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GTO - Shonan 14 Days 1

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Feb 6, 2010 18:45 | Go to GTO - Shonan 14 Days

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Reserved for imangascans

GTO Shonan 14 Days Chapter 1

― あ―――もう秋か~~~
Man. It's already fall.
Second semester’s gonna be over soon.

― 2学期終わったらもうすぐ卒業だぜ?
Graduation’s just around the corner.

― 早いもんだよな―っ
Where does the time go, huh?

box: 私立東京吉祥学苑
Tokyo Kissho* Private Academy
*Kissho = lucky omen

― クラスの奴の4分の1は吉祥学苑以外の学校行くって話だしさ
I hear a fourth of our classmates are gonna be attending other schools.

― 変わっちゃうかと思うとなんか寂しいもんだよねー
Kinda sad thinking about how everyone’s leaving.

― ななななんだねこれは
W-W-What the hell is this?!

― 鬼塚クンっ!!

― 痛車っすよ 知らないんすか?今流行ってんすよ?
It’s an anime-decorated car. Haven’t ya heard? It’s all the rage right now.

― 誰がこんなアニメキャラを描けと言ったんだぁ!!
Who the hell told you to draw this ridiculous character onto my car?!
ワ ワシはブロック塀でこすって傷がついたところをレタッチしてくれと頼んだだけだ!!
I only asked you to touch up the scratches!
So why is there a girl in a uniform, huh?!

― ああこれっすか?「間宮ハルヒの憂鬱」のハルヒっすよ
Oh, her? She’s Haruhi from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Mamiya”.
She’s super popular right now.
Came out pretty well, huh?

― ハルヒでもハヒフヘホでもなんでもいいから早く消すんだぁあ~~~~っ!!
I don’t care if it’s “Haruhi” or “Ha hi hu he ho”! Remove it from my car this instant!!

― え?
Easier said than done... I used paint...

― ぺ ぺぺぺペンキだとぉお~~~っ??
P-P-P-P-Paint, you say?!

― ま ま ま まだ納車2週間なんだぞっ??
B-B-But I’ve only had this car for 2 weeks!
新型クラウンのロイヤルサルーンホワイトパール クリスタルシャインなんだぞ!?
It’s a new Crown Royal Saloon model in pearl white with a crystal shine finish!!

― わかってるのか?えっ?
Do you realize what you’ve done?! Huh?!

― いーじゃないんすか アキバじゃヒーローっすよ?
Hey, it’s all good. All eyes are gonna be on you in Akihabara.

― アキバなぞ行かんわぁぁあ~~~っっ!!
I wouldn’t even be caught dead in the likes of Akihabara!

― …クス

― …みんなが変わってもあの2人の関係だけは変わりそうにないな
Even if we all change, the chances they will ever get along is close to zero.

― ―――だな
I’ll say.

― 週末には良子と好子と英吉で熱川の旅館に泊まる予定なんだぞ!?
You do realize I had plans to stay at an inn with Ryoko and Yoshiko?!?
なのに なのに…
B-but now...

― え?オレも連れてってくれるんすか?
Seriously?? How about takin’ a brother along too?!

― 犬だよ!うちの犬っ!!
They’re my dogs, you fool!

Box 1: ―――そんなオレラの担任の鬼塚先生に
Until we saw that poster, we had no clue that the teacher

Box 2: あの夏
we knew so well

― 草野の母ちゃんまた太ったらしーぜ
Word is Kusano’s mom’s plumped up again.

― マジで?
No kidding?
Her chin’s gettin’ smaller by the day.

― 草野の悲しんでる 顔が目に浮かぶぜ~~~
I can just picture Kusano’s horrified face!

Box 3: 僕らの知らない秘密の14日間があったなんて
had 14 days that summer that

Box 4: その時まで全然気付かなかったんだ
he didn't want us to know about.

― ん?

Text: 指名手配
Tokyo-Nagoya Bus Hijacker

― あれ?この指名手配の男って
What the? Doesn’t the guy on this wanted poster…
…look a lot like Onizuka?

― え?
pink txt: If you see this man, call 110!

Black text: About 22 years old. Blonde hair. Shifty eyes.
Wears a camouflaged parka.

