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Naruto 692

Chapter 692: revolution

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 18, 2014 17:18 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 692: revolution\\
inserted: goodbye father…\\
saru: I leave the rest to you all\\ kakashi, sakura, sasuke and naruto!\\
tobi: brother… you have finally settled things here with madara\\ let's leave the rest to them just like saru said… let's entrust the future to those who came after us\\
hashi: yeah…\\
hashi: in your case you will probably settle things differently from us…\\
hashi: … no… I'm sure you will, uzumaki naruto… uchiha sasuke\\
goku: and with this I am once again free\\
goku: I will be back to the suiren cave now, ukikih!\\
5: I will seclude myself into a forest\\
7: finally we can go back to our birthplace…\\ this looks like a dream!\\
kura: hachibi\\ what will you do?\\
hachi: I…\\
hachi: well…\\
hachi: I will… go back to where bee is after all\\ his rap is really bad, but I got accustomed to it\\
hachi: so… what about you?\\
hago: small parts of your chakra are\\ already inside of naruto\\
hago: in a certain sense naruto is your meeting place\\
hago: if you need to discuss about something\\ you will be able to talk with each other inside of naruto by using your own chakra\\
hago: kurama\\ I want you to stay inside of naruto as the one in charge of this meeting place\\
hago: you…\\ don't have anything against it right?\\
kura: well…\\
kura: if you say so, then…\\
hago: naruto and sasuke…\\
hago: you have fought against my mother\\ did you change your answer…?\\
naru: my answer did not change…\\
naru: it is just that, and I'm sorry to say this about your mom, old man\\ but while I was fighting against kaguya I thought that…\\
naru: I was really happy that\\
naru: my mother was uzunaki kushina\\
naru: kaguya… was different from the people I have fought until now…\\ … I felt like she did not have an heart at all…\\
hago: … my mother kaguya at the beginning was a goddess with a deep patience toward his people…\\
hago: I do not know the reason why she changed into a demon, but…\\
hago: I guess that after she ate the chakra fruit\\ something started to change in her\\
hago: in any case you are different from my mother\\
hago: you will not become like my mother even if you will have the chakra of all the bijuus\\
hago: well then… what is left is…\\
hago: to release the infinite tsukiyomi\\
kura: how do we do that practically?\\
kura: do you need our power?\\
hago: you are fine\\
hago: naruto who has the chakra of all the bijuus\\ sasuke who as the power of the rinnegan\\ if they create once again the seal they will able to make the technique totally vanish\\
kura: what the… it is simpler than I thought\\
hago: in the past I have done my research to release the infinite tsukiyomi cast by my mother…\\ this is the way I am sure of it\\
hago: well then…\\ the rest depends from you, sasuke…?\\
sasu: I guess…\\
sasu: but first…\\
sasu: I will execute the five kages that are right now in the infinite tsukiyomi\\
kaka: … what… did you just say, sasuke?\\
saku: eh?\\
sasu: furthermore…\\ bijuus\\
sasu: I will put all of you under my control\\ and get rid of you one day\\
kura: what did you say!!?\\
sfx in all: piku\\
hago: he put the bijuus… into a genjutsu…!!\\
hago: and with just a glance…\\
hago: naruto…\\ things became like this after all\\
hago: I don't have any other choice than leaving things to you after all…\\ my presence in this world is at its limit as well…\\
hago: I will disappear soon\\
naru: I know…\\
naru: I'm sorry about how things have turned out old man\\
naru: but we will not end up like your children\\
naru: I'm not asura!\\
naru: and also sasuke is not indra!\\
hago: sasuke, what do you want to do…? What will you do after this battle?\\
hago: I want to hear your honest answer\\
kaka: sasuke! So this was your dream…!!\\ are you telling me that you still want your revenge…!?\\
saku: sasuke-kun!\\
sasu: it is true that in the past I only desired for destruction\\ revenge was my only objective\\
sasu: but now it is different\\
sasu: I want to destroy in order to build once again\\
sasu: a village that doesn't hold any darkness\\ I will completely reform the shinobi world!\\
sasu: what I am setting forth…\\
sasu: is…\\
sfx: piku\\
sasu: a revolution\\
kaka: a revolution you say…!?\\
sasu: the current situation is the result of what the kages have done until now\\
sasu: but I will become hokage and change the village\\
hago: what meaning does that hokage you are talking about…\\
hago: hold…?\\
sasu: I will tell you\\
sasu: as it seems that you really want to know\\
sasu: chibaku tensei\\
saku: kyah!!\\
kura: … naruto…\\
kura: I leave the rest to you…\\
naru: I will save you, don't worry!!\\
naru: just endure it for a little while!!\\
sasu: I became quite accustomed to the rinnegan's powers and ways of using them during the last battle…\\ and now no one is in my way…\\
sasu: apart for you… naruto\\
hago: this is… not going well\\
hago: by giving the power to just one of them indra and asura fought each other\\
hago: and now that I have given the power to the both of them the result is still the same…\\
naru: fuuuh…\\
naru: no\\
naru: the brother fight\\
naru: will end here…!\\
inserted: the inevitable turn of fate has finally come!!\\

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