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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 670

Chapter 670: the ones who began everything…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 30, 2014 10:59 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 670: the ones who began everything…!!\\
inserted text: naruto finally awakens!?\\
naru: … where am I…?\\
naru: … am I… dead?\\
?: you think of death even if you are still tangible?\\ your ethical point of view about death differs from the one of my age\\
?: to say “death” so easily when you are actually getting up means… that you have a strong fighting spirit, young one\\
naru: who?\\
?: you asked quite an accurate thing to me, but…\\
?: those who met me before you were a somewhat shocked once they understood that I told them the truth…\\
inserted text: a floating sage…!!\\
riku: I am the one who established law and order…\\
riku: my name is hagoromo\\
riku: that reaction…\\
riku: I had omens that you would behave like that\\
naru: … I don’t really understand what he is saying.\\
naru: … he must be one of… those gloomy geezers!\\
naru: sorry old man, I…\\
riku: well then…\\
naru: ah! Those eyes!?\\
naru: rinnegan!!\\
riku: it seems that your eyes have the power of observation\\
riku: for the rest it would be good if you practically understand this situation, but…\\
riku: you are still not dead yet… this is your mind world\\
riku: I understand that you are impatient, but… hurrying now would just bring you to idleness…\\ furthermore…\\
naru: so this old man is not an enemy…? But…\\
naru: talk more smoothly!!\\
naru: more simple and more normal!!!\\
riku: I must have committed a mistake because of the different age… with the long passing of the time there are many changes in cultural traditions and notions… due to that age’s ethics\\
riku: with this passing of the ages, I can feel very great differences between the time I meet an incarnation and the next one…\\
riku: I also formally learnt a new culture and language, but…\\
naru: daaah!!\\
naru: shut up!! Geez!!!\\ I don’t have the time to listen to this old geezer and yet why am I here!!?\\
riku: generally, pursuit words\\ is quite a vague subject even for scholars\\ not only you have problems with the definitions, but also it is impossible to understand each other’s thoughts\\
riku: I don’t have any other choice than consider the ideal level of high learning and the practical level of thoughts and speak in a more simple way…\\
naru: … are you some kind of alien?\\
naru: I can feel quite a majesty coming from you, but…\\
riku: are aren’t you exaggerating a little brat?\\
riku: alien my ass ahahah!\\ rather you are wrong… and…\\
naru: eh!?\\
riku: it seems that you still don’t understand me, huh…\\
riku: to think that talking with you would be so complicated…\\
naru: no, it’s not that! The way you talked before is fine!\\
naru: I finally understood what you were saying!\\ your way of talking shifted so much that I was surprised!\\
riku: seriously?\\
riku: then let’s talk like this, let’s go our best!\\
naru: ah! But…\\
naru: your face doesn’t match the way you talk, so you are really frightening me…\\
naru: he also lost all of his majesty…\\
naru: maybe… you should still keep a little of rigidity in your language…\\ because you sound like an idiot all of the sudden…\\
riku: isn’t that a little too much? How dare you to call me an idiot!\\ well… with the way I talked to you before, there is no doubt that you would think such a thing…\\
riku: well.. is this way of talking fine?\\
naru: yes!!!\\ ok!! Go with that!!\\
riku: ok… I understand now more or less\\
naru: ah… we can finally talk\\
naru: by the way, who are you old man? You seem to know a lot of things about this place, I would like you to tell me what you know!\\
riku: don’t ask me so many things at the same time…\\ I am a person who is already dead\\
riku: I am the monk who drifted in this world by using his chakra in order to see the fate of the ninja doctrine during the ages…\\
riku: my name is hagoromo and I am the founder of the ninja doctrine\\
eiku: and I am also known as the rikudou sennin\\
naru: eh!?\\
naru: that hermit from the legends that… the ero-sennin and nagato where talking about!?\\
riku: ah, so you know about me\\
naru: yes I know everything… you were the first one to create ninja techniques right?\\
riku: I didn’t create ninja techniques but the ninja doctrine\\
sfx: pasha\\
riku: my ninja doctrine was to create hopes\\ you cannot confuse it with the ninja techniques that create conflict\\
naru: anyway, if you are the hermit, there are a lot of things I want to ask you…\\
naru: but now…\\
riku: you are my son asura’s…\\
riku: anyway… right now I have to explain things to you step by step\\
riku: there are things that I have to entrust to you\\
naru: asu… ra…? Entrust?\\