Red text: Currently at large

white text: 指名手配

red text: 東名高速バスジャック犯
Tokyo-Nagoya Bus Hijacker

yellow box: あ!この顔は…
Whoa! That face looks just like…

box 1: ―――そう
Here’s the story.

― ガラガラガラ
rattle rattle rattle

box 2: 今から3か月前
3 months earlier,

box 3: 先生が勅使川原に拳銃で撃たれて
Onizuka was shot by Teshigawara.

― ガチャッ

― 鬼塚さーん
Mr. Onizuka!

box 4: おとなしく入院していると思っていた
We had thought he was quietly resting in the hospital.

box 5: あの夏―――
But as it turns out,

― 鬼塚さーん 起きて下さい
Mr. Onizuka, rise and shine!

― 点滴の時間ですよ~~
It’s time for your IV!

― ガラガラガラ
rattle rattle rattle

― ハッハッハッ
Hah hah hah.

box 6: 鬼塚先生には
For whatever reason,

box 7: どうやら僕らに知られたくなかった 14日間があったらしいんだ
apparently Mr. Onizuka wanted to keep what happened over 14 days of that summer hidden from us.

― ほーら 手 出して下さい
Come on, now. Let me see your arm.

― もぉ~~~っ 昼食の後は点滴だって知ってるでしょ~~?
You know just as well as I do that your IV is after lunch time.

― ハッハッハッ
Hah hah hah.

― ハッハッてちょっと何やってるんですか?
Why are you panting like that?
ほら 早く起きて―――
Come on, now. Please get up—

― ハッ

― ハッ

sign on dog: 鬼塚

― 婦長ぉ~~~っ!!鬼塚さんがまた脱走しました―――っ
Head Nurse! Mr. Onizuka’s escaped again!

― え?またぁ?
What?! Again?!
He’s just gotten out of surgery! Where could he have run off to?!

― 婦長~~っ 大変です~~~っ
Head Nurse! We’ve got a big problem!

― お 鬼塚さんが…鬼塚さんが…
It’s about Mr. Onizuka!

― テレビの生放送に出るって医院長の自転車盗んで新宿方向に…
After saying something about going on live TV, he stole the head doctor’s bicycle and is headed toward Shinjuku right at this moment!

box 1: それは手術から間もないある日の
The whole mess started after he made his little debut on TV,

― ス スグ 追いかけて連れ戻しなさい!!
G-Go after him and bring him back at once!

― は はいっ
R-Right away!

― まったく 銃で撃たれたっていうのにいったい何やって…
The man was shot by a gun, for crying out loud! What is he off doing now?!
grumble grumble

box 2: テレビ番組出演から始まっていたんだ…
which was sometime shortly after his surgery.

― みなさん こにゃにゃちわー 司会のイモリです!!
Why, hello, hello, viewers! MC Imori here!

― 今日は夏休みという事で現役の学校の先生達に集まってもらいました―――っ
In the spirit of summer vacation, we’ve invited some teachers to be our guests here today.

― 先生と言っても元は生徒
Despite being teachers today, they were once students as well.
Today’s topic will be “pranks” they used to do when they were younger.

― キュッキュツ
skrik skrik

― キュ

― フリップに書いてもらいましょ~~っ
We’re having them write down their answers on their boards.

― それでは杉並区の吉村先生から―――っ
Let’s hear first from Mr. Yoshimura from Suginami.

― 学校の二宮金次郎像にハナ毛描いちゃいました―――っ
I scribbled nose hair onto the school’s statue of Ninomiya Kinjiro.
My homeroom teacher completely blew his top!

sign:  二宮金次郎像に鼻毛を描いた
Scribbled nose hair onto Ninomiya Kinjiro.

- Oh, a fairly common prank, that one!
Even I used to dress the Jizo statues with my school uniform and place an “afro” on top.

Board on right: Skipped school to go on a date with a girl in…

Second board from right: A female teacher’s…bra…

Second board from left: Put gum in the teacher’s shoe.

Left: Changed my report card…

- I’m seeing several other pranks written on the boards here.

- What’s this?

- One teacher hasn’t written anything at all!

- Yeah, well… I’ve done a lot of pranks in my time,
so I wasn’t sure which one to pick.

- Oh? Quite the troublemaker, were you?

