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Naruto 668

Chapter 668: the beginning of the crimson spring

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 16, 2014 11:31 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 668: the beginning of the crimson spring\\
inserted text: guy’s determination…!?\\
kaka: it cannot be…\\
kaka: are you going to open the death gate…!\\
mina: you cannot do that, guy!!\\
mi: think about it! No one here wants that you do such a thing!\\
mi: … even you father was…\\
guy: no\\ I want to do it\\
lee: guy-sensei…\\ has that time… really come for you!!?\\
guy: don’t look at me like that lee\\
sfx: pachi\\pachi\\
guy: you should be smiling now!!\\
guy: you resemble me a lot… in the past I was a dunce, but…\\
guy: now I am able to have more wins than loses against a genius and elite ninja such as kakashi\\
guy: “even if I cannot use ninjutsu or genjutsu I want to prove that I can become an excellent ninja!”\\
guy: that’s probably your way of the ninja\\
guy: that’s a wonderful objective\\
guy: an objective for what it is worth to do your best\\
guy: so you should believe in your own path and begin to run on it!\\
guy: and become a man so strong that I can look at you with a smile on my face!!\\
sfx: subo\\
mada: the chakra is heading toward the death gate’s pressure point\\
sfx: pita\\
guy: eight gate\\
guy: death gate…\\
dai: guy, you fool!!\\
guy: buguh!!\\
guy: s-sorry papa\\ I cannot run 500 laps in the schoolyard even if…\\ I’m 5 years old\\
dai: that’s why you shouldn’t give up!!!\\ That the only thing you cannot do!!!\\
dai: don’t give up on your effort!!!\\
dai: otherwise you will be rude toward it, guy!!!\\
guy: papa…\\
dai: guy!!\\
?: oh my… those two are doing it again…\\
??: isn’t that child abuse?\\ and more importantly why are they wearing those tights? They are so gross\\
dai: thank you for you cheering!!\\
guy: papa… they weren’t cheering…\\
dai: listen guy! Your youth has just began!!\\
dai: a youth in which you don’t look back on your way, just like mine!!\\
dai: the fact that you cannot use either ninjutsu or genjutsu\\ makes me rather happy!!\\
dai: you can make your strong point shine once you are aware of your weak points!!!\\ from now on your taijutsu will begin to shine!!\\
dai: because we understood your strong points now that you are still so young!!!\\
guy: papa…\\
guy: could it be that you are just pretending to…\\
dai: and your weak points will become strong points as well!!!\\
dai: just like being importunate will become polite!!\\ being noisy will become being lively!\\
dai: stubbornness will become earnestness!\\
dai: selfish people will become like… cat people!\\ guy: and hairy people?\\
dai: l-like cat people as well…\\
guy: and what about people with a long torso?\\
dai: … t-they will become like cat people as well!!!\\
?: hey might dai are you still training your son?\\
??: you are going your best, for being an eternal genin!! Ahahaha!!\\
dai: yeah! Thank you for your cheering!!\\
?: ouch!\\
?: what the hell!?\\
?: hey, isn’t that dai’s brat!?\\
?: what the hell are you doing?\\
guy: don’t make fun of my father even again!!\\
dai: why did you such a thing, guy!?\\
guy: papa…\\
guy: why are you always so optimistically looking forward…?\\
guy: … when does youth end?\\
dai: as long as you don’t look backward\\ your youth doesn’t end\\
guy: so are you saying that it will not end even when you die!?\\
dai: what are you saying, guy!\\ that’s the very climax of your youth!! The moment you burn the most brightly!!\\
guy: there is something wrong with you, papa!! There is no youth when you die!!\\
guy: can you really believe to win against someone strong until you die!?\\ just like it happened to me today!!\\
sfx: ton\\
dai: the real victory is not achieved when you win against someone strong!\\
dai: but when you protect something really important to you!\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
guy: … I…\\
guy: … I just wanted…\\
guy: to protect my papa’s youth!!\\
guy: what is this… father!?\\
dai: it is one of the… forbidden techniques of the “eight gates”!\\
guy: my father had such a move!?\\
guy: when did he…\\
dai: I have trained every day as a genin\\
dai: and after 20 years I was finally able to understand this single technique!!!\\
dai: in other words this is the only technique I can pass down to you as father!!!\\ and it will become your most special move!!!\\
guy: … special?\\
dai: you really became splendid!\\
dai: but to use this technique there is a single strict condition!\\ you own rule!!\\
guy: father… I…\\
?: this is bad… we are surrounded…\\
guy: we cannot escape\\
ebisu: impossible… they are the seven swordsmen of the mist…!?\\
?: even the brats of the other villages know us now…\\ it means that we became really famous\\
?: what should we do!?\\ we are not match for them…\\
dai: it seems that I made it in a way or another!!\\
guy: father!?\\
guy: … what is doing a genin like you here!?\\
dai: hurry up and flee, you three!! I will buy you time!\\
guy: flee? Father! Your opponents not are only jounin but they are the seven swordsmen!\\
guy: they are not an opponents that you can stop alone!!\\
dai: I have…\\
dai: the death gate… the “eight gate formation”!\\
guy: but that’s…!\\
dai: it is my rule…\\
dai: now…\\
guy: open!!!! Eight gates formation!!!\\
dai: the time to protects the things dear tome even if I have to die has come!!!\\
kaka: guy… you really…!\\
mi: what… the…!!\\
mada: red steam\\
mada: it only appears when all the gates are opened… the so called blood steam, huh…\\
mada: heheh… but it sure looks like…\\
mada: the colour of the leafs that scatter and rot in autumn… the colour of fallen leaves\\
guy: … you are right\\
guy: but they don’t just rot and fall!!\\
guy: they will become\\
guy: the nourishment for the new fresh leaves!\\
guy: and the moment connected to when the fresh leaves will bud, announcing the beginning of a new spring…\\
guy: is the climax of spring!! When they burn in deep crimson!!!\\
guy: sekizou (evening elephant)!!!\\
inserted text: burn!! Guy!!!\\

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