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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 671

Chapter 671: naruto and the rikudou sennin…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 6, 2014 11:15 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 671: naruto and the rikudou sennin…!!\\
inserted text: the legendary hermit and naruto…\\
side: heaven and earth, yin and yag. Different souls but, but now joined…!!\\
side: the spring typhoon!! A new power blooms!! With head colour!!\\
inserted text: the connection is revealed…!!\\
riku: I can see it clearly with my eyes\\ I can see asura’s chakra being cuddled together with you\\
naru: could it be…\\
riku: you don’t seem to be that surprised\\
riku: you… already noticed that the existence of the young brother asura…\\ inside of you, right?\\
riku: just as I thought…\\ … in that case you should already know\\
riku: the one in which the older brother indra reincarnated…\\
naru: … sasuke…\\
kiba: after the five kages summit… after sasuke fought with danzou and we was weakened…\\
kiba: why didn’t you get rid of him once for all?\\
saku: madara was there as well!\\
saku: it wasn’t that simple… furthermore…\\
kiba: that’s why you shouldn’t have let him run away under your nose just like that!\\
kiba: naruto… you are strong, you are the hero who kicked pain’s ass, right!?\\ someone like sasuke for you is…\\
naru: it’s not like that…\\
naru: I cannot beat sasuke as he is now…\\ that’s what I understood…\\
naru: also inside him there is…\\
naru: so that’s how it was, huh?\\
riku: exactly\\
riku: … so you felt him\\
naru: according to what you said, there should be guys that before me and sasuke were…\\ how did you call them… reincarnations…\\
naru: how did things go between them in the end?\\
riku: the reincarnations of the previous generations were senju hashirama and uchiha madara…\\
riku: hashirama was asura and madara was indra\\ … and you already know how things went for those two\\
riku: however madara created a certain issue before the transmigration of souls was completed\\
riku: madara was too obsessed with power and he stole hashirama’s power\\
riku: in other words, he fused a part of asura’s chakra with the chakra of indra\\
riku: … and as a result he derived the power of my own chakra\\ that’s right… he awakened the rinnegan\\
riku: I always thought that indra… or one of his reincarnation would do such a thing sooner or later\\ that’s why I left a tablet where I suggested a new path to change his thoughts or those of his reincarnations\\
riku: it seems that they didn’t understand its meaning…\\
naru: then, grandpa hermit…\\ you spent all of your time until now looking at your sons fighting each other, right?\\
riku: yeah… more or less\\
naru: … I see…\\
riku: in the ninja doctrine the chakra is explained as a power to connect the individuals\\
riku: I never believed that\\ the chakra was a something to amplify the power of a single person\\
riku: even my mother kaguya, after she stopped that period of chaos\\ governed the world alone with her power\\
riku: but… eventually her power gave birth to conceit\\ and the people became frightened of the existence of that power\\
riku: before long, my mother who was called the rabbit goodness\\
riku: was feared as a demon\\
riku: if you concentrate all of your power in yourself\\ it will go out of control and you will become controlled by it\\
riku: madara right now is exactly like that… just like my mother kaguya\\
riku: now that he is not the reincarnation of indra anymore, he obtained the power of the juubi he is becoming close to me\\ he is even getting closer to my mother’s power\\
riku: the infinite tsukiyomi it is not just a genjutsu\\
riku: in order to make the dream in the genjutsu continue\\ it will use the power of the alive individuals…\\
riku: they will be all connected to the divine tree roots\\
riku: they will all be alive slaves in an illusion\\
riku: my mother had both the power of the byakugan and the rinnegan\\ she also used her eyes to cast that technique on the populace… it was something gruesome \\
riku: once all the chakra will be gathered, a new chakra fruit will appear…\\ if we don’t stop such a thing, the world will end\\
riku: I want you to stop madara\\
riku: differently from the previous reincarnation, you act a little like an idiot, that unpredictability… could give birth to a new possibility\\
naru: even after your death you watched over the entire world… and yet, this is how things went…\\
naru: thanks for still believing in us\\
riku: you don’t have to thank me… I’m not qualified for such a thing\\
riku: the current world is the result of indra’s…\\ no, of my mother’s desires…\\
riku: if this is the natural flow of this world\\
riku: then I’m just trying to stop it by my own selfishness\\
riku: look at how they used the bijuu\\ they didn’t become the balance of peace, but they were used as a weapon\\
riku: maybe I was too naïve\\
naru: no!\\
naru: you weren’t wrong, grandpa\\
shu: he is right, old man!\\
naru: ah! You are gaara’s shukaku!?\\
naru: why are you inside of me!?\\
hacchi: obito…\\ took a part of the shukaku and my chakra from madara\\
hachi: he understood the power of the bijjus that you lacked\\ … he did everything\\
naru: what, obito!?\\
kura: … a lot of things happened\\ but I am inside of you as well\\
kura: in this way all the chakra of the bijuus are inside of you, naruto!\\
naru: ah! Even the other part of kurama’s chakra!?\\
kura: with this the promised time has finally come, old man\\
riku: … that’s right, kurama… just like gamamaru predicted…\\
riku: the playful young man with blue eyes that would call the name of the nine beasts…\\
riku: you seem to have the charm that brings the others to help you\\
riku: you called my soul like this\\ and even the reincarnated asura agrees\\
riku: … shukaku\\ matatabi\\ isobu\\ son goku\\ kokuou\\ saiken\\ choumei\\ gyuuki\\ kurama\\
riku: it seem that the time of the child of prophecy who would change the world has come\\
riku: naruto, what do you want to do…?\\ how do you want that this fight ends?\\
riku: I want to hear your honest thoughts\\
naru: maybe I really resemble that guy called asura, but…\\
naru: differently from him maybe I’m just a stupid kid who still doesn’t understand a lot of things, but\\
naru: I know what the word “friends” means\\
naru: I want to protect them… that’s all\\
riku: is that you answer…?\\
sasu: yes…\\
riku: … in the past I entrusted everything to the little brother asura and I couldn’t turn my eyes toward the older brother indra\\ that’s was the origin of the disaster\\
riku: stretch your dominant arm\\ this time I will also entrust my power to the reincarnation of the elder brother…\\
riku: … indra\\
riku: and from now on…\\ what will happen will depend on… what you will do, naruto and sasuke\\
naru: sasuke and I aren’t real brothers, but\\ I think that we can reconcile\\
naru: because we are really good friends\\
text below: in the next issue guy’s final secret move will finally pierce through madara…!!\\
kaka: haa\\haa\\
guy: pant\\ pant\\ pant\\ pant\\
guy: the evening elephant is not enough, huh…\\
mada: hahah… good!\\
mada: dance more…!\\
guy: I…\\
guy: don’t have any other choice than use the night moth…!!!\\
guy: pant\\pant\\
inserted text: his last technique just before his death…!!\\

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