- Well, then. Just pick one that beats out all the rest.

- Hmm… Beats out all the rest, you say?

- Oh! Then I’ve got just the one.

- It’s not actually a prank, but a few days ago…

sfx bubble: skrik skrik

- A student at our school took a dive off a building.

- Excuse me?

Sfx bubble: skrik

- I totally thought he kicked the bucket, y’see…
(*I don’t know the gender of the student, so change this if it’s wrong.)

sign: Almost buried a student alive in the woods.

- And so, there I was in the middle of the woods tryin’ to bury the kid.

sign: Almost buried a student alive in the woods.

- Good thing he woke up in the middle of it, y’know? Otherwise, that would’ve been some serious—

sfx bubble: flash

text: Please wait a moment…

text pointing at duck: Onizuka’s seat

- Umm… It seems one of our guests brought up a rather touchy subject…

- L-Let’s just pretend that never happened and move on to the next question.

- B-Buried a student alive?

- For real?

- What do you mean, inappropriate?! I said I didn’t bury the kid, didn’t I?!
It was an accident! Accident, I tell you!

- Hey! Get yer hands off me!

- Don’t ever show your mug here again.

- You’re a jerk!

- Jerk?!
But I’ve been telling you he’s alive and kickin’!

Sfx bubble: bam

- He slipped out of the hospital and went on to become a pickpocket! His arrest was even aired on TV!

- C’mon! Gimme another chance, will ya!

- …Tch.

- Tried to bury a kid alive…

- Seriously?

- Bunch of ignorant bastards…

- Hm?

- I-I didn’t really bury the kid, y’know…

- You guys believe me, right?

- I-I’m telling the truth here!
I’m still on really good terms with him!

- C’mon! Hear a guy out, will ya!

- We believe ya!

- Every word of it!

- …Huh?

- A teacher who buries students alive is straight up awesome in our books!

- We’ve been looking for a teacher like you…

Sfx bubble: clench

- …Mr. Kichiku*, sir!

*They misread his name. Kichiku also means “brute”.

- Whaddaya say to teaching at our school?
We could use a hardcore teacher like you around, Mr. Kichiku!

- How many times do I gotta repeat myself? I never buried him!
And the name’s “Onizuka”, not “Kichiku”!

- I’m beggin’ ya here! We’ll take any bad-ass lesson you can throw at us!

- Mr. Kichikuuuu!

Sfx bubble: vroom vroom

Sfx bubble: vroom vroom

- My name ain’t “Kichikuuuuuu”!

sfx bubble: vroom vroom

sfx bubble: vroom vroom vroom

small sfx bubble: glance

- Whew!

- Damn… I just wanted have a little fun, but it snowballed into a huge disaster.

- Where the hell did “Kichiku” come from?

sfx bubble: whisper whisper

- Isn’t that the guy on TV earlier who said he buried someone alive?

- Really?

- Screw it. Guess I’ll just head back to the hospital and hit the hay.

Sfx bubble: brrmm brrmm
*(phone vibrating)

- Mr. Onizuka!
What are you doing out of the hospital?!

Sfx bubbles in the background: ring ring

- Huh? How’d you know I was?

- Don’t give me that! It’s all over TV!

Sfx bubbles in the background: ring ring

Sfx bubble: ガチャ

- Yes, this is Kissho Academy.

- After the stunt you pulled on TV, our phones have been ringing off the hook with complaints!

- We’ll have to get back to you on that after we verify the situation.

- Wha…?

- I can’t believe you said that on live TV!

- The principal and vice principal are going crazy looking for you!
They’re serious about firing you this time!

- O-O-O-O-O-Oni-Oni-Oni—

- Onizukaaaaa!!

- Where the hell is he?!

- Somebody find the man and drag him back here!

- This time, I’m definitely firing his ass!

- Well, there you have it.

- It’d be smart of you to keep out of the public’s eye for a while.

- Approaching the school now would be like adding oil to the fire.

- Onizukaaaaa!

- …Or rather, more like pouring gasoline.

Sfx bubbles in the background: ring ring ring

- You should also steer clear of the hospital.
I’m sure they’re already watching the place.

- ‘Kay, gotcha.
I’ll do just that.

