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Saike Once Again 141 (0 comments)

Chaotic scans only.

Last Take: Bond

{One month after suppressing the volcanic reaction.}
(Sign- Mikan Karatachi's first exhibit “Tangerine show” Open from 9/21~9/27)
(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya)
(Sfx- Pasha pasha fwash fwash)
Guy: I'd like to congratulate you for your first exhibition!
I'm Tanioka from the Kamitsuke newspaper.
Miss Mikan Karatachi,
May I get your feelings on this occasion.?

(Sfx- Doki doki throb throb)
Mikan: Y—yes!
I'm overjoyed!
Tanioka: Then let's talk about your win in the 10th annual “Forest of the stars” art contest...
I believe your piece was called “Bond.”
You've been drawing live portraits since you were fifteen years old...
And this is the fifteenth in your... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 140 (0 comments)

I don't feel like looking for the issue of Sunday this chapter ran in but I'm almost positive it wasn't this long there. Like this is basically a monthly chapter's page count and while I know Saike has a weird schedule to begin with it's still crazy. Though I suppose it works as the penultimate chapter of the series. Tomorrow...the finale.

Chaotic scans only

{The day of departure....}
Take 140: Oracle Holder.
Ana: Ooh!
If it isn't the hero!
(Sfx- Gara gara gara)

Saike: Yo!
???: Huh?!
Kotaro: Otsujiro is an oracle holder?!
Saike: Yup.

Saike: His ability allows him to power up oracles.
Ana: Ah!! You're right!
Now that I look closely he does have fumes coming out!!
{He's known since the live... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 139 (0 comments)

This chapter was fast to TL, but that's mostly in comparison to the monster that laid in wait behind it...

Chaotic scans only

Take 139: A place to return.

(Sign- Graduation ceremony)
Students: Not a moment will we forget~
These departed months and years~
And now...
we must part.
(TN- This is the Japanese graduation song “Aogeba Toutoshi” I actually cribbed the lyrics from this site: It's a good song, so give it a listen.)

Teacher: Everyone has now graduated from middle school.
The “Sotsu” in the word “Sotsugyou” or “Graduation” can carry the meaning of... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 138 (0 comments)

Now this one was fun. I really wish we could have gotten more Ana and Hizu alone moments in the series.

Chaotic scans only.

Take 138: Hizu and Ana

Ana: I said me!
(Sfx- Dooon thoom)
Hizu: No, me.
(Sfx- Doooon thooom)
Saike: H—Hold on! Calm down!!
Why are you fighting today?!
(Handwritten- Stop!! Stop!!)

Ana: We're discussing which of us is more useful to you.
Saike: THAT'S IT?!
(Sfx- Garururu grrrrrr)
Hizu: It's obviously me, yeah?
Ana: No me!
Saike: Uh—um...
Why do these two argue so much anyway....
(Handwritten- It's like cats and dogs...??)
Ana: You gotta decide before you go on your journey!
(Handwritten- I want this to be perfectly clear!!)
Saike: Hmm...
Okay how about this?

Saike: The two of... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 137 (0 comments)

I learned more about oligosaccharide and xylitol translating this chapter than I cared to know.

Chaotic scans only.

{Don't underestimate humans.}
{You freak.}
{I just can't see it...}
{A future where humanity accepts us...!!}
{People won't accept those who are different than themselves.}
{It is certain that oracle holders will someday be discriminated against.}
Take 137: That scene.
(Sfx- Haaah Gasp)
(Sfx- Chun chun chun tweet tweet)
{That dream again, huh...}

Take 137: That scene.

Saike: Koutaro and his brother's movie?
What's that?
Ana: I figured you didn't know.
You remember that they do that bizarre rap routine, right?
(Handwritten- Hey, yo yo.)
(Handwritten- Put your hands up!!)
Saike: Oh right... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 136 (0 comments)

Now I like this chapter a lot and I can definitely see what Fukuchi was going for. He did mostly nail it but I think having more lead-up to this would have been nice. Still the theme was nicely executed and I love seeing Hizu finally step out of his father's shadow.

Chaotic scans only.

Ana: Hizu's gone?
Take 136: Gold and Silver.
Saike: Yeah. I wanted to talk to him about our day of departure...
Ana: Did you try calling him?
(Sx- Zaaaaa sssshhhhh)
Saike: Seems like he might have some things he wants to settle before we head out on our journey...
Can you think of anything?
Ana: Hmmmm....
Well...Knowing him he's probably out fixing some wall or something like that.
Saike: Hmm...Hopefully that's all it... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 135 (0 comments)

Cute chapter is cute. It really is nice that Fukuchi is wrapping up the character's stories rather than dedicating this into one more training arc or something. You could argue maybe that --more training would have made a more compelling story but I do think taking this route and seeing them off instead was wise on his part.

