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Naruto 683

Chapter 683: I saw the same dream as you

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 13, 2014 10:19 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 683: I saw the same dream as you\\
inserted: they have been divided…!!\\
naru: sasuke!!\\
naru: kuh!\\
sfx: zuuu\\zuuu\\
naru: uooooh!!\\
naru: dammit!!\\
sfx: su\\
zetsu: and with this\\ you cannot seal my mother anymore\\
zetsu: and now we will absorb all of you chakra first\\
sfx: zuuu\\
zetsu: those are good reflexes\\
naru: … in any case I have to find sasuke…!\\
kagu: that boy is quite fast\\
naru: In other words I will not know from where you will attack me, huh…\\
naru: what the hell is this!?\\
naru: kuh!!\\
naru: uwaaah\\
saku: could it be that we were the only one dragged into this world?\\
naru: no… my real body is also in this world…\\
naru: but I cannot perceive sasuke\\
obi: uh!\\
obi: …\\ where am I…?\\
kaka: obito…!\\
obi: ah, it is you kakashi…\\
obi: I… should be dead…\\
naru: I have revived you\\
naru: but…\\
obi: yeah…\\
obi: I know…\\
obi: where is… madara?\\ did you defeat him?\\
kaka: no… it is not like that\\
naru: I will explain things to him in a simple way!\\
naru: and I will also tell you about the rikudou sennin and kaguya… and also about the seal!\\
obi: I don’t know what happened but…\\ we still didn’t have defeat our enemy, right?\
obi: in that case… bring me where our enemy is\\ we will talk while we get there\\
naru: I cannot perceive sasuke…\\ and I also know that my original body is in a bad situation…\\
naru: it could be dangerous to go to the place where they are fighting, you know!?\\
saku: we still don’t know if we will only get in the way or if we will be useful\\
saku: but we will fail if we will not be there in the case we could be useful\\
kaka: in any case it will be the end of our world\\ if we don’t defeat that kaguya\\
kaka: we are the only ones left, and we don’t have any other choice than fighting\\
kaka: I had the determination since a long time ago…\\
kaka: the determination to die…\\
mina: I am late…\\ were you able to understand something?\\
ashi: there is no one here…\\
hashi: the only thing left is the lower part of madara’s body\\
mina: if the lower part of madara’s body is here, then we can think that he is dead, right?\\
mina: this given me a bad feeling but…\\
tobi: in any case it seem that his so called infinite tsukiyomi has been completed\\
tobi: it seems that it is not interested in dead people like us…\\ what happened on you side, fourth?\\
mina: I tried to free the people trapped in that technique\\ everyone of them didn’t wake up even after I cut the wood and rescued them\\
mina: and then the next branch of wood entangled them once again\\
saru: … I see, just like it happened to me\\
tobi: … we cannot determine how things went until we don’t confirm if madara died or he is still alive…\\ if we use the lower half of madara body and use it to revive him with the edo tensei then we will be sure…\\ and then we will discuss\\
hashi: we will need a sacrifice to do that, right?\\
hashi: there must be a different way…\\
tobi: you cannot think about such a naïve thing after we came all the way here…!\\
hago: you are a kind person after all\\
hago: previous caretaker of asura\\
hashi: who are you…?\\
hago: my name is hagomoro… founder of the ninja sect\\
hago: I’m also known as the rikudou sennin\\
sfx: haa\\haa\\
sasu: nothing works, huh...\\
sfx: haa\\
obi: … it is unbelievable, but\\ … in any case we need both you power and that of sasuke in order to\\ this person called kaguya\\
naru: yeah! But as I told you before, I cannot perceive sasuke anymore!\\
kaka: the ice… is moving…\\
naru: there!\\
naru: kuh!\\
naru: … she fused herself with the nature!!\\
saku: naruto…!\\
obi: there!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
naru: … you finally show yourself\\
saku: how the hell is she doing that?\\
obi: it is a kind of space-time technique\\
naru: good… I was able to pretend to have been caught…\\
naru: I just have to wait for when she gets near me!\\
obi: you said that you suddenly couldn’t perceive sasuke anymore\\
naru: yeah\\
obi: then I can imagine that he was sent into another space\\
obi: she is able to jump from a space time to another\\
obi: it is an ability a lot similar to my eye’s power\\
kaka: … can you enter in there?\\
obi: … when she will be connected once again to that space-time\\ I could make my kamui resonate with the gap while it is still open\\
obi: and I should be able to enter\\
obi: and if sasuke is there\\ I could be able to bring him on this side…\\
naru: perfect!!\\ in that case I will support my main body!\\
obi: but…\\
obi: I need an incredible quantity of chakra in order to do that…\\ because it is not my own space-time\\
obi: we will be finished if I run out of chakra on the other side\\
naru: then I will come too!\\ my main body will not be defeated soon… because I’m quite strong you know\\
obi: the chakra of a clone like you is not enough\\
saku: even my strength of one hundred’s chakra is not enough?\\
obi: it should have ample bounds\\
obi: the two of you must come with me\\
saku: yes…\\
obi: we don’t know if sasuke is in that space or not\\
obi: but first I will enter in her space time\\ ... and find sasuke and bring him here without fail\\
naru: … obito… thanks for helping me…\\
naru: and even for helping sasuke…\\
obi: … you don’t need to thank me like this\\
obi: look at the enemy\\
naru: you…\\
naru: are not wearing a mask anymore, you know?\\
obi: I was… kakashi’s friend\\ your father’s subordinate…\\ someone from the same clan as sasuke…\\
obi: and…\\
naru: the hokage is the one who walks in front of the others and endures the pain\\
kaka: his behaviour draws his comrades in\\
kaka: and they feel like helping him in the case he makes a mistake\\
obi: I am your senior who saw the same dream…\\
obi: as you\\
obi: I will not waste with words the little time I have left\\
obi: but…\\ at least let me walk in front of you…\\
obi: and die\\
inserted text: he found his own path\\\

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