Sfx buble: beep

Sfx bubble: ring ring ring

- Yeah, Onizuka speaking.

- Hey, Mr. Onizuka!
It’s me, Urumi!

- I heard about your slip-up on TV.

- You let your mouth run off with your pride, I see.

- Hahaha! You’re such an airhead!
Of course you’re going to get in trouble if you say something like that.

- Want me to get you off the hook?

- All you have to do is sleep with me.

- I want to have your baby, Mr. Onizuka!
Not a bad deal, right?

- ………..

- You’ll get to bed a vigorous 14-year-old girl!

- Besides, a guy your age should think about starting a family.

Sfx bubble: beep

- Man. What the hell’s this kid on?

Sfx bubble: klak

- I’m not the kinda guy who’d take advantage of a student.

- Looks excluded…

sfx bubble: brrmm

sfx bubble: brrrm

small bubble: Ring all you want, I’m not pickin’ up!

- …I’m a teacher through and through!

- Guess I got no other choice but to lay low for a couple of weeks.
Everything should cool down by then.
(small txt in bubble) Right, Hachiko?

Sfx bubble: pat

- No worries.
I actually got plenty of pals who’ve been through thick and thin with me.

- If I ask ‘em, they’d be more than happy to help me out.

- Hah? 2 weeks?

- Yeah. Can ya let me hide out with you?

- Are you kidding me?

- I’ve told you already, haven’t I?
There’s a district motorcycle circuit race this week.

- Whah?
Yeah, yeah, I got that. But still, can’t ya help out a pal somehow?
(small txt in bubble) We’re best buds, aren’t we?

- Not my problem, man.
I’ve got my hands full. You’re on your own.

- Hide out, you say?
Ah, sure thing.

Sfx bubble: klak

- I’ve got some buddies from the gang here right now.

Sfx bubble: klak

- I’ll have ‘em show ya the ropes.

- …Huh? You only wanted a place to crash?

- sfx bubble: fwoo

sfx bubble: klak

- No can do, man.

- I’ve got a buncha runaway girls under my wing right now.

- What’s wrong with joining the gang?

Sfx bubble: klak

- A gutsy guy like you would be welcomed with open arms.

Sfx bubble: klak

Sfx bubble: ガチャ

Sfx bubble: ツーツー
Shh shh

- It ain’t so bad.
It’s only 1 or 2 years doin’ time if you’re caught with drugs.

- …………

- Hey, you listenin’ to me, Eikichi?

- Yo?

- S-Slight change of plans, it seems.

- Guess I gotta find a place to hide out for 2 weeks myself now.
(small text in bubble)Can’t count on a single one of ‘em!

Txt: Man, what crappy friends. Even after all the stuff we’d been through together.

sfx: ブッブッ
bu bu
(*dunno what this is)

- Whoa!

- Stupid mutt! Watch where you’re pissin’!
(small txt in bubble) My expensive Aoyama suit!

- If I gotta hide out somewhere…

- Then there’s no place better than here.

- It’s been a while, huh…

- …Shonan.

- Tsujido Station. Tsujido Station.

- *yawn*

- Didn’t expect to end up all the way out here.
Well! Now that I’m here in Shonan, I’m gonna need a ride.

- First order of business is to borrow myself a bike!

- If memory serves me right, Makoto’s house should be somewhere around here…

- …

- Hm?

- ……..

sfx bubble: カチカチカチ
beep beep beep

sfx bubble: パシャパシャ
pasha pasha pasha
(*cell phone taking pictures)

sfx bubble: pasha

sfx bubble: pasha pasha pasha

- ….

Sfx bubble: beep

- Hey! What’cha doin’ there, ol’ man?

- E-Err, nothing!

- Yeah, right! Don’t play dumb with me. I caught you red-handed.
(small txt in bubble) Didja think you could get away with it?

- I-I h-h-have n-n-no idea what you’re talking about!

- Oh, really now? Then you should have no problem with me takin’ a look at yer phone!
(small txt in bubble) I bet you’ve got them saved on yer phone, huh!

- I-I told you I don’t know—

- ‘Scuse me! Yeah, you over there, Blondie.

- How ‘bout minding your own business?

- I can deal with him myself.

- Whah?

- There he is! It’s him!

- Huh?!

