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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 667

Chapter 667: the end of the blue days

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 11, 2014 09:20 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 667: the end of the blue days\\
inserted text: Karin cries!!\\
ka: who the hell is that guy!?\\
ka: you bastard!! I don’t know who you are but what the hell are you doing to sasuke!!?\\
sfx: jump\\jump\\
sui: ah! It’s you, huh\\
oro: so it was you…\\
oro: kabuto\\
kabu: I felt that someone was hurrying here…\\
kabu: so it was you after all, orochimaru-sama\\
ka: that’s kabuto!?\\
ka: his chakra is totally different!?\\
oro: he absorbed the chakra of many different people and he is also capable of using sage techniques…\\ so you mistook him for another person, Karin\\ by the way, could it be that you had a bad feeling about him because some of my chakra is still mixed in there?\\
sui: so it seems\\
oro: or maybe…\\
ka: get away from sasuke, you egghead!!\\
ka: … why… did you come here, orochimaru-sama?\\
oro: I should be the ones asking that\\
juu: what are going to do, orochimaru-sama?\\
sui: kabuto-san, could it be that you intend to absorb sasuke as well?\\
sui if you absorb him, then I will not know if call you kabuki or sasuto, you know?\\
sfx: bokooo…\\
ka: you bastard, you are the one who did this to sasuke, right!?\\
ka: I’m gonna kill you!!\\
kabu: suigetsu… I’m not obviously doing such a thing\\
sfx: zuuuu…\\
kabu: Karin… I don’t intend to steal sasuke anymore\\
ka: … I can feel… a little of sasuke’s chakra!!\\
ka: c-could it be…!\\
ka: kabuto… are you…!?\\
kabu: that’s right… I used my medical techniques and my research on hashirama’s cells\\
kabu: together with some advices from a certain person\\ to keep sasuke life in this world in a way or another\\
tobi: he is saying the truth\\
oro: oh my… the hogake I respect the most… tobirama-sama\\
TLN: I wonder how someone feels when he is the most respected person from orochimaru…\\
sui: ah!\\
oro: however… kabuto\\
oro: if you are here\\ it means that you were able to escape from itachi’s technique, izanami and its infinite loop…\\
kabu: indeed\\ … I didn’t acknowledge myself and I didn’t understand who I really was\\
kabu: and then I was easily used by you, the one who simply gave me an identity\\ and lose my real self\\
kabu: but itachi made me realize with that technique\\
kabu: that I am no other than…\\
kabu: kabuto\\
kabu: and he also made me realize the place where I should belong to\\
sui: it feels like he totally changed, right?\\
oro: that’s the essence of izanami\\
oro: that is as long as you don’t look at yourself and consequently fix your behaviour\\ you cannot release the technique\\
sfx: step\\
ka: sasuke…\\
kabu: now I do not want lose the place I should belong to… from the bottom of my heart\\
kabu: and itachi’s feelings to protect sasuke-kun even after his own death…\\ pierced with force through my heart\\
sui: heh… you know man! You don’t have any decency, saying those things now!\\
sui: you joined hands with that fake madara and was one of the leaders who started this war!!\\
kabu: you are exactly right… obito and I\\ convinced ourselves that we lost the place we belonged to and dragged everyone into it\\
kabu: but now I understand who I am…\\ and I feel like I should do something!\\
mada: the reinforcement arrived, but it’s just a kid…\\
mada: you cannot do anything\\
guy: he is madara!?\\
kaka: yeah\\
mina: are you alright kakashi?\\
kaka: yes… thanks to guy\\
mina: no it is not that… you were hit by my sage chakra enhanced rasengan…\\
kaka: that was not a problem…\\ I teleported it with kamui when it bounced back to me..\\
sfx: zukiii\\
mina: glad to hear that…\\
guy: sage chakra? … do you mean sage techniques?\\
mina: yes… the only things that work against him are techniques with sage chakra…\\ and … taijutsu, because physical damage they cause\\
gaa: the fourth’s sage techniques and\\ guy… your taijutsu are the only things we can use now…\\
kaka: sensei…\\ if I remember well your… sage techniques are…\\
mina: … to be honest I’m not good at sage techniques\\ it takes too much time for me to mould the chakra, and I’m unable to maintain it for a long time either\\
mina: I didn’t use it in actual battles so much\\
mina: and right now I cannot form seals\\ I don’t think I can fight as I normally do\\
guy: eight gates! Seventh gate, wonder gate…\\
guy: open!!!\\
guy: in other words now it is the turn of the blue beast!!\\
mada: blue steam\\
mada: the eight gates… one gate before the death gate, huh…\\
mada: if he is not using the red steam… it only means that he is underestimating me\\
mina: you cannot be hit by the spheres and the staff!!\\
gaa: just as I thought. When guy activates the eight gates…\\
gaa: he doesn’t have human movements anymore…\\
guy: eat this!!\\
guy: hirudora!!!\\
sfx: bon\\
guy: uh…\\
mina: kakashi throw my kunai!!\\
mina: I don’t have any other choice than to be hit by the black sphere while I use the flying thunder god!!\\
kaka: ok!!\\
sfx: pasha\\
gaa: rock lee!\\
guy: kuh…\\
lee: are you alright, guy-sensei?\\
guy: yes… sorry… lee...\\
guy: what happened to tenten?\\
lee: she had to make sure about something, so she told me to go ahead…\\
lee: I finally reached you… but why use hirudora so suddenly…?\\
kaka: are you alright, guy!?\\
guy: yes… I only have a few fractures on my left arm\\
kaka: if the martial arts that were our only ray of hope did not work then…\\
kaka: what should we do…\\
sfx: suu\\ awaaa\\
kaka: he is… to strong…\\
guy: wait kakashi…\\ it is to early to decide that taijutsu is useless!\\
kaka: however…\\
guy: out youth has not faded yet! Don’t lose hope!\\
lee: sensei…\\
guy: it is true that we cannot realize all of our wishes…\\
guy: but if we don’t wish to do what we are supposed to, nothing can begin\\
guy: just like the challenges I threw at you\\
guy: let’s duel, kakashi!!\\
guy: and this is not a bluff\\
kaka: you… could it be…!?\\
guy: this is the end of konoha’s blue beast\\
guy: it seems that the time I must become a red beast has come\\
inserted text: guy is ready to face certain death…!!\\

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