\\
tsu: a wood release user… who is this guy?\\
spi: I already told you that I will not make you pass me that easily\\
spi: … furthermore… no one replied seriously to my question yet!\\
spi: I’m asking you how it feels to have a bowel movement\\
sfx: gapa x 4\\
spi: well…\\ I think that you feel refreshed, just like when I kill someone…\\
minu: he is going to use all the five natures of chakra at the same time…!\\
minu: how should we deal with that…!?\\
saru: leave it to me!\\
spi: to think that you would use the same type of technique to compensate mine…\\
ino: fuuh… that saved us…\\
kiba: heheh… don’t even try to underestimate the third!\\
shika: yeah, but everyone is exhausting their chakra\\
shika: only the third who was revived by the edo tensei is capable of dealing with him…\\
shika: if the third is defeated… things will get bad…\\ it is not like we are fighting against madara… we have to do something about this guy too…\\
saku: to be honest… It would be better if… tsunade-sama… shizune-senpai and I…\\
saku: stop using medical techniques and begin to fight\\
near tsu: haa\\
oono: we cannot use big techniques anymore, this fight is too long!\\
oono: … but we don’t have the time to change things in the current situation\\
around oono: pant\\ ton\\ton\\haa\\
oono: we don’t have other choices than leaving madara to that naruto kid…\\
sui: now it is our chance, orochimaru-sama!\\
oro: no yet…\\
oro: this enemy…\\
ka: i-impossible…\\ it cannot be… this is a lie!!\\
sui: shiii! Shut up!\\
juu: what’s wrong?\\
ka: s-sa…\\
juu: did something happen… to sasuke?\\
oro: so it is better that we hurry up after all…\\
shika: what’s wrong, ino?\\
kiba: … naruto…\\
sfx: kun\\kun\\
near hina: haa\\
hina: eh?\\
near her: haa\\haa\\
?: what is that!?\\
??: it’s gaara-sama\\
gaa: there!\\
sfx: pita\\
sfx: dash\\
saku: naruto!!\\
gaa: we don’t have the time to talk!\\gaa: hokage you have to come too!\\
gaa: in the meantime heal naruto as much as you can\\
tsu: I don’t have any chakra left to use medical techniques\\ take sakura with you… she should still have a little left\\
near her: haa\\
saku: why is naruto like this!?\\
oono: what’s happening there!?\\
oono: impossible…\\
gaa: hurry up and come! Don’t just stay there!\\ I will explain later!\\
shi: hurry up sakura and go on the sand!\\
hina: … is naruto-kun there?\\
kiba: yeah! That way!\\ you have the byakugan, right!?\\
kiba: did he defeat madara?\\
sfx: pikiki\\
hina: naruto’s heartbeats…\\
hina: are getting weaker and weaker…!\\
hina: naruto-kun\\
sfx: suu\\suu\\
?: are you alright!?\\
hina: neji, please… protect him!!\\
zetsu: uzumaki… naruto… he is difficult to kill because he is part of the uzumaki clan, but…\\
sfx: zuuu…\\
zetsu: but nothing can be done for that kid\\ a jinchuuriki dies once the bijju has been extracted…\\
spi: that’s an absolute rule\\
sasu: guh…!\\
mada: the fact that you have those eyes\\ it’s the proof that you must have lost a lot of things until now while searching for something\\
sasu: uuh…\\
mada: … but it ends here\\
mada: the real end arrives…\\
mada: when you lose yourself\\
sasu: guh…\\
around sasu: pant\\ haa\\
sfx: dosa\\
itachi: maybe you would have been able to change our father and mother… and the entire uchiha clan…\\
sasu: I… will not die…\\
saku: I… will not… die…\\
sasu: uooooh!!\\
sfx: su\\
sasu: the meaning of… itachi’s… life…\\
ita: I will always be itachi of konoha,\\
ita: no matter what darkness or contradictions dwell in the village\\
sasu: with… such a thing\\
sfz: kari\\kari\\
sasu: until I create a real village…\\
sasu: until I become a real kage…\\
sasu: I cannot die!!\\
saku: stay with me!!\\
saku: don’t lose!!\\ you are strong!\\
saku: I will… save you, no matter what!!\\
saku: my chakra is…\\
saku: guh…\\
ka: s-sasuke is…\\
ka: sasuke is really…\\
ka: really…\\
sasu: if things continue like this…\\ naruto will\\ die…\\
inserted text: a stopping heartbeat, a burnout will…\\

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