- Arrest him!

- He’s taking pictures just like the report said!

- Come on, now! You’re taking a trip down to the station with us!

- N-No! You’ve got it all wrong! H-Her panties just happened to be in view! Honest!

- …Hmph. Serves him right.

- …….

- I-I have a family to feed!
My name’s Masuo!

- P-Please don’t arrest me!
It’s not like I was peeping on purpose!

- ……

- What’s with that girl?

- Don’t tell me she was flashing her panties on purpose…
(small txt in bubble) …Just to put that old man behind bars?

- *sigh* So much for tryin’ to do a good deed.

- Man, kids these days are really something.

sfx bubble: ブッブッ
bu bu
(dunno what this is)

- Siiiiiigh.
Today’s just full of bad luck.
(small txt in bubble)Like Friday the 13th.

Sfx bubble: Flip…

- Man, it’s just been one bad thing after another.
(small txt in bubble)Maybe I should’ve checked my horoscope on morning TV.

- I should hurry an’ get Makoto to lend me his bike.
Guess I should find some inn instead of crashin’ at someone’s place.

Sfx bubble: flip

- Gah! I’ve got zero luck today.

- Don’t wanna push my luck and get caught up in somethin’ messy again.

- Hm?

- Hey!
(small txt in bubble)It’s that girl from before!

- Hold it right there, missy!

Sfx bubble: ビクッ

- I recognize you.

- You’re that girl from earlier, aren’t ya?
You tryin’ to steal, now? C’mon, out with the books.

- Go on.
Put ‘em back where they came from.

- ….

- Unless you want me to rat you out.
(small txt)Hm?

Sfx bubble: beep

Sfx bubble: beep beep beep

- Hey!
Stop texting and listen—

- Eeeeeekk! Help meeee!
This man’s a pervert!

- W-What the?!

- Eeeeeeek! Someone help meeee!

- W-Who the hell are you callin’ a pervert?! Don’t go makin’ up stuff like that!
Hey! Stop right there! Hey!!

- …Man! What the hell was that??
She’s pullin’ the same scam she did with that old man!

- Hey, you.

- You the pervert?

- Let’s take a little trip down to the station, shall we?

- W-Wait! I’m no pervert!
That kid’s coverin’ up her theft by turnin’ me into the bad guy here!

- Oops!

- Y-You! How dare you hit me!

- M-My bad. My body just moved on its own.
(small txt in bubble)It’s a reflex when I feel threatened, y’see.

- I can charge you with obstruction of justice, you know!

- Oh, shit!
Sorry ‘bout that. Defensive reflex.

- Don’t give me that bull!

- Are you making fun of me?!

Sfx bubble: Mnnngh!

- Wah! Sir, c-calm down!

- That man’s telling the truth!

- He didn’t do anything wrong!

- He was just trying…

sfx bubble: tap

- …to stop a girl from shoplifting.

- I’ll even testify to that effect.

- As an eyewitness.

- Hunh…?

- Man! You really saved me back there!

- Thanks to your testimony,

- I was spared from a drawn out investigation.

- Who knows how long I would’ve been locked up if things went down the drain?
(small txt in bubble)I mean, I even assaulted an officer.
Geez. Luck’s just not on my side today.

- My hand just flew out by reflex, I tell ya…

- Oh, think nothing of it.
You weren’t the one in the wrong, after all.

- The one at fault here…

- …was that girl who was stealing.

- Eh?

- She’s one of our kids.

- That girl’s with
the juvenile care facility I work at.

- J-Juvenile care facility?

- Kids that don’t have parents,
kids that weren’t raised by their parents,

- and kids that were abused are cared for at our facility.

- Katsuragi, the girl you saw earlier,

- is also staying with us because of her situation with her parents.

- She’s…

- …quite a handful.

- Huh, you don’t say.

- I apologize for all the trouble she’s caused you.
By the way, my name is Ayame Shiratori.

- I’m a staff member at the juvenile care facility called “White Swan”.

- Eikichi Onizuka.

- What a coinky-dink! I also happen to deal with kids in my line of work.

- ?

- I feel your pain, miss.

- I’m a teacher, y’see.

- I’m a junior high homeroom teacher for Tokyo’s Kissho Academy.

- Did you say Kissho Academy…?

- You’re Eikichi Onizuka…?

- Ohhh!

- H-Hold on. I-I’m sure I have it saved on my phone.

Sfx bubble: beep beep beep beep

- That one picture…

- Here it is!

- This is you, right, Mr. Onizuka?

- ?

- W-Why do you have a picture of me?
(small txt in bubble)And an old one at that!

- Azusa sent it to me!
Azusa’s a classmate of mine from high school.

- Wait, are you talking about Azusa Fuyutsuki?

- Dammit, Fuyutsuki! I can’t believe you sent that picture!
If you’re gonna send pictures of me to your female friends, then at least send some decent ones!

- I also have a picture of you riding on a vaulting horse.
This photo was altered by your students, wasn’t it?
They seem like a very rowdy class.

Sfx bubble: beep beep beep


- Azusa tells me that you’re an incredible teacher.
That you were able manage that wild class for half a year!

- You’re amazing! It’s not something just anyone can pull off.

- Oh, I’m not that great!

- Fuyutsuki’s just exaggerating.

- But you are!

- I run into the same kind of problems as you, so I understand!
I understand just how amazing you really are!

- Oh, please stop! There was really nothing to it.

- I just kept knocking

- on the closed doors of the students’ hearts.

- And the ones who opened the door

- were the students themselves.

- All I did was

- give them a little nudge along the way.

- That’s what teachers are capable of.
Kinda sounds like I’m showing off, though, doesn’t it?

- Hahahaha!

- ……..

- ……..

- You really are an excellent teacher.

- You did something
absolutely wonderful as a teacher.

- And yet you’re so modest about it.

- You’re an incredible teacher just like Azusa said…

- …Mr. Onizuka.

- P-Please! This is the guy who almost buried a student alive we’re talking about here!
You flatter me too much!

- Pardon me?

- Uhh, never mind! It’s nothing. Eh heh heh…

- But I really mean it when I say you’re incredible.

- I always seem to lose my way.

- The children call me their teacher,

- but I’m nothing more than their caretaker.

- Pulling off something such as opening up their hearts
is nothing but a dream to me.

- Katsuragi alone is already giving me such a hard time.

- How ‘bout I try warmin’ ‘em up for ya?

- Excuse me?

- Somethin’ came up, so I’ll be stayin’ in Shonan for a while.

- Plus it’s summer vacation right now anyway.

- I can pay a little visit everyday.
At that

- juvenile care facility you work at.

- Well, it’s not like I really know
how much help I’ll be to you.

- But I’d like to give you a helping hand wherever I can.

- You can count on me!

- I’ll open up those kids’ hearts for ya!

- It’ll be a pleasure working with you, Mr. Onizuka!

- I’m sure you’ll receive a warm welcome!

- The other staff members and I are always talking about how difficult it is to care for the children and how relieving it’d be to have another staff member around.

- Having an expert like you with us would be a big help!

- Oh! I know! Why don’t you come and stay with us?

- We have rooms where employees sleep.

- What?? You really mean it??

- You sure it’s okay?
(small txt in bubble)I don’t wanna be a bother, y’know.

- Of course it is!

- It’s completely fine as long as it’s just until the end of summer vacation. Please, do come!

- You’ll also be able to get to know the children better that way.

- F-For real? Wow! You’re a lifesaver!

box 1: Onizuka told us all about it afterward.

- I hadn’t found a place to crash yet since coming to Shonan.

- My mom’s outta town right now, y’see.

- Oh, yeah. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell Fuyutsuki that I’m in Shonan.

- Oh? How come?

Box 2: Everything started

- Well, I’ve got my reasons.

Box 3: after he got involved with that juvenile care facility.

Box 4: Those 14 days in Shonan…

Sfx bubble: pasha pasha
(*taking pictures)

Sfx bubble: pasha

- sfx bubble: キュッキュッ
kyu kyu
(*dunno what this is)

box: were even worse than he could’ve imagined.

Text 1: nosy

Txt 2: untrustworthy

Txt 3: dangerous

Txt 4: might be coming to White Swan

box: They were the worst 14 days he’s ever experienced.

White txt on top: blonde

Black txt on top: wanted person

White txt at bottom: let’s get rid of him

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