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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 682

Chapter 682: did you see that?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 9, 2014 17:12 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 682: did you see that?\\
inserted text: confronting the “great evil”…!!\\
sasu: that technique…?\\
naru: yeah…\\
naru: sasuke… listen to me for a bit\\
zetsu: I don’t know what you are scheming, but\\ my mother absorbs all the techniques\\
zetsu: you actions are useless\\
kaka: how are things?\\
saku: … they are just glaring at each other right now…\\
kaka: I see…\\
kaka: … this is not a genjutsu, this is a power that forcibly pulled us into this space…\\
kaka: she is on a total different dimension… it is like…\\
kaka: she is a god\\
saku: … how are you going to fight against something like that, naruto…?\\
naru: maybe this is the last time but…\\ you have to try everything you can\\
naru: this is all a consequence of what you have done after all, right?\\
obi: uh…\\
sasu: hey! Are you serious!?\\
naru: we will not know until we try\\
sfx: waku waku\\
naru: I was secretly practicing this technique even more than the rasengan after all…!\\ it is worth to try!\\
sasu: if it is possible to create an opening with than then…\\
sasu: ok I will prepare my left eye\\
sasu: let’s go!\\
naru: ok!\\
sasu: amaterasu!!\\
saku: they have moved!\\
naru: eat this!!\\
naru: sexy\\
naru: reverse harem technique!!!\\
naru: the sexy technique have the tendency to work against strong opponents!\\
saku: you idiot~~~~!!! What kind of technique are you using in such a situation!!?\\
saku: I’m fine with it, but such a technique will never work against such a god-like opponent!!!\\
saku: it worked!!!\\
naru: maybe you can even be the source of all chakra, but I’m sure that you never saw such a technique!!\\
naru: this is the history of shinobi, bitch!!\\
sasu: naruto, now!!\\
naru: yeah!!\\
kaka: the most unpredictable ninja!\\
kaka: who ever would have imagined that naruto would save the world with that perverted technique!!!\\
kaka: did you see that, jiraiya-sensei!!!\\
ji: I believe that the child of prophecy who will save the world is naruto\\
ji: if you consider the path walked by the shinobies of konoha until now, you can say that he has completely inherited it from the previous generations…\\
ji: he also has an adorable part of his personality that makes him more similar to me than minato…\\
naru: cold!\\
naru: what the hell is this!?\\
sasu: ice!?\\
naru: it changed!?\\
sfx: zu\\
naru: she’s disappeared!\\
sasu: this ability… she is capable of changing spaces…\\
sfx: zu\\
sfx: suuu\\
saku: where is sasuke-kun?\\
kaka: this place… did we move again!?\\
sasu: … this is… what technique caused this, naruto!?\\
naru: eh!?\\
naru: well probably…\\
kaka: it gives the same feeling of the previous time when we went to that lava world\\ it is probably an ability of our enemy!\\
kaka: basically the technique consists in rewriting the world in an instant…\\ just like a genjutsu…\\
saku: and this time it was an ice world!?\\ what is the principle behind that technique?\\
sfx: zuu\\
sfx: zuuu\\zuuu\\
naru: dammit!\\
sasu: amaterasu\\
sasu: kagutsuchi!!\\
naru: thanks you, sasuke!!\\
naru: sorry about that… the sexy technique was a failure…\\
sasu: heh… I didn’t think that we could defeat her with that technique since the beginning\\
sasu: this time let’s try with my plan… give me an hand\\
zetsu: mother… they are quite troublesome…\\
zetsu: maybe…\\
zetsu: we should separate them\\
zetsu: and kill them one at the time\\
sfx: zu\\
naru: eh!!?\\
sasu: kuh!\\
sasu: what is this place…!?\\
inserted: in a different… dimension!!!\\

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