naru: I don’t understand what you are talking about, just let me go out of this place!!\\
riku: … sorry but I am unable to tell you how to do such a thing…\\
riku: that person outside is trying to do something about you…\\ I just have to tell you some important things…\\
naru: I don’t understand what you are saying once again…!\\
riku: anyway, it means that you nothing will change even if you rush things…\\
riku: therefore listen to me for a little… well you don’t have any other choice than listening to me after all\\ first I will tell you about my mother and my sons…\\
sfx: poke\\
riku: my mother ootsutsuki kaguya came to your land from a very far place\\
riku: and took the divine tree’s fruit\\
riku: the chakra fruit of the divine tree…\\
riku: you saw in this war\\
riku: kaguya ate that fruit, obtained it’s power and ruled over this land\\
naru: from where was this kaguya from?\\
naru: was she stronger than you?\\ … moms are really scary when they are angry after all!\\
riku: it is not important from where she was from…\\ and my mother was strong… stronger than anyone else\\
riku: the people called my mother the rabbit goodness or demon\\ they worshipped and feared her\\
riku: after a while kaguya gave birth to two sons\\
riku: and I am one of them\\
riku: we brothers fought the personification of the divine tree the juubi…\\
riku: in order to make up for the sins that our mother left behind… and sealed it within myself*\\
TLN: this is not really clear. He uses the word “onore” that means oneself, myself, yourself, ourselves etc. As Japanese doesn’t have differences in gender or numbers it is impossible to understand if the other brother had parts of the juubi sealed inside of him\\
Riku: the divine tree went berserk because it wanted to get back the chakra fruit that was taken from it\\
riku: after several years I had two sons\\
riku: I named the older indra and the younger asura and taught them the ninja doctrine\\
riku: but there was a great difference between the two of them\\
riku: one received my genes with strong chakra while the other my genes without that strong chakra…\\ such a polar opposite genetic transmission happened\\
naru: you are talking about difficult things once again…\\ what do you mean?\\
riku: … in other words\\
riku: the superior older brother indra and\\
riku: and the dropout little brother ashura\\
naru: …\\ a dropout huh\\
naru: … even if his father was the rikudou sennin…\\
riku: maybe I shouldn’t say this but…\\
riku: no matter how your parents were superior…\\ you cannot be sure to inherit their power\ … as you already know…\\
riku: because you were just like him… naruto\\
naru: … I understand more or less…\\
riku: and you really resemble asura a lot…\\
riku: also in the things you have done…\\
naru: eh?\\
naru: also in the things I have done?\\
riku: indra and asura walked different paths\\
riku: the older brother indra had both a strong ocular power and sense since the day he was born\\he was considered a genius\\
riku: he knew that his power that enabled him to do anything alone made him different from the others and special\\
riku: and he realized that it was power itself that could realize anything\\
riku: on the other side the young brother asura was not able to do anything since he was little\\ he couldn’t do anything alone\\
riku: in order to obtain a power similar to his brother\\
riku: he didn’t have any other choice than use his own effort and the help of the others\\ and…\\
riku: in the sufferings of his training… he made the power of the chakra in his body bloom… obtaining a power on the level of his older brother\\
riku: and he understood that he became strong thanks to the collaboration and the help of the others\\
riku: he knew how to worry and love the others\\
riku: and he realized that it was love itself that could realize anything\\
riku: I found a new possibility in the way of live\\ of the younger brother asura\\
riku: I divided the power of the juubi inside of me\\
riku: and gave names to the single parts of it \\
riku: because I believed that “collaboration” itself was the real power\\
riku: … then I mane asura the guardian of the ninja doctrine in order to guide everyone\\ thinking that even indra would collaborate with him\\
riku: however…\\
riku: indra didn’t accept such a thing\\
riku: then the conflict that would protract for ages…\\
text below: in the next issue the shocking truth will be further explained…!!\\ naruto and the rikudou sennin…!! In head colour!!\\
riku: began\\
riku: then the chakra the two of them created did not vanish even after their bodies perished, and from time to time it reincarnated…\\
riku: several times…\\
naru: … it sounds like being hunted by a ghost, I don’t like it\\ … so… who are hunted right now?\\
riku: the younger brother asura reincarnated in you\\
inserted text: the successor…!?

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