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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 567

Dance with Snow White

+ posted by BadKarma as translation on Feb 11, 2014 01:40 | Go to Bleach

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Chapter 567
Dance with Snow White

Page 01
The denial of one’s power is something which can never be accepted.

As Nodt:“恐怖”が
When fear
As Nodt:通じない?
Has no effect?

As Nodt:其んな訳は無い

Page 02
If you truly believe
That it is “impossible”
Then stick me with another of your spikes


And feel fear

For this
Is the true Sodeno Shirayuki*
*TN: White Snow on the Sleeve

Page 03
In the embrace of ice and snow, a feeling of carnal ecstacy---------

Page 04
No text

Page 05
As Nodt:―――「もう一度その棘を突きたてろ」?
------Stick you with another of my spikes?

As Nodt:さっき迄その棘から逃げ回っていた奴が
That’s quite a thing to say for someone who, up until a moment ago
As Nodt:よく言う
Had been fleeing from them

-------You're right

Page 06
Although I have become able to tap Sodeno Shirayuki’s true power
It still takes time to apply it to my body
Until that was complete, I couldn’t allow one of your attacks to hit me……

As Nodt:――――凍らせたから何だ
------Freezing it means nothing
As Nodt:云った筈だ
I told you before
As Nodt:恐怖は氷じゃ防げない
You cannot defend against fear with ice

As Nodt:僕の恐怖は傷口から侵入するのでは無い
My fear does not enter through a wound
As Nodt:僅かでも肌に触れればそこから融けて染み込んで行く
It dissolves and seeps into the skin upon contact, no matter how little of it there is

As Nodt:防げはしない
It absolutely
As Nodt:絶対に
Cannot be stopped

Page 07
As Nodt:人は誰しも
For all people
As Nodt:安心を覚える対象と恐怖を覚える対象とを持っている
There are things which evoke a sense of security, and things which evoke fear

As Nodt:安心を覚える場所に踏み入った時
When someone sets foot in a place that evokes a sense of security
As Nodt:何故安心するのかと尋ねても
Ask them why they feel safe
As Nodt:「何となく」等と答えて判然としない事ばかり
And they can give only vague answers such as “I just do”

As Nodt:しかし 恐怖を覚える場所に踏み入れば
If a person sets foot in place that evokes fear, however
As Nodt:どんな馬鹿でも恐怖の理由は明々白々
The reason for their fear is as clear as day to them, no matter how stupid they may be
As Nodt:「暗い」「寒い」「高い」「狭い」「痛い」「汚い」と恐怖の理由を羅列する
“It’s dark”, “it’s cold”, “it’s too high”, “it’s too narrow”, “it hurts”, “it’s dirty”, they just rattle off the reasons

As Nodt:其れは突き詰めれば全ての「安心」は「生」に「恐怖」は「死」に結び付くからだ
This is because, at its very essence, “security” is tied to “living” while feelings of “fear” are linked to “death”
As Nodt:“生きたい理由”を答えられない者も
It is the same as when someone cannot say why they want to live
As Nodt:“死にたくない理由”なら答えられるのと同じ事
But can tell you why they do not want to die
As Nodt:“感情を持っている生物だけ”では無い
And this is not limited to “creatures with emotions”
As Nodt:全ての生命は「死」を
All living creatures
As Nodt:即ち「恐怖」を
Are designed to instinctively avoid death
As Nodt:本能的に避ける様にできている
And by association, fear

Page 08
As Nodt:命あるものは全て
Every living thing
As Nodt:恐怖から逃れる為に生き
Lives to escape fear
As Nodt:恐怖から逃れる為に自らを鍛え
Trains itself to escape fear
As Nodt:恐怖から逃れる為に成長するのだから
And grows to escape fear

As Nodt:恐怖が通じない訳など無いのだ
For this reason, as long as you possess life
As Nodt:お前に
It is impossible
As Nodt:命が有る限りは
For fear to not have an effect


Page 09
And that is why
Fear has no effect on me

As Nodt:――――わからぬか
------Do you not understand?

What I am telling you
Is that I no longer possess life

Page 10
As Nodt:―――どう云う事だ
------What are you talking about?

Page 11
------Sodeno Shirayuki
Is not a zanpakutou that produces cold from the point of its blade

But rather one that lowers the temperature
Of its wielder’s body below freezing

The wielder freezes all they touch

The blade
Is nothing more than a limb for increasing the freezing radius

Page 12
As Nodt:・・・フザケタ事を云うな
…Do not speak such nonsense
As Nodt:肉体を氷点以下になどすれば分子の運動が停止し生命活動を維持できない
If you lower your body temperature below freezing, then your molecules will cease to move and you will be unable to maintain your vital functions

As Nodt:生きていられる
It would be impossible
As Nodt:筈が無い
For you to stay alive

Right now
I am dead

Through control of my spirit particles
I acquired a technique
For temporarily killing my body

Page 13
All molecules in my body have ceased their activity
The “fear” that had soaked into my flesh
Has also stalled on the surface

As Nodt:・・・そんな・・・
...It can’t be…
As Nodt:馬鹿な事が―――――・・・
That’s absurd-------….

Page 14

Blood freezes
And will not flow from wounds

As Nodt:くッ・・・

Page 15
The water in the ground beneath my feet freezes, causing an “icequake”

Absolute Zero

You'll excuse me if I hurry a bit

At this temperature, I can only stay active
For 4 seconds

Page 16
No text

Page 17
As Nodt:(恐怖)
As Nodt:(恐怖か)
(This is fear?)

As Nodt:(此んなものが)
As Nodt:(「恐怖」か?)
(Is what “fear” is like?)

What thoughts go through his head as he freezes...!?

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