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Naruto 687

Chapter 687: you will surely…

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 8, 2014 16:35 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 687: you will surely…\\
inserted: uchiha obito, he became a shield for… tomorrow’s hope…!!\\
kaka: w-why!?\\
kaka: we were both ready to die…\\
kaka: you strength is still necessary here!\\ why would you do such a thing for someone useless here like me!?\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
zetsu: you have to mould the chakra for the time being, huh…\\
zetsu: mother… let’s go back to the original space… you will heal faster there\\
obi: leave that aside… and focus on the enemy…\\ kakashi\\
obi: haa\\haa\\haa\\
sfx: su\\su\\
obi: … naruto… sasuke… and sakura, huh…\\
obi: this is a really important moment for them\\
naru: … obito!!\\
saku: what happened!?\\
obi: … kakashi, you will become a pillar that will support the new world, it is too soon for you to die…\\
sfx: poro\\ poro\\ poro\\
sfx: touch\\
zetsu: it is useless to do such a thing, naruto\\
zetsu: this is the end for him, he will die just like trash\\
naru: kuh!!\\
obi: … stop… naruto… it is just as he says…\\
obi: don’t waste your chakra\\
zetsu: why are you helping such a trash?\\
zetsu: originally he was your enemy, right?\\
zetsu: oh well… he has betrayed us as well after all…\\
zetsu: he is just a double crossing trash\\
zetsu: he was loathed by both his allies and enemies\\ … he doesn’t have comrades or relatives who will mourn for him…\\
zetsu: he is alone\\ and nothing will remain of him…\\
zetsu: the person he loved is dead, and he also couldn’t achieve his dream\\
zetsu: he was used for all of his life, and now he will turn to dust\\ ... he is just a fool that has only committed mistakes in his life…\\
zetsu: therefore he can only die in an unsightly way\\
naru: you bastard what the hell\\
obi: he is right\\
obi: it is a death suitable for… a sinner like me\\
sfx: gih\\
saku: my eye power is back\\
saku: … this space is…\\
kaka: we changed space once again!?\\
saku: naruto, I will be the diversion this time…\\
saku: you cannot do anything for him anymore… come with me\\
saku: I’m going first\\
naru: shit!\\ shit!!\\
obi: it’s fine…\\
obi: thanks, naruto\\
obi: I have fought against you\\
obi: and now I have the feeling that I woke up\\
obi: it is just like…\\ I was remembering my old self by looking at you…\\
obi: I regret what I have become\\
obi: but…\\
obi: I don’t know why… I am very happy now…\\
obi: when I was I kid I have imagined countless time to be an hokage…\\
obi: I was excited and anxious… it was one of those feelings you cannot express with words…\\ and you made me remember it\\
obi: … there is the village… and you comrades\\ for me to be an hokage… after all that has happened\\
obi: by just imagining that, the hole in my chest was filled\\
obi: heh\\
obi: these are my last moment…\\
obi: that’s must be the reason why I’m talking so much…\\
obi: ouch!\\
rin: you must not act tough and hide your wounds\\
rin: remember that I am looking at you\\
rin: you promised me that you would become hokage\\
rin: listen now…\\ even I want to stop this war in a way or another\\
rin: therefore I thought of…\\ protecting you by standing on your side\\
rin: helping you is the same thing as helping the world after all\\
rin: I am watching over you…\\ therefore there is no need to hide anything from me\\
rin: do you best obito!\\
rin: become hogake and show me how to save the world in a cool way!\\ promise me that too\\
rin: let’s go!\\
sfx: boro\\boro\\
obi: you will probably suffer because of many things from now on…\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\poro\\
obi: but…\\ in any case you will not change and go down your ninja’s way until the end\\
obi: ... you told me that\\
obi: your way of the ninja… is to go straight without twisting your words\\ … right?\\
naru: yeah…\\
obi: naruto…\\
obi: you will surely… become hokage\\
naru: yeah!!!\\
zetsu: the traitor insect finally died!!\\
sfx: zuuu\\
zetsu: he was an insect after all\\ as persistent as a cockroach! Ahahahah!\\
naru: don’t laugh of obito!!!\\
saku: naruto…\\
zetsu: … naruto… if you continue to oppose us…\\
zetsu: you will be reduced to dust like that pitiful idiot!\\
naru: one who wanted to become hokage like obito…\\
naru: to me is…\\
naru: the coolest person out there!!!\\
obi: rin…\\
rin: I was waiting for you\\
obi: I see…\\ sorry to keep you waiting…\\
obi: a lot of things happened… and I lost my way\\
rin: …\\ yeah… a lot of things happened before you came here\\
sfx: su\\
obi: rin…\\
obi: the promise I made you is…\\
rin: I know…\\
rin: you did your best until now…!\\
rin: I was…\\ looking you for all of this time\\
rin: let’s go!\\
inserted: uchiha obito leaves the scene…\\

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