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Naruto 681

Chapter 681: kaguya’s tears

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 6, 2014 11:22 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 681: kaguya’s tears\\
Inserted: what happened after sasuke’s attack!?\\
Naru: kuh!\\
Naru: sasuke!!\\
Naru: dammit! I cannot stop!\\
naru: uwaah!!\\
naru: sasuke!!\\
sasu: not even susanoo works…\\
naru: this is the right time to take obito!\\
naru: I forgot that you could use that technique similar to the body flickering\\ you made me worry!\\
sfx: step\\step\\ tan\\
sasu: I can use this as a footstep…\\ we can both benefit from the rikudou sennin’s powers\\
sasu: … but there is no meaning for us to have received those power if we don’t seal her\\
naru: yeah!\\
sfx; su\\
naru: I cannot move…\\
sfx: zuuu\\ pucha\\pucha\\
naru: she is…\\ absorbing our chakra, sasuke!!\\
zetsu: it seems kaguya remembered her two sons\\ by looking at you\\
zetsu: isn’t she gentle…?\\
zetsu: … kaguya was sealed by her own two sons\\ she is such a sad mother\\
naru: why would the rikudou old man do that to his own mother!?\\ he sealed the juubi, right!?\\
zetsu: it seems that you are getting something wrong here…\\
sasu: … who the hell are you, black zetsu!?\\
zetsu: I am kaguya’s child\\
sasu: what…!?\\
sasu: the atmosphere around him… changed!?\\
zetsu: I have recorded everything while my mother was not around\\ and shaped everything in the meantime\\
zetsu: the story of the shinobi…\\
zetsu: is nothing more than the story to revive my mother\\
naru: what!?\\ what the hell are you saying? What do you mean!?\\
zetsu: if you know the name of my mother\\ then you should have met hagomoro\\
zetsu: I know that you can meet him thanks to the power of the reincarnated\\ and I also know that he gave you the power in order to seal my mother\\
naru: what!?\\ we have to seal the juubi!\\
zetsu: it is rare that the reincarnation of indra and asura would collaborate to this extent\\ I will make you hear this story, you ignorant fools, while your chakra is absorbed\\
zetsu: I already told you this…\\
zetsu: my mother was previously sealed by her sons\\
zetsu: that was a really strong seal\\
zetsu: it was a technique that made the juubi’s body itself the the centre of the chibaku tensei…\\
zetsu: therefore the juubi became the moon\\
zetsu: but I was born on the verge of the sealing\\
zetsu: so that my mother would one day be revived\\
zetsu: I will show you it\\
zetsu: as vivid as a picture show\\
zetsu: first thing the juubi…\\
zetsu: its real form is not just the divine tree\\ it is my mother herself\\
zetsu: it is not the transformed body of the divine tree trying to get its fruit back\\
zetsu: it is the volition of kaguya to get back the chakra that was divided…\\ with her sons\\
zetsu: this is a truth that not even hagomoro knew\\
zetsu: and he also didn’t knew the fact that I was moving to realize my mother’s revival\\
zetsu: without knowing anything at that time hagomoro…\\
zetsu: had indra and asura… and created that foolish ninja sect\\
zetsu: but I was able to use those ingredients for the revival of my mother\\
zetsu: I instigate indra, who lost the strife to become the head of the family…\\
zetsu: and then I decided to include indra’s descendants, the uchiha, into the casting of my story\\
zetsu: and I made a little of correction to that worthless work that hagomoro left behind\\
sasu: … impossible!\\
zetsu: that’s right… hagomoro’s stone tablet\\
zetsu: I changed its content a little\\ so that the infinite tsukiyomi would the path that the uchiha would search\\
zetsu: and you uchiha were incredible actors in…\\
zetsu: my story…\\
zetsu: indra and the uchiha\\ asura and the senju\\
zetsu: I made it so that they would fight, while pursuing for more and more power\\
zetsu: and from that moment I approached several times their incarnation in both clans\\ I tried to make them discover the rinnegan, but it was nothing more than a chain of continue failures\\
zetsu: however, when uchiha madara and hashirama senju became the incarnations\\ I was sure\\
zetsu: that madara could do it\\
zetsu: that was the first step for my mother’s revival\\
zetsu: but uchiha madara was defeated by senju hashurama…\\
zetsu: madara’s corpse was a mountain of treasured for the shinobies\\ tobirama, the one who was researching the secret of the sharingan\\ didn’t want to get rid of the body\\
zetsu: and he hid madara’s body in the deeps of konoha’s mountain\\
zetsu: but madara was no fool\\
zetsu: the magekyou sharingan can prepare a technique that will activate with a time lag\\
zetsu: sasuke… it is the same thing that itachi did when he prepared the amaterasu into your eyes with a time lag\\
zetsu: madara prepared izanagi into his left eye\\
zetsu: he sacrificed his left eye in order to rewrite reality and revive…\\
zetsu: making his own kagebushin act as a corpse\\
zetsu: then he puked the flesh he obtained by hashirama…\\
zetsu: and after he implanted that flesh on his wounds…\\
zetsu: he finally awoke the rinnegan and summoned the gedou mazou\\
zetsu: then he cultured hashirama’s flesh in the mazou\\ further stretching his lifespan\\
zetsu: “those who use together the two parts that oppose each other will obtain the whole creation”\\
zetsu: madara set his obsession toward hashirama, just like it was written on the tablet\\
zetsu: then I hid myself behind the uchiha’s shadow\\
zetsu: so that it would seem that I was born from madara\\
zetsu: then I created the path for the plan to capture the bijuu… the akatsuki… and the war\\
zetsu: furthermore, in order to increase our war power I made kabuto discover madara’s corpse\\
zetsu: I made him use madara’s corpse as a transaction card\\ and forced obtito to collaborated with him\\
zetsu: then during the war the infinite tsukiyomi was activated, according to the plan\\ and by putting together the great quantity of chakra that was scattered among all those people\\
zetsu: I revived my mother\\
kagu: I… hate you\\
kagu: hagomoro… hamura… you belong to me\\
zetsu: this is the end of my role\\ you will return together with me to the almighty god that my mother will become \\
naru: … you…\\
naru: you two…\\
naru: are not the history of the shinobi!!\\
naru: and…!\\
naru: a mother should be happy when her sons become independent from her!!\\
zetsu: you are in your rebellious age…\\
zetsu: my mother it the origin of chakra itself\\ you brats cannot do anything against her\\
sasu: … we need an opening for activating the seal technique… naruto\\
naru: yeah! I have no other choice…!\\ I have to use that technique!\\
inserted: the beginning of the counter attack…!?\\

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