Chaotic scans only

Take 135: From Ana with love.

Ana: Mikaaaaan~~!!
I don't know what to dooooo~!!
Mikan: C—Calm down Ana!
Could you explain what's going on to me?
Ana: It's driving me up the wall!!!
Mikan: Okay, um..let's try calming down maybe?
{These two became friends after the Johann incident.}
(Sfx- Zuzuhh siiip)
Mikan: She's so cute...

Ana: So it's like...
I can't... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 134 (0 comments)

On one hand it does feel like Fukuchi pulled a whole lot out of his ass to get us here, but as it's the finale I guess we can forgive it to an extent. (Plus this chapter was not only really funny but had some genuine good vibes and does feel like a capstone on how much Saike has done up until now.)

Chaotic scans only.

Take 134: Ability fumes

Saike: And there you have it...
Please lend us your help!!
Hizu: Pls.
(Sfx- Gonn gon gonn boink)
Ana: Pls.
Kuroda: Hmm...
First raise your heads.
{Yumewo's house.}

Kuroda: I understand the situation.
It's a...tremendous story that I'm somewhat bewildered by....
A volcanic eruption, huh...
Johann: It's not completely out of the realm of the believable... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 133 (0 comments)
And here we are on the final volume of Saike! I haven't really touched this since the volume came out earlier this year, so revisiting it is kind of nice. It really does feel like Fukuchi's proceeding series "Ponkotsu-chan kenshou chuu" is an extension of Saike as it's whole premise is basically what this final volume is about. I'd be really surprised if Fukuchi doesn't somehow tie both series together, but so far it has yet to show that connection. Either way this final volume is less "climatic battle" and more of a victory lap for Fukuchi's second longest series.

Chaotic scans only.

Take 133: Heavy Pressure.
Take 134: Ability fumes.
Take 135: From Ana with... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 132 (0 comments)

Chaotic scans only.

Take 132: Prophecy

(Sfx- Pakiiiinn crackle)
(Sfx- Para para para clatter clatter)
Will: Ahh...
This can't be happening....

The Akashic records are...!!
(Sfx- Zaauh zaath swff swff)
Will: You idiot!!
You stupid idiiioooooottt!!
It took me a century!!
After an entire century I managed to finally get it!!
Just when I was going to be a child prodigy for eternity...!!

(Sfx- Geho geehh gehoh cough ougeeh cough)
Saike: This is the distortion of you rewinding your youth.
There's no such thing as eternity.
Life has value because it comes with a limit.

Will: No...
I don't want to die!!
(Sfx- Gashiiih grab)
Will: You can... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 131 (0 comments)

Easiest chapter to translate in this volume but definitely the one with the most impact.

Chaotic scans only

Take 131: What is normal?
Johann: Saike....!!
{We should still be able to save him...!!}
{It hasn't been even a minute since your life ended!!}
{Come back to us...!!}
(Sfx- Dododododdododo)

(Sfx- Dododdododo)
Baccus: Guh....
Ana: What is it?!
Baccus: I was able to bring back a corpse moments after it's death and everything before...
but i've done everything I can with my powers here.
Ana: What?

Baccus: The time for my powers to work has already passed.
I can't bring Mr. Saike back to life!!
Ana: Wha...?
What are you going on about?
Don't screw around!!
We should have made it... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 130 (0 comments)

Almost done with this volume. With the way things are going I might actually be able to finish Saike this year after all.

Chaotic scans only

{I've finally found...}
{What it is I want to do.}
Take 130: Monster.
{Up until now I've lived a meaningless and boring life.}
{But now I've found one thing I want...}
Hizu: Ah...
(Sfx- Don thud)
{I want to...}
{See your final moments.}

Take 130: Monster

Ana: N...
No way...
This can't be....?
Will: He...
{You're amazing...}
{Simply amazing, Saike...}

{At one time Hizu risked his life like this to undo your brainwashing...}
{So... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 129 (0 comments)

This chapter has taught me the importance of having a style guide for manga I translate. Good luck Chaotic scans. Good luck.

Chaotic scans only

Take 129: Light
Will: Hizu has already been brainwashed with heart breaker..!
Now Hizu...
Kill that “Fake Saike”.
Ana: Hizu!!
Will: If you do that the real Saike and your other friends will be saved!!
Saike: He's lying to you, Hizu...
I am real!!
Don't let him fool you...!!
Hizu: Saike....

Hizu: Just hold on for me –I'm coming to save you.
Right after I kick these fakers asses...!!
Take 129: Light.

Ana: Hizu!!
You've been brainwashed by Will!!
We're real and right here!!
Will: Don't let them trick you, Hizu.
They're using the fact that you cant see... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 128 (0 comments)
Admittedly even I've forgotten how this all turns out. Makes it that much more exciting though.

Chaotic scans only.

Take 128: Ringleader.

(Sfx- Donn)
Ana: Saike!!
This is the top floor!!
Which means Hizu is...
Saike: Yeah, he's somewhere on this floor!!

(Sfx- Baann thooom)
Saike: Johann! Silva!!
You're both okay?!
Johann: Saike!! Ana!
Saike: So you were able to find Baccus!
Silva: It was just as you thought.
Johann: We searched all of the rooms on this side.
Saike: Same here.
(Handwritten- Heheh, Hi.)

Johann:Which is to say...
All that's left is...
Saike: Yup.
(Sfx- Ooooooohhh)

???: Congratulations
Saike: Will!!
Will: Never would have thought you'd defeat those three.
I'm not sure how you... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 127 (0 comments)

Nice end to this one. Again this fight had to be the most Jojo in the series, but Saike overall is kind of like what Jojo would be with a cuter artstyle, tbh.

Chaotic scans only.

Take 127: Corrosion (3).
Saike: Then we'll leave Sieg to you Johann.
Johann: Got it.
Saike: And Silva...
You absolutely have to find...
that thing we discussed earlier.
The “Plan to defeat Sieg” relies on it.
Silva: Understood.
(Sfx- Dodododododo rmmmmmble)
Johann: Sieg.

Johann: I assure you I won't die.
Care to test me?
(Sfx- Dodododdodododo)
Take 127: Corrosion (3).

{His body should be corroded into powder...!!}
{What's going on here?!}
Johann: Now then, to Round 2.
(Sfx- Futshhh sffft)
(Sfx- Hyuun hyuun... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 126 (0 comments)

Johann's character development wasn't unique by any means but it was still satisfying in that "only a shounen" way.

Chaotic scans only

Take 126: Corrosion (2)

Luca: The password is 07564....
(Sfx- Pih pih)
(Sfx- Pikon ding)
Saike: It opened!
Now lets hurry and search for Hizu!!
Ana: Yeah!

Ana: Saike,
About the the last guy “Sieg” or whatever...
He's the most dangerous of the bunch so are things gonna be okay?
From what Calim said, he killed you with his “corrosion” oracle....
Saike: Yeah it should be okay. Johann's fighting him right now.
Ana: Can't say I trust Johann yet...
He was our enemy until just a little while ago, y'know?
There's a chance he's just faking that change of... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 125 (0 comments)

This chapter and the next are probably the most Jojo ones this series has to offer.

Chaotic scans only

Take 125: Pain (2)
(Sfx- Garaaah clatter)
Luca: Ooh!
You're a cutie!!
I'm Luca.
(Sfx- Koki koki crk crk)
Luca: A pleasure~
???: I already know you.
Hizu is waiting for us.

Saike: Tell me the code to open the door ahead.
If I go now I can still make it to him.
Take 125: Pain (2)

Luca: Make it to him?
What's that supposed to mean?
Saike: I'm saying I won't have to make this painful for you if you move.
(Sfx- Koki crk)
Luca: You? Hurt me?
Heheh, Go ahead and try it.
I'm preeetty sure you won't succeed though.
Oh and it goes without saying that I'm never telling you the code to unlock the door.
Go... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 124 (0 comments)

Still just two a day. Hoping I can finish this volume this week perhaps!

Chaotic scans only

Take 124: 5 second rooms (2)
(Sfx- Dododododo rmmmmmble)
Pedro: I am Pedro.
Welcome to the “5 second rooms.”
{This guy....}
{He's the one who killed Johann in the last go around....}
(Sfx- Zuhhn dsssh)
Pedro: They are testing rooms.....
??: Let's skip the small talk...

Ana: And get started, shall we?
I've got a friend to save, y'see.
Take 124: 5 second rooms (2)

Pedro: Then...Let me invite you to...
(Sfx- Suhoooooh whoooom)
Pedro: The “5 second rooms”!!

Pedro: Now I will explain the rules of the “5 second rooms”.
{I see...}
{So it is exactly as Calim explained.}
Saike: So first up is Pedro who... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 123 (0 comments)

Time for me to pick up my last save and continue where I left off. It's highly unlikely I'll finish Saike before the end of the year, but I can make it one of the first things I complete in 2020 maybe.

Chaotic scans only

Take 123: Save and Continue
Take 124: 5 second rooms (2)
Take 125: Pain (2)
Take 126: Corrosion (2)
Take 127: Corrosion (3)
Take 128: Ringleader
Take 129: Light.
Take 130: Monster
Take 131: What is “normal”?
Take 132: Prophecy

Take 123: Save and Continue.
{What save point would you like to continue from?}
{One hour earlier, 2 hours earlier, 3 hours earlier.}
(Sfx- Pihh beep)

(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Kacha click)
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
{You will resume your... Read More " "
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Mahoujin Guru Guru 5 (0 comments)

This was mostly done to show that I haven't forgotten about it. I would like to get back to translating this more often, tbh.

Chapter 5: North Town 1

{Thanks to Kukuri's offensive magic 'Lizard's tail” our heroes were able to defeat their first enemy “Kaseki”.}
{Their first battle complete, the two had....}
Nike: We somehow managed to start an adventure...
But it really would be good for me to learn how to use a sword..
{Various thoughts in their minds.}
Kukuri: My magic really isn't any good...
I've got to do better to learn more about the guruguru....
{However it is with these feelings that their long journey begins.}
Nike: I'm starving.
I wish I were rich.
Kukuri: I wanna take a bath...
and... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 122 (0 comments)

Normally I'd save my full thoughts at the end of a part, but technically this part isn't done, and I'm doing this by volume anyway. As I indicated previously, Saike (the series) is sorta Colombo in the sense that you know he's gonna find a means to reverse things somehow, it's just waiting for the "how". I'll admit this time around was a little bit of a (big) ass pull, but the weight of that is kind of mitigated by the series ending soon afterwards. Just two more volumes to go, and yay me for sticking with this plan the whole week.

PS. I will do volume extras after I've completed the series, maybe.

Chaotic scans only

Take 122: Full moon.

(Sfx-Dooon whoooom)
Sieg: What do you... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 121 (0 comments)

#1 For today and the penultimate chapter of volume #13. Not much to say here other than ouch does that look painful.

Chaotic scans only

Take 121: Corrosion.

Will: Pf..
That was fast!!
Those two were taken out in record time!!
Did'ya see Calim?!
Johann acting all calm...
and Ana acting all flustered!!
(Handwritten- Heeehee)
(Handwritten- She was like “Don't get any closer!”)

Will: And here I was thinking they'd last a little longer than that...
But they failed expectations so hard that it's actually boring?
(Handwritten- Man that was hilarious.)
{He's a guy...}
{I respect more than anyone else.}
{What the hell..}
{Are all of them nutcases?}
{Why are they doing so much and... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 120 (0 comments)

How dare you hurt Ana you lout. You're lucky you're fictional or I'd wring your neck something fierce. In seriousness, since Saike is basically a series that's one long "Columbo" episode (you know he's going to reset things, but how?) I have to give it to Fukuchi for making these fights (and losses) feel meaningful in the moment.

Chaotic scans only

Take 120: Pain.

Ana: You won't hold back because I'm a lady?
Luca: Yeah.
Cause I hate women, y'see.
Ana: So you're a sexist piece of trash then?
Then I'll kick your ass without reservation.
Luca: To open the door in the inner manor you'll need passwords for the five girders.
If you can defeat me then I'll give 'em to---

Luca:... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 119 (0 comments)

And now today's first chapter. I admit it does rub me the wrong way that on the main page it looks as if I missed two days when I didn't but there's not much I can do about it, lol.

Chaotic scans only

Take 119: 5 second Rooms.
Pedro: I am Pedro.
Welcome to the “5 second rooms.”

Johann: “5 second rooms”....?
Care to tell me what those are?
Pedro: They are testing rooms...
I would like to find out between the two of us...
who has the longer lasting decisiveness.

Johann: Testing decisiveness?
Pedro: Correct.
Whether life goes well or it doesn't is all dependent on one's “decisiveness.”
Life is a series of choices.
And it is through those choices that one proceeds.
However we do not have... Read More " "
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Saike Once Again 118 (0 comments)

#2 from last night. Again I don't remember what I said about it yesterday before it got deleted somehow.

Chaotic scans only

{Egusu Island}
A resort island that floats in the open seas of Japan lined with the vacation homes of celebrities –a solitary island with many hideouts. There are several Heliports dotting the island, and it is here hidden among these homes that Will has constructed a stronghold for himself.
(TN- It's likely the name is derived from “X” which would be pronounced “Exusu” in Japanese, and kind of looks like this island in question here.)
Take 118: Landfall.

{12 hours after disembarking on the island...}
Ana: Dammit we've only got one more hour until the full... Read